Hands On with Wonderful 101 - Why it's the WiiU's most exciting new title I Rice Digital

The Wonderful 101 is at once bewildering and exhilirating - making it the most exciting new WiiU title to hit this year.

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DaveyB1706d ago

I've had really high hopes for this one for a long time. Great to know it looks like living up to expectations, but then I guess I should expect that from Platinum Games! :)

Patashnik1706d ago

Yeah, they're definitely one of the top Japanese Developers working at the moment - so imaginative and consistent in their quality.

starfox791706d ago

The graphics look plastic very clean and pin sharp...

Theyellowflash301706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Yeah, this game is awesome and a must buy. I did my own video preview of why people should buy this game.

PigPen1706d ago

I am looking forward to this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.