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Cerny: PS4 Will Blur The Line Between CGI And Captured Video

PlayStation 4′s chief architect Mark Cerny has said that the new console, set to be released holiday season 2013, will blur the lines between CGI and captured video. (PS4)

Credit url: gamesthirst.com
allformats  +   677d ago | Well said
That's what we need, a true next-gen console. One that will get us excited about games again just like the old days, not a machine that puts Kinect first and TV above the gamer.

I'm happy MS is re-calibrating, but their first (and true) intentions really bothered me. If it weren't for Sony taking a strong stand, we'd all lose or rights!!!
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"Cerny Ps4 can be worn like iron man suit"
abzdine  +   677d ago | Well said
you mean like this ?

On topic i have one thing to show: http://gematsu.com/gallery/...

Enemy  +   677d ago
The Dark Sorcerer is the first real game to rival CGI. I honestly believed it was highend CGI the whole time. But then I remembered that Quantic Dream are just that good. Killzone: Shadow Fall is also the most beautiful FPS ever seen on a console. Already we're seeing PS4 games take over the next gen.
JsonHenry  +   677d ago
He also said that it can make toast and do your homework for you while immersing you in a holodeck where things look, feel, and smell real.
Shadowsteal  +   677d ago

Damn those DSL's ;)
elhebbo16  +   677d ago
@abzide should have shown this one too http://gematsu.com/gallery/...
edonus  +   677d ago
Everything you just said was stupid and pointless.

This article had nothing to do with MS so why even bring them up. And since you did i'll rebut.

Kinect is an advanced input device it completely expands your console from a toy to technology. You may be content with traditional gaming but some of us more advanced gamers need more.
The TV functions of the ONE are great and shows that MS see their gaming as a full on part of your life. Not something that is turned on and off when your done with it like a kids toy. The ONE turns your TV in to part of the system your games and TV now share equal ground you can now get game alerts while you watch your shows or surf the internet or use an app.

MS first and true intentions were to make a system for adults that was created for the modern world, but the industry didnt support their bold step toward the future haters influenced the cowards and we got set back a few years. Sony are no freedom fighters they just pandered and took advantage a situation.
Fil101  +   677d ago
Hmmmmmmmm so you having kinect makes you an advanced gamer lol.
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Ju  +   677d ago
Given that I am a little bit "older" I am certain you are not talking for the entire adult population.
GrownUpGamer  +   677d ago
@ edonus

"Kinect is an advanced input device it completely expands your console from a toy to technology. You may be content with traditional gaming but some of us more advanced gamers need more. "


"The TV functions of the ONE are great and shows that MS see their gaming as a full on part of your life. Not something that is turned on and off when your done with it like a kids toy. The ONE turns your TV in to part of the system your games and TV now share equal ground you can now get game alerts while you watch your shows or surf the internet or use an app."


"MS first and true intentions were to make a system for adults that was created for the modern world, but the industry didnt support their bold step toward the future haters influenced the cowards and we got set back a few years. Sony are no freedom fighters they just pandered and took advantage a situation."


The thing that scared everyone was the 24hrs check DRM and that they are giving you a Kinect Xbox One $499 sku as the only option and after that NSA scandal im not planning to buy one unless they release an xbox one without kinect or give us the option to play without the kinect be connected to the console.

Im not downgrading kinect 2.0 and what can do.


Kinect 2.0 + Oculus rift = advanced gameplay
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mouzone  +   677d ago
as someone planning on getting both i just have to say this is one of the most asinine comments i have ever read. so if you turn something off while you are not using it its a toy.your comment is only missing the sad violins from Titanic.Remember that Microsoft and Sony's intention above all else is to make money not some epic quest to cater to only you and your "advanced Gamers" there demographic is not adults its anyone with enough money to buy it the could care less who buys its as long as they buy
sic_chops  +   677d ago
It takes an advanced gamer to wave their hands at the TV instead of hitting one button on a remote.
DARK WITNESS  +   677d ago
I guess that must mean the wii and wii-u has the biggest userbase of "advanced gamers"...

