Mad Max is in pre-alpha, has 50 different vehicles

Some new information about Mad Max from Avalanche's Peter Johansson.

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ArchangelMike1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

But will it be better than Bordelands, Fallout 3, Farcry 3, or even Rage? Mad Max is a little bit late to its own post-apocalyptic party.

MizTv1799d ago

Very good question
I hope there is some kind of lvl up system

FriedGoat1799d ago

Wish Max looked more like Mel Gibson.

Angeljuice1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


But it has something that none of those titles have; mainstream consumer appeal. Mad Max is huge, when the new film gets released, everyone will want to revisit the old films and want to play the game (if they see it).

My only worry is if they make it too 'casual friendly', there needs to be a solid game there to keep everybody happy.

fermcr1799d ago

From the gameplay video released recently, it doesn't look that impressive... but since graphics is not the most important, i hope gameplay is top notch.

Alexious1799d ago

Agreed, it doesn't look graphically impressive but as you said, that's not everything.

Edface1799d ago

Could be good but sad to see they're not using Mel Gibson's likeness.

CaptainYesterday1798d ago

The more vehicles the better hope the customization for cars and appearance are crazy in depth!