Analysts: Wii shrugs off GTA IV, sells 23 million worldwide in 2008

Analysts claim gamers will go Nintendo crazy in 2008, with 23 million Wii consoles sold. On the other hand, Grand Theft auto will burn through wallets with a predicted 13 million sold as the number one selling game of the year.

When the dust settles from 2008 and we tally the results in January 2009, one console above all others will rule the roost: the Wii. Ironically, the number one game won't be on a Nintendo system, as mega-hyped Grand Theft Auto IV will crush the market with 13 million copies sold for the year.

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Harry1903908d ago

i wonder if those analysts play games.

The Killer3908d ago

they r fanboys them self's, it very stupid to take their word seriously, if u want to get a good analysis then get from many sources and read how they predict it and use ur brain a bit to analyze what they said and also look a bit back in history and then u will get a better analysis then theirs!

PS360WII3908d ago

Another record year of sales in the coming :)

ooop3908d ago

Record? You aint seen nothing yet! GTA IV will sell 30 million this year! Wii thinks its not a threat? They are more naieve then I thought.

The Killer3908d ago

GTA and MGS franchises have great power to move units, plus a price drop from ps3 and 360 and they both will decrease the gap between them(ps3 and 360) and wii.

SUP3R3908d ago

Apparently Wii don't need GTA
They doing more than ok with all that shovelware.

VigorousApathy3908d ago

That's great, but consoles sales aren't the part of the business that makes the profit, it's video game sales.

PS360WII3908d ago

unless of course you are talking about Nintendo who makes a profit on both ends

VigorousApathy3907d ago

They only make a hundred dollars tops off of a console sale. I'm fairly sure they'd be willing to give that up for the profit Sony got for the 30 playstation 2 games I own.

LightningPS33908d ago

His guess is as good as anyone elses.

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The story is too old to be commented.