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Sony PS4 dev kit FCC filing shows off extra ports, 2.75GHz max clock speed

Sony proudly showed off its PlayStation 4 hardware for the first time at E3, and now we're getting a peek at what developers are working with this generation thanks to the FCC. (PS4, Sony)

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GribbleGrunger  +   781d ago
Is that clock speed taking into account all the extra stuff a dev kit needs to do or does it indicate the rumoured increase to 2ghz is possible? Shoot me down on this please. I'm totally at sea when it comes to tech.

edit. From Gaf:

'Maximum theoretical radio emission frequency of all embedded radio devices (WLAN, bluetooh, etc.). It's a document for the FCC after all. Has nothing to do with silicon clock speeds.'
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GribbleGrunger  +   781d ago
It still means nothing to me but I'm sure some of my tech savvy friends on here can clue me in. I will accept baby talk as a means of communicating the information, so feel free to patronise me.
Jdoki  +   781d ago | Well said
There could be a lot of factors here.

It is likely due to the processing overhead the development tools add. Such as debugging etc.

The dev kit looks much larger than the final PS4 design, so they may be able to run the higher clock and deal with the greater amount of heat that generates. Sony may be playing it safe as they will be launching in territories where it is seasonally very hot - and that PS4 casing does look small.

It could be that AMD could not guarantee the yields required at that clock speed, so went for the higher yield lower speed option.

It might just be that Sony decided on a particular clock speed and that's what we're getting. The fact the dev kits have higher spec is not unusual (look at the spec of the PC's running many of the XBOne demos at E3 - they were significantly higher and some even ran on Nvidia GPU's instead of AMD).

It is highly unlikely we'll see an increase in CPU speed before launch as Sony are likely to either have started production or close to ramping up assembly. However, if the clock speed is limited in BIOS they could in theory unlock it later with a firmware update - but I would be 99.9% certain that won't happen for a whole bunch of reasons - not least security.
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Thehyph  +   781d ago
Jdoki nailed it. It's the same thing as Microsoft using a PC for a demo at e3. At this point devs could be dealing with unfinished system software, and games and demos most likely run inside or alongside dev tools like debuggers and crash recovery.

This really means nothing new for the final version of ps4 that the end user receives. Also, any software is still going to be designed for the final specs, not designed specifically for the higher clock of the devkit.
DeadlyFire  +   781d ago
Could be AMD Turbo core tech in the Development kits.

or AMD could have based PS4 APU CPU core design off of upcoming Beema features. Which could give it a higher clock rate than 1.6 Ghz, but I suspect 2 Ghz is likely a wall it will hit.

Not really sure. Sony has never officially stated the Ghz of the CPU/APU in the system did they? Rumors AMD Beema is to be talked about around August. Gamescom is also in August. Sony could have another surprise.

It also fits the RAM though.
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Ezz2013  +   781d ago
yes very true and that only prove ....wait

i have no idea what the hell you guys are talking about

*gone to cry in the corner*
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GribbleGrunger  +   781d ago
Thanks guys/gals. I feel enlightened but stupid. :)
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mewhy32  +   781d ago
Well that's a pretty impressive kit. It needs all the extra horspower to do, not only the games execution, but also running all the debugging and monitoring tools that devs use for optimation and testing.
Dee_91  +   780d ago
dem gigahertz
Lykon  +   780d ago
I love your humility and humour. Attractive and lovable qualities. x
cee773  +   780d ago
Here is the comment gribblegrunger posted on the site he's officially A bubbled up fanboy Xbox troll liar LMAO

GribbleGrunger 11 hours ago
@iRanch @Kingsford

"The PS4 architecture to be more straightforward with emphasis on raw power. The XB1 is more advanced because of eSRAM, a more reliable ram due to much lower latency compared to the GDDR5 ram on the PS4. Sony was almost going the same route with eDRAM, but Cerny was told by developers to change the plan because Sony would need strong in-house tools ready to support such a complex system. Easy to develop is eventually the PS4's new goal.

MS is a software company first and foremost, it knows how to optimize hi-perf games even on a ***tiny static ram*** hardware like the X360. Thanks to the proven advanced tools/compilers that are known among game devs for years, devs don't need to deal with "tricks" anymore. Strong hardware spec is nothing without strong-yet-easy dev tools.

All in all the XBOX ONe is day ONe purchase for me. Oh btw i am a system engineer at SCEE but XB1 is a winning formula no question. "
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LocutusEstBorg  +   780d ago
@stevehyphen No it's nothing like what Microsoft did -- using $3000 gaming rigs at the E3 demo that are over 10x the power of the Xbox One.
GribbleGrunger  +   780d ago
@cee773: "Here is the comment gribblegrunger posted on the site he's officially A bubbled up fanboy Xbox troll liar LMAO"

What the hell are you referring to, son? Is that quote in your post supposed to be from me or something? I'm confused. You're either lying or someone thinks I'm so damned cool that they're copying my sig.

I'd like to think it was the latter but it's probably the former.
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GribbleGrunger  +   780d ago
@cee773: I've just been posted this by a friend and it seems you are telling the truth, but trust me that is NOT me LOL. Not only have they used my name but the avatar they used is my own doctored avatar. http://gamentrain.com/the-p...

