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Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Gets Firm UK Release Date

Dealspwn reports: "Diaries at the ready, 3DS owners, because Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends Of The Titan has received a firm European release date. The 3DS-exclusive dungeon crawler is out on August 30th, providing a suitably hardcore RPG experience where you'll create and detail your own maps as you explore." (3DS, Etrian Odyssey IV)

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Locksus  +   275d ago
I'm so going to get this game!
It'll be my first EO game
Xof  +   275d ago
There a reason you skipped EOIV?

I'm looking forward to this, too, but it looks inferior to EOIV in most aspects.
Firan  +   275d ago
This is EO IV.
Locksus  +   275d ago
Uhmm, as Firan already said, we ARE talking about EOIV here.
I never had a DS and picked up a 3DS just recently so I haven't had the chance to get the other EO games
Xof  +   275d ago
Oh, sorry bout that. I've had to have a -lot- of painkillers today.
Firan  +   275d ago
Yes finally. Now I just need European release date for SMT IV.
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