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Road Redemption To Have 4-Player Splitscreen Co-Op

Road Redemption, the upcoming bike combat game that’s very heavily inspired by Road Rash, will have split-screen multiplayer for up to four players. (PC, Road Redemption, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Pisque  +   431d ago
Damn this game looks so childish and bad
starfox79  +   431d ago
Childish because they choose eshop instead of psn ??? or because you hit people off bikes with a bat ? yeah very childish... u sound childish..
sephiroth420   431d ago | Bad language | show
Skate-AK  +   431d ago
Why does this have a 360 tag? It's for PC, Mac, and Wii U.
starfox79  +   431d ago
Childish because they chose eshop instead of psn ??? or because you hit people off bikes with a bat ? yeah very childish...
EZMickey  +   431d ago
Am I the only one who accidentally read it as Red Dead Redemption?

Although that would be AWESOME.
MooseyXTC  +   431d ago
Came here to say the same thing.
sephiroth420  +   431d ago
i read it as that too,
is this really not coming to psn? ahwell ill still buy it for pc if not
El_Colombiano  +   431d ago

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