Cerny: PS4 Will Blur The Line Between CGI And Captured Video

PlayStation 4′s chief architect Mark Cerny has said that the new console, set to be released holiday season 2013, will blur the lines between CGI and captured video.

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allformats1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

That's what we need, a true next-gen console. One that will get us excited about games again just like the old days, not a machine that puts Kinect first and TV above the gamer.

I'm happy MS is re-calibrating, but their first (and true) intentions really bothered me. If it weren't for Sony taking a strong stand, we'd all lose or rights!!!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1611d ago

"Cerny Ps4 can be worn like iron man suit"

abzdine1611d ago

you mean like this ?

On topic i have one thing to show:


Enemy1611d ago

The Dark Sorcerer is the first real game to rival CGI. I honestly believed it was highend CGI the whole time. But then I remembered that Quantic Dream are just that good. Killzone: Shadow Fall is also the most beautiful FPS ever seen on a console. Already we're seeing PS4 games take over the next gen.

JsonHenry1610d ago

He also said that it can make toast and do your homework for you while immersing you in a holodeck where things look, feel, and smell real.

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Lior1611d ago

Next gen for pc gamers was around 3 years ago

DragonKnight1610d ago

Next gen for the U.S.S. Enterprise was centuries ago.

hollabox1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I some what agree with you, but lets be honest, console games drive the video game market. Sure PCs can be much more powerful but they are rarely taken advantage of because of the market, platform and API overhead. Try running Crysis 2 or 3 on lets say ATI 1900 which slightly above the X360 at console quality if you can find a driver that works for that game.

Also with the PC gaming community pirating most of their titles PC games sell like third party games on the Wii U. I know there are a few exceptions like WOW, Diablo, Star Craft selling in the millions, but after maybe like 10 top tier titles, sells on the PC is dismal. The numbers I've seen could change with NPD starting to count digital sales.

I'm a PC gamer, my rig is decent, I upgrade my video card about every 15-18 months if the performance is there. But like every new generation of consoles, my PC upgrades slow because of the consoles performance. After 3 years or so PC graphics start to get out of reach of home consoles, that is usually the time I switch back to PC gaming and all of its yearly upgrades that goes along with it.

karl1610d ago

u can have the most powerful pc but most games are multiplatform

and console do set a bar for pc...

now that consoles have more power u can finally expect even better gaming experience on pc..

but u guys will always have to wait for us..

thats why very few games on pc today look better than ps4 or xbox one games..

those will come later

NeoTribe1610d ago

You seem to have stumbled into the wrong article.

fenome1610d ago


And I care why? You're in a PS4 thread dude, what's wrong, don't have anything to read about PC? You gotta troll PS4 and try to claim superiority? PC has no influence on me whatsoever, I'm a console gamer period.

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Master-H1610d ago

@Enemy i think Deep Down's graphics rivals CGi too

ATi_Elite1610d ago

..........and let the B.S. Begin.

We now know what the GPU is in the PS4 so save us all the Sony Rah rah and total B.S.

The HD7850 can't run BF3 on Ultra @ 60 fps so SHUT UP!

Plenty of Benchmarks to back up this FACT.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1610d ago

It's just PR talk.... I wouldn't take it too seriously.

You know,.. every time an MS guy says anything positive about the X1, it's just PR talk guys.

Right? Am I rite guys? !!!11ONE1!!!

Donnieboi1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I love the ps4 and believe it's very powerful (and everyone that knows me on n4g know ps4 is my top pick for next gen) ...BUT even the most powerful pc's don't look THAT good. Not until we get 4k gaming. 1080p isn't enough to create the illusion of realism.

Let's not get our hopes up so soon.

Lior1610d ago

You obviously have not seen or played crysis 3 at 1440p on very high settings with MSAA 8*

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SatanSki1611d ago

Yeah, if you can link 100 of them together or aim at medicore CGI

DoesUs1611d ago

Clearly you didn't read the article.

Roccetarius1611d ago

It's funny how people are using that as proof, because that's an isolated demo for just that. You'll not see it run like that in game.

GribbleGrunger1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Running in real time on the PS4, and as David Cage said himself 'We can do better'. And remember, ALL the games that follow a QD tech demo look BETTER than the tech demo. Now enjoy the fact or move along to another thread related to your console of choice.

mxrider21991611d ago

the company that made that tech demo is known for making games that look as good or if not better then their tech demos

SatanSki1611d ago

Thats some nice gfx but not so much for CGI. Its still far away from wows or swtors cinematics for example.

GribbleGrunger1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )



Beowulf: http://drnorth.files.wordpr...

I can't find any more films that look as photorealisic as the Sorcery demo.

Salooh1611d ago

Ps3 games are much better then the ps3 tech demos . So stop trolling.

DragonKnight1610d ago

Tech Demo: Abbreviation of Technological Demonstration - A Demonstration of the Technology used in the device or devices being demonstrated.

So... that's showing what the PS4's tech can do right? What's your beef?

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andibandit1611d ago

Indeed, I dont question his statement, but we've heard it before.

Still waiting for someone to say "removes the lines"...

first1NFANTRY1611d ago

I'm just waiting for Naughty Dog to blow me away again this gen. matter of fact i'm putting in TLOU right now hehehe

Jdoki1611d ago

Any chance we could get a section on N4G dedicated to Mark Cerny!! :)

Seems like every other article is quoting him. Not complaining - it's good to see positive information, but my goodness has he ever become the poster boy for PS4!

hollabox1610d ago

He's a smart guy but he needs to back off a little bit. If or when something goes wrong, the person with the most press coverage seem to be the first one to walk the plank.

With that said Microsoft needs a guy like this instead of the idiots they have/had being the face of XB1. MS pulled an Nintendo, giving you the basic specs, nothing detailed, nothing exciting.Instead they had the same response as Nintendo, its all about the games which is true as well but for the right price.