I'm guessing it's someone from this site.
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Lykon  +   779d ago
I don't care if he is an xbot or a clever troll. I still love him . It's been ages since I've had half decent trade anyway
hesido  +   781d ago
From Gipsel@Beyond3d forums:


"The 2.75GHz "maximum clock frequency in the system" is clearly the WCLK of the GDDR5 running at the announced 5.5 Gbps. GDDR5 needs two clock signals to work, one at 1.375GHz and the other one at the mentioned 2.75GHz (for 5.5Gbps operation), which is likely the highest clock in the system, not the CPU clock."
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Jdoki  +   781d ago
Interesting. Sounds like a sensible explanation. Thanks for the info.
Thehyph  +   781d ago

The wiki overview has a decent description of the two clock setup of gddr5 as well
stuna1  +   780d ago
Does that mean 'Rocket Science' is involved?/jk

I'm kind of clueless as to what that means, but theroretically could it mean that the PS4 built for extensive multitasking like you would see in a desktop computer with multiple programs running?
hesido  +   780d ago
It just means they are reporting the maximum frequency found in the system, which matches the clock frequency of GDDR5. It doesn't provide information on multi-tasking.
Lior  +   781d ago
It looks like an overclock which means most likely the clock speed will be lowered for the retail version
Gimmemorebubblez  +   781d ago
What about GPU+CPU=APU
=APU 2.7ghz

Mkai28  +   780d ago
That's what I thought,2.7 GHz is easily the sum of the two processors inside the PS4's APU: CPU + GPU.

CPU runs at 1.94 GHz and the GPU at 800 GHz. So we just add 1.94 + 0.800 = 2.74 GHz.
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Mkai28  +   780d ago
You hit it on the money..
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OpenGL  +   780d ago
Why those two numbers would be added together makes no sense.

The 2.7GHz frequency is probably the maximum clock speed using AMD's Turbocore functionality, in which case half of the cores need to basically be disabled to run at that speed.
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Sy_Wolf  +   780d ago
No, doesn't work like that.
Pain  +   781d ago
Sexy black and white pictures.. wonder where i insert my usb dongle.
irene12villalobos   780d ago | Spam
xtremeimport  +   780d ago
I really would like for the system to have a couple more USB ports. But i guess its a bit better since the camera will no longer require its own port.
Blankolf  +   781d ago | Funny
My reaction to this post due to my vast (null) knowledge of this kind of tech..

RBlue_Desire  +   781d ago
that is my reaction-
>Whenever new games are announced
>Getting New Graphic Card.
>Getting laid.
>A game gets downloaded @512kbps.

and you get a bubble
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   781d ago
jesus that's hilarious!
Nicholasgliss  +   780d ago
That is definitely NOT William Dafriend! Sorry had to.
Daves  +   780d ago
Made me smile, and yeah, I'm feeling that inside for weeks now. :)
RyuCloudStrife  +   780d ago
that was funny bubble 4 u
dazzrazz  +   781d ago
If anybody believes new consoles will get bump to over 2Ghz clock on CPU better start praying both of em ship with water cooling system, otherwise you will have a nice bakery inside such a small space . Those chips were designed with low TDP in mind not as power hungry monsters
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   781d ago
This seems to be the Dev. kit unit.
andibandit  +   780d ago
"otherwise you will have a bakery inside such a small space"

You are forgetting the XB1 is gigantic!!!

hehe sry couldnt resist.
DoesUs  +   781d ago
Its to do with the GDDR5 speed. Don't look to much into this.
TheHardware  +   781d ago
vigilante_man  +   781d ago
XB1 dev kits have 12GB Ram. Not sure they will ship with that much. Maybe used for debugging and the such like..

Sony have said they take measured and considered decisions not snap judgement based on what MS might do.

Guess we will all find out in time..
mushroomwig  +   781d ago
Not sure? Of course they won't, the Xbox One will have 8GB.
vigilante_man  +   781d ago
We won't fully know until both consoles are released. Something tells me there may be a few more surprises in store. Just a feeling!
Enemy  +   780d ago
@ vigilante_man: Look up confirmed in a dictionary. The Xbox One has 8GB of DDR3 RAM, split 5 and 3: 5 for gaming, 3 for OS. The end.
andibandit  +   780d ago

That DRM thing was confirmed as well up until recently...

But no way they are gonna change the hardware at this stage.
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Elit3Nick  +   780d ago
@Enemy the HyperV will manage RAM usage so as long as it uses 1 gig of RAM, it can allocate as much as 7 gigs for games if needed
HeavensLion  +   780d ago
Enemy you not complete right the 5 and 3 is correct but you forget something the 32 MB of high speed ESRAM will give a big help to games and this is something the people forgot to mention
mushroomwig  +   781d ago
'Something tells me there may be a few more surprises in store. Just a feeling!'

A small surprise perhaps but the Xbox One isn't going to ship with 12GB. That was a stupid rumor to begin with.
DeadlyFire  +   781d ago
Development kits usually have double the RAM of the actual system.

