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Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer to be revealed mid-August

The first details on Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer will be revealed next month, the game's executive producer Mark Rubin has announced, hinting at a possible Gamescom reveal for this year's COD MP.

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Community1560d ago
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dazzrazz1560d ago

How do you reveal copy & paste job....

Crazyglues1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Yeah I was thinking the same thing, who has not seen the multiplayer by now... people it's the same MP you have been playing since COD MW2...

You really think it's going to be something different.. Are you serious...?

It's just going to be some added tweaks, like it always is -(now you will be able to dive to the floor and... wait for it- slide.. you can now slide on the floor) more cameo's more customization, but same game.

nothing wrong with that if that's what you like, but trust me you don't need a reveal for the MP -

It's going to basically be the same game..

||.........___||............ ||

SirKilla1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

What makes a good multi-player fps?
Hit detection for starters and cod is the worst.
I love showing co-workers my video collection of Cod's pore hit detection on my phone. I should YouTube it.
Worst hit detect in the industry!
If you disagree then open you eyes, half of all sniper kills are an absolute joke!
I don't want to see any crap Infinity Ward is pushing out of there bung... II want to see Designated servers!

MWong1560d ago

Copy & Paste ... are you kidding me did you look at the fish? The FISH man the FISH. Those alone let you know it's not the same game. :)

MestreRothN4G1560d ago

Copying and pasting the reveal schemes.

FFS, we all already know that August 2014 and August 2015 they'll be revealing the next ones. They don't change even the reveal windows! Lol

JeffGUNZ1560d ago

I think people who enjoy COD are not expecting groundbreaking changes. I believe they are just excited to see what changes, additions, and tweaks they have made for this game.

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mafiahajeri1560d ago

I don't know, I like the fact you can customize your character and the death traps or whatever their called sound interesting but t just look more of the same. I probably going to get it but Im not sure if itl get a lot if play time when killzone shadow fall will be avalaible.

xReDeMpTiOnx1560d ago

I need a huge wow factor if I'm going to even think about buying cod ghosts and no I'm not talking about adding in a dog or dynamic maps.

I have had dynamic maps since killzone 2 which looks like they even out do your dynamic maps a whole gen further lol

Salooh1560d ago

Then stop looking from now. It won't even wow you a little because it's just another sequel ported to next generation from the upgraded ps2 engine. The best feature you will get is smart fish and a little bit better looking trees. They didn't say anything interesting for next generation.

mafiahajeri1560d ago

Waish 5ook mye3gbk call of duty? la way?

Salooh1560d ago

waaaish . bshtry ell3bh bs kl jz2 ynzl et9eer ashl 5ook xD . Ma feeha shy jdeed e7msk tl3bha . shft BF4 ?. hady eda etshoofha et7s ama ent tl3b ps4 bs GHOST lll7een mo emsween shy e7msk , kl snh nfs el7alh.

Ana a7ars Online l2n hadh a7la shy feeha. 7ta a5wany elee ma yl3boon ela call of duty 6aro ma yl3boonha wajd. shoof hady 5ook , ellee emsween COD4 ysht'3loon 3laiha , hady a7la 3ndy :P ..

Salooh1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Aaaaaa5 , jooo3 xP

Nexus381560d ago

'yawn' can anyone really get that excited anymore for pretty much the same thing again every 11 months?

ramtah1560d ago

Activision stop it pliz!! We dont want COD anymore focus on other new ips like Destiny

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