Dam, I have been hanging out on the wrong platform!
DragonKnight  +   677d ago
*Person walks into room with Xbox One*

Xbox One User: "Xbox On."

... *Nothing*

Xbox One User: Xbox On!

... *Nothing*

Xbox One User: "XBOX ON!!!!"

*Console finally turns on*

NSA Agent: "Why is everyone yelling at their Xbox One's?

sAVAge_bEaST  +   677d ago
Kinect will benefit Market Research, and Marketing,.. Way more than it will benefit gamers.
- being an Astro.Turfer, from the 360 era,.. you probably don't want to hear it.

Gimmick Tv, Sports, and Skype seems to have been the orignal plan,. until they realized, they did need the hardcore, and now are trying to win back that audience , as a gaming machine,.. when it's really an attempt to take over the living room.-(they would rather compete with apple TV, than Ps4.
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lawgone  +   677d ago
Nice trolling reply DragonKnight. You really believe the NSA is planning on spying on people with the Kinect? Give me a break.

BTW, I'm really torn up that you blocked me after you said patriotism for my country (US) is unwarranted. I have a screenshot if anyone would like to see.
ShwankyShpanky  +   677d ago
"You may be content with traditional gaming but some of us more advanced gamers need more."

("advanced gamer" then goes on to TV TV TV TV TV TV) Enjoy sacrificing an extra %25 of your gaming RAM to apps and surfing the net and watching "your stories"... sorry, "your shows," Mr. Advanced Gamer.

"Not something that is turned on and off when your done with it like a kids toy."

Something stinks of desperation... so now an on/off function classifies something as a "kids (sic) toy?" So I guess a Blackhawk helicopter is a "kids (sic) toy" because you turn it off when you're done with it? WTH?

"Sony are no freedom fighters they just pandered and took advantage a situation."

So giving customers what they want is "pandering"... I thought it was just good business sense.
RedHawkX  +   677d ago
kinect is sh*t. its a spy camera to watch you fap in your room.
DragonKnight  +   677d ago
@lawgone: You obviously don't know what a joke is. And I blocked you because you are an internet warrior wanting to get into physical fights with people and a borderline racist. Now, I will no longer be replying to your trolling so have fun talking to a wall.
zeroskie  +   677d ago
you say "advanced" but you must really mean "special"
HailSithis  +   677d ago
@ edonus

So I'm guessing that you didn't have a 360 at launch? Becuase it was amazing, even when the PS3 came out. The Xbox had exclusives that the PS3 didn't have for quite awhile. Oblivion, Bioshock, Mass Effect, to name a few. But then everything went multi-platform, and Microsoft released kinect.

And then came Microsofts downfall. Sure, Kinect is cool. But Microsoft lost sight of what's important, games, and their loyal supporters. They made Kinect a main focal point, when it should've been just a cool piece of equipement.

Everything you said was true, except the last paragraph. Microsofts true intentions are to control what games you play, they believe you should have enough money to buy every game you want for 60$. Greed. And it's going to cost them, and the people making their exclusive games. I have gamefly, and I only pay 60$ for a game worth 60$. Example- Skyrim. They are also forcing you to pay more money for a less powerful system, and forcing you to buy Kinect, even if you don't want it. Greed.

I've been a loyal supporter for Xbox since day one, but Microsoft is no longer the company they used to be. I loved playstation 1& 2. It's nice to know that playstation will now become what they were before. The leader of the gaming world.

Who knows, Microsoft might do okay. But when their marketing to core gamer's and rich people... Well I have to say, Microsoft might become the next sega.
Freedomland  +   677d ago

I don't think so.

dontbhatin  +   676d ago

So where were you at on N4G when they needed your defense before they took DRM away? Hiding in the bushes i presume.
nosferatuzodd  +   676d ago
kudos to you if you really believe all that garbage you just said makes you feel any better about you're self.. you turn you're car off too so its a toy has well lol boy when microshaft got you they really did a number fans rob them blind then brain f@@@ them
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nRicosS  +   676d ago
Mr Advanced Gamer will love the Next Advanced Game, Starwars Kinect Ver.2!!! :D

#sarcasm XD
DigitalRaptor  +   676d ago
** "Kinect is an advanced input device it completely expands your console from a toy to technology."