XB1/PS4 kits now should have 16 GB RAM. 12 GB kits mean't XB1 was planned to ship with 6 GB of RAM at that time.
ZoyosJD  +   780d ago
Well, since 3 GB of the 8 is reserved for the OSs, only 5 is in use for games, so technically all the dev kits would need would be 10GB. The 12 is probably just in case they free up another GB from the OS with an update sometime in the future.
vigilante_man  +   780d ago
Calm yourself down. Nothing is 100% confirmed. If you read the small print on both consoles they are subject to change any time before being released.

Unless of course you are Steve Ballmer in disguise?
andibandit  +   780d ago
"Unless of course you are Steve Ballmer in disguise?"

Because in that case it wouldn't matter what you know, cause you'd be a total nutter.
_FantasmA_  +   780d ago
Surprise! DRM is back! 4 more Halo trilogies confirmed, surprise! The NSA catching you with your pants down all oiled up, surprise!!!
SonyNGP  +   781d ago
That's nice. Now what about HDCP?
mafiahajeri  +   781d ago

Sony may be playing it safe as they will be launching in territories where it is seasonally very hot - and that PS4 casing does look small.

Try 55 degrees in the summer :( but the ps4 will be out during winter so! :D I really hope that it has no issues which is hard to ask of a new console but I'm making sure a 1 year warranty is available when I buy it and that I don't lose the damn thing!!!
MWong  +   781d ago
I know I read that I was like WTF 5-55 degrees celsius. That's one cool running machine, I wonder how quiet it is? I wonder why they haven't sent the PS4 into the FCC database.
mafiahajeri  +   781d ago
Erudito87  +   781d ago
5 and 35 degrees
andibandit  +   780d ago
Where/What/Who is 5-55 degrees?
How do you know PS4 is a cool running machine?
MWong  +   780d ago
I was referring to the dev kit, mis-typed the 55 should be 35.
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yewles1  +   781d ago
It's just the communication frequencies (WiFi, Blluetooth, etc.).
Thehyph  +   781d ago
Yeah the only reason this article exists is because federal mandate requires them to file any wireless transmissions.
GoldPunch-TR  +   781d ago
Only for devoleper kits? :(
dp277407  +   781d ago
Whats funny is I'm pretty sure this was partially in the picture the day before the Feb 20th reveal and we were all more excited for the controller lol.
dp277407  +   781d ago
Im telling you the concept picture of the dualshock that was revealed before the feb 20th is the dev kit it just has two usb instead of three like the pic and small other changes just look.
madpuppy  +   781d ago
the PS4 dev box looks like it has all the styling of the production Xbone.

Erudito87  +   781d ago
I want this model. If given the choice i would always go for the one with extra cooling etc
badboy776  +   780d ago
So what does all this mean???
mwalker267   780d ago | Spam
andibandit  +   780d ago
Riiiiidge Raaaaaceeeerr!!
Thomper  +   780d ago
#fuckingyawnfanbotswankingover devkits

JessiePinkmanYo  +   780d ago
Yeah but you still need 1.21 Jigawatts to run the flux capacitor
bligmerk  +   780d ago
This is a big moment. The manufacturer has to go to the FCC with production ready hardware, they can't just keep modifying things up to the day of launch sales. So, Sony has now stepped up to the plate, saying they are ready. And it looks like we well be getting a better package than expected. When does MS show up with the XBone? That will be when the hardware speculation falls to the wayside and depending on the XBone, how long before it shows up at the FCC? What Sony is showing is they are capable of an early November launch. If MS doesn't show up at the FCC this month, that will be an indicator of troubles in Redmond.
joshuatobi  +   780d ago
true and I read an article in the beginning of the year about gamestop saying only one console is launching this year and the other next year and everyone thought it was microsoft and when sony said look at our stuff we have microsoft went on full blaze lets chop chop and got hit hard they didnt know what hit them so everything is being rushed now not even their own studios are ready thats why they spent a reportedly one billion dollars on exclusives and other things to at least have its next gen console withstand the onslaught it was going to get from ps4 when it launched until its studious were ready. MIcrosoft is in a terrible position right now, they have absolutely no momentum going into this and if they manage some it wont be enough. Sony just an old G in the industry.
XB_OWNED   780d ago | Spam
Blacklash93  +   780d ago
I think that's a bit less than the PS3. PS3 was 3.2, I believe.

Keep in mind though, clock speed is not the exact same thing as CPU efficiency. A piece of hardware several generations more advanced but with a somewhat lower clockspeed will more than likely be more efficient overall. Coding pipelines and excecutions, ect. Not to mention how it will all be affected by interacting with the GDDR5 memory architecture and the GPU.

But I'm not an expert, so don't blame me if I missed something. Nothing's definitively set in stone yet, either.
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badboy776  +   780d ago
No one still has told me what does all this mean???
Agent_hitman  +   780d ago
I don't think sony will overclock ps4 from 1.6ghz to 2.7ghz. AMD A Cpu series is derived from APU found on netbooks and ultrabook or tablet PCs, it usually clocked at 1.6ghz to maintain it's cool temp. If sony overclocked the ps4, it may become more bulkier and generates more heat.

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