PS4 Will Push the Vita's LiveArea Interface Much, Much Further

LiveArea is arguably one of the most underrated elements of the PlayStation Vita’s operating system. While it’s not been used to its full potential by most developers, the landing screen system – which can display important game data, links, statistics, and messages from developers – is an undeniably nifty idea. As such, it’s nice to know that Sony’s aiming to repurpose the concept for the PlayStation 4.

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Prcko1742d ago

ps4+psvita - good combo :)

abzdine1742d ago

indeed my friend! i'll add Wii U for Nintendo greatness as well!

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LoveOfTheGame1741d ago

Had no idea that live area was the tab that pops up when you select a game. Always wondered what the hell it kept updating.

OT: What I'm getting from this article is that it will be like an upgraded version of Smartglass that is currently on the 360. Not saying they are copying, but rather it's their own take on how an app like that should work. It's good they have a feature like this so both companies can improve on them.

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