Your perception of what technology is, is wrong. Simple as.

** "some of us more advanced gamers need more"

Advanced gamers? Now I've heard it all. I guess because I want a different and more advanced way of watching my movies I'm an advanced movie watcher, right? 3D viewing for the win? Do you realise how retarded you sound?

** "The TV functions of the ONE are great and shows that MS see their gaming as a full on part of your life."

So much facepalm, it's just not fully expressible. TV == gaming? Fantastic assessment.

** "Not something that is turned on and off when your done with it like a kids toy"

Edonus, again looking down on adults who enjoy gaming in its many facets, judging us as kids who play with a toy.

** "The ONE turns your TV in to part of the system your games and TV now share equal ground you can now get game alerts while you watch your shows or surf the internet or use an app"

Fantastic. My games and my TV watching got equal ground before Microsoft decided to dilute the gaming aspect in favour of "broad entertainment". And I believe you're actually saying this with a straight face, without actually considering that PS4 will be able to multitask and snap and provide notifications and integrate TV just like Microsoft's machine. They opt to let the gamer make an adult choice like if they want TV as a major player on their gaming console, when they already have those means to begin with.

** "MS first and true intentions were to make a system for adults"

Again remind me of the average age of a gamer, that was statistically gathered? If you think it's less than 30, you'd be wrong.

** "Sony are no freedom fighters they just pandered and took advantage a situation."

If that situation was focusing deeply on what gamers, developers and the industry wanted to see from a gaming console and making an efficient, powerful and focused machine that is squarely about games first and foremost, then they succeeded.

** "haters influenced the cowards and we got set back a few years"

Plese do explain how the removal of DRM and a required online connection on a physical product in any shape, sets back gaming. Explain how not wanting to be controlled by a greedy, manipulating and privacy-violating company makes anyone a coward.
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Lior  +   677d ago
Next gen for pc gamers was around 3 years ago
DragonKnight  +   677d ago
Next gen for the U.S.S. Enterprise was centuries ago.
hollabox  +   677d ago
I some what agree with you, but lets be honest, console games drive the video game market. Sure PCs can be much more powerful but they are rarely taken advantage of because of the market, platform and API overhead. Try running Crysis 2 or 3 on lets say ATI 1900 which slightly above the X360 at console quality if you can find a driver that works for that game.

Also with the PC gaming community pirating most of their titles PC games sell like third party games on the Wii U. I know there are a few exceptions like WOW, Diablo, Star Craft selling in the millions, but after maybe like 10 top tier titles, sells on the PC is dismal. The numbers I've seen could change with NPD starting to count digital sales.

I'm a PC gamer, my rig is decent, I upgrade my video card about every 15-18 months if the performance is there. But like every new generation of consoles, my PC upgrades slow because of the consoles performance. After 3 years or so PC graphics start to get out of reach of home consoles, that is usually the time I switch back to PC gaming and all of its yearly upgrades that goes along with it.
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psyxon  +   677d ago
no. lol.
karl  +   677d ago
u can have the most powerful pc but most games are multiplatform

and console do set a bar for pc...

now that consoles have more power u can finally expect even better gaming experience on pc..

but u guys will always have to wait for us..

thats why very few games on pc today look better than ps4 or xbox one games..

those will come later
NeoTribe  +   677d ago
You seem to have stumbled into the wrong article.
fenome  +   676d ago

And I care why? You're in a PS4 thread dude, what's wrong, don't have anything to read about PC? You gotta troll PS4 and try to claim superiority? PC has no influence on me whatsoever, I'm a console gamer period.
Master-H  +   677d ago
@Enemy i think Deep Down's graphics rivals CGi too
ATi_Elite  +   677d ago
..........and let the B.S. Begin.

We now know what the GPU is in the PS4 so save us all the Sony Rah rah and total B.S.

The HD7850 can't run BF3 on Ultra @ 60 fps so SHUT UP!

Plenty of Benchmarks to back up this FACT.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   677d ago
It's just PR talk.... I wouldn't take it too seriously.

You know,.. every time an MS guy says anything positive about the X1, it's just PR talk guys.

Right? Am I rite guys? !!!11ONE1!!!
Donnieboi  +   676d ago
I love the ps4 and believe it's very powerful (and everyone that knows me on n4g know ps4 is my top pick for next gen) ...BUT even the most powerful pc's don't look THAT good. Not until we get 4k gaming. 1080p isn't enough to create the illusion of realism.

Let's not get our hopes up so soon.
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Lior  +   676d ago
You obviously have not seen or played crysis 3 at 1440p on very high settings with MSAA 8*
SatanSki  +   677d ago
Yeah, if you can link 100 of them together or aim at medicore CGI
DoesUs  +   677d ago
Clearly you didn't read the article.
plaZeHD  +   677d ago
That's a tech demo.
Roccetarius  +   677d ago
It's funny how people are using that as proof, because that's an isolated demo for just that. You'll not see it run like that in game.
GribbleGrunger  +   677d ago
Running in real time on the PS4, and as David Cage said himself 'We can do better'. And remember, ALL the games that follow a QD tech demo look BETTER than the tech demo. Now enjoy the fact or move along to another thread related to your console of choice.
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mxrider2199  +   677d ago
the company that made that tech demo is known for making games that look as good or if not better then their tech demos
SatanSki  +   677d ago
Thats some nice gfx but not so much for CGI. Its still far away from wows or swtors cinematics for example.
GribbleGrunger  +   677d ago

QD: http://abload.de/img/vlcsna...

Beowulf: http://drnorth.files.wordpr...

I can't find any more films that look as photorealisic as the Sorcery demo.
#2.2.6 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report
Salooh  +   677d ago
Ps3 games are much better then the ps3 tech demos . So stop trolling.
DragonKnight  +   677d ago
Tech Demo: Abbreviation of Technological Demonstration - A Demonstration of the Technology used in the device or devices being demonstrated.

So... that's showing what the PS4's tech can do right? What's your beef?
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   677d ago
Hmmm...we shall see!
andibandit  +   677d ago
Indeed, I dont question his statement, but we've heard it before.

Still waiting for someone to say "removes the lines"...
first1NFANTRY  +   677d ago
I'm just waiting for Naughty Dog to blow me away again this gen. matter of fact i'm putting in TLOU right now hehehe
Jdoki  +   677d ago
Any chance we could get a section on N4G dedicated to Mark Cerny!! :)

Seems like every other article is quoting him. Not complaining - it's good to see positive information, but my goodness has he ever become the poster boy for PS4!
hollabox  +   677d ago
He's a smart guy but he needs to back off a little bit. If or when something goes wrong, the person with the most press coverage seem to be the first one to walk the plank.

With that said Microsoft needs a guy like this instead of the idiots they have/had being the face of XB1. MS pulled an Nintendo, giving you the basic specs, nothing detailed, nothing exciting.Instead they had the same response as Nintendo, its all about the games which is true as well but for the right price.
g-nome  +   677d ago
Cerny needs to shut up now , we know how fantastic it is , but be careful to over-promise and under-deliver like the ps3.
The ps3 has nothing but 'blurred the lines ' in some games.
#6 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   677d ago
He's not the one making the articles.... All it is sites spinning things he said at the talks he has done Gamelab and Develop In Brighton 2013. So it's not really he's fault. These sites are just hungry for hits. Also and the n4g moderation with duplicates has been piss poor lately.

Also this title is a bit misleading read the article.
HammadTheBeast  +   677d ago
He did like on conference, and people have taken every sentence and made articles out of them.
webeblazing  +   677d ago
i doubt ps fanboys learnt anything from this gen
Dojan123  +   677d ago
Just got Tomb Raider (steam sale) for the PC. I hooked up to my TV and got more excited about PS4. I am looking forward to the higher FPS and graphics of next gen while sitting on my couch.

Before you ask/say... My PC is not near my TV so Steam Big Picture is not a great option for me.
Software_Lover  +   677d ago
I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you saying that you hooked up your pc to your tv? Or did you buy the game, then went and got on your tv?
Skate-AK  +   677d ago
He said he bought the game and then hooked his PC to his TV to play it. It made him excited for next gen when he saw Tomb Raider running at a high resolution and high FPS.
webeblazing  +   677d ago
noo pc game or any game is near cgi gfx
mrmancs  +   677d ago
The guy up there saying that's a tech demo , yeah sure , done in real time on ps4 unfinished dev kit..... Imagine what the finished article will look like? Even better... Dark sorcerer not in real time? Think again,Lighting can be changed on the fly as can the camera... Ouch.
no_more_trolling  +   677d ago
cerny: im taking a crap, with my ps 4 in the bathroom with me
cerny: ps4 can cure world hunger
cerny: im such a know it all and youre all sheep
SniperControl  +   677d ago
"cerny: im taking a crap, with my ps 4 in the bathroom with me"

urm....You can actually do that with Remote play on PS Vita.

stevehyphen  +   677d ago
I haven't used remote play, but I've definitely played vita on the pooper before. No point in not being honest about it...

If you disagree then you either don't have a vita or you are not being true to yourself!
SniperControl  +   677d ago

While taking the "kids to the pool" i have enjoyed playing Ico & SotC via remote play on the PS3.
stevehyphen  +   677d ago
Too bad you're wrong. Everyone knows that next gen consoles do the pooping for you. :)
DARK WITNESS  +   677d ago
Not really, the XBone just watches you take a poop... then tells MS what colour it was and doctors show up the next day.
WeAreLegion  +   677d ago

That would actually be a pretty big selling point for me.
Cryptcuzz  +   675d ago
For someone with a name like no more trolling, you seem to be one of the biggest trolls around.
Thomper  +   677d ago
Seriously..... No more of this guy. Every time I read something he has quoted, I can hear his creepy voice in my head.

Can't we just canonise him now and get it over with.

It's becoming really yawnsome
Jdoki  +   677d ago
I agree the number of 'Mark Cerny said' articles is getting tiresome but it's not really his fault. He's not given many talks / interviews. It's just websites are fishing for hits by reporting him piecemeal instead of just once.
Thomper  +   677d ago
I think that next gen news is a bit thin on the ground, generally!
Jdoki  +   677d ago
The signal to noise ratio on N4G is quite astoundingly bad.

As much as I enjoy coming to this site (mainly for the over the top reactions and trolling), the amount of news compared to the amount of hit seeking crud is very one sided.

The games industry just doesn't generate that much news, but the 'journalistic' industry that has sprung up around it seems so desperate to keep the advertising money rolling in that they'll post anything.

The current standard of reporting is little better than the playground arguments over 'my Spectrum is better than your Commodore 64' - the only difference is that now these chumps are getting paid to act like kids.

/rant off
#10.1.2 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Angeljuice  +   677d ago

Come on, everybody knows the Commodore 64 was better than the spectrum. Just look at the multi-plats, they were in colour on the c64, half the time they'd be a single background colour with a black outline depicting the characters on the spectrum, honestly how 1981 is that?

Jdoki  +   676d ago
C64! WUT! No wayz dude!

Spectrum 4eva! :)

(I had a Speccy 128k +3, bloody useless device! I asked for a +2 with the tape deck and for some reason received the 'better' +3 with the disk drive... great! Games cost more and less to choose from and I ended up having to buy a tape deck and cable to plug in to it.)

Happy days

Btw... The Amiga did spank the Atari ST and I'll fight anyone who says different!!
#10.1.4 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
darren_poolies  +   677d ago
Cerny has a very awesome, soothing voice.
windblowsagain  +   677d ago
He could hypnotize people.
Thomper  +   677d ago
@JDoki. Completely agree.

It seems like they are all trying to capitalise on any xbox vs playstation bs, or anti - Microsoft propaganda, and the trolls are all falling for it.
stuna1  +   677d ago
Microsoft created their own propaganda, by not being forthcoming as far as their plans! Notice how their not shouting from the rooftops about their 300,000 servers. Which only a small fraction would probably be devoted to games anyway! Thinking about its strengths were more than likely better served on the TV, Sports, and Skype side of things considering it's Microsofts Window 8 OS, which in turn is probably the one that will leave a bigger footprint out of the other two OS's, and from my understanding the other two OS's are just kernels. Thereby not being as extensive in their abilities, kind of like before Sony removed the Linux OS from the PS3, it could do basic computations, and basic code, but it wasn't a powerhouse in the arena if curing world hunger, or solving a nation energy crisis.

I suspect that the Window 8 OS takes up more of the 3GB devoted to the other 2 operating systems combined! If Microsoft want to answer questions, that would be my first.
Angeljuice  +   677d ago
If you're tired of them Thomper stop going to each and every one and 'Yawning"..Seriously Thomper, If you find something boring, why click on it in the first place?
Then just say "Bored of this YAWN", honestly, do you work for Microsoft?

You're too subtle for a standard troll, and seem very focused on trying to influence people's opinion of Mr Cerny in a negative way.

If you genuinely dislike the guy and find him boring, stop commenting and giving the same response on every article you see with his name on it. To be quite honest Thomper, my old China, it's kind of boring...YAW..(I can't its been used to death).
Cryptcuzz  +   675d ago
Steve Ballmer told Thomper that if he made 101 negative comments about Mark Cerny he would think about giving him a raise.
mafiahajeri  +   677d ago
Did anyone else read that in cernys voice? Lol
The_Klank  +   677d ago
I love people complaining about Cerny being to talkative.
He had two talks recently, most if not all these articles are from those talks. Its not like he is out every day giving out these tidbits of information.

And besides if you are so sick of him, I dunno, why not try and stop reading everything.
#12 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SynestheticRoar  +   677d ago
Serious. Did that fat old guy say he's tired of hearing from Cerny? That sorry pic is saying he's just tired.
EXVirtual  +   677d ago
Graphical power isn't everything, but they do matter to quite a big extent.

The 1st party exclusives on PS4 will look better than the ones on the XB1 and 2-3 years into the gen, multiplats will look and run better on PS4. Keep in mind the Dark Sorcerer tech demo was only using 4GB of GDDR5 RAM. The PS4 has 7GB available for games. Imagine that. I also want to see Japanese 3rd parties take more and more advantage of the PS4. I think if it means ditching XB1, do it. Western devs will never make go fully exclusive to the PS4 though.
Npugz7  +   677d ago
I still think the Division is the best looking next gen game so far!
Father Murder X  +   677d ago
they better stop while they are ahead. let the hardware do the talking.
webeblazing  +   677d ago
dont we hear this every gen when will yall learn and game gfx on any platform will never be cgi quality
LOL_WUT  +   677d ago
Sm00thNinja  +   677d ago
You guys like men... That is all
#19 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Cryptcuzz  +   675d ago
I like X-Men, my favorite is Wolverine what's yours buddy?
wishingW3L  +   677d ago
that's what they say on every gen. PS2 Toy Story graghics anyone?
#20 (Edited 677d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   677d ago
Sony never said that.

Microsoft did, about the 360.
Relientk77  +   677d ago
Gonna be epic
SynestheticRoar  +   676d ago
That's so funny, embarrassing even. He change his avatar picture. It's to late we know your over 50, and you look pregnant. Next time show a little respect for a developer who considered a genius among his peers.
Ashunderfire86  +   676d ago
Been wanting to hear this for a while now. Maybe Killzone 5 will look like that Killzone 2 E3 2005 CG trailer.
Flames76  +   676d ago
Yet nothing the PS4 has shown can touch the Xbox One games shown so far.Hell sony tried to show off Black Flag but the PS4 couldnt handle it.The sad thing is thats a launch title for the system.Even Watch Dogs ran horrible on the PS4.Yea sorry sony but I don't think so
Cryptcuzz  +   675d ago
You fail at trolling just to let you know. I feel bad for you since no one is paying you any attention so I'll throw you a bone. What kind of bones do you like huh? How about an Xbone?

Games were confirmed to be running on early dev kits that can you know, not run properly do to running on early code?

You want to see a picture of Battlefield 4 at MS E3 show running on a PC?


Yeah....now go chew on your Xbone in the corner there and think about what just happened.

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