Why Buying PS4 Over Xbox One: X360 received 12 Core Exclusive Compare to 56 on PS3 during 2010-2013

A pretty interesting perspective on exclusive games for Xbox 360 and PS3 (for a time period of 2010-2013). During this time period, Xbox 360 has received received just 12 exclusive (core games) whereas PS3 received massive 56 core exclusive games.

Lack of Core Exclusive Games is surely going to be one of the main reason why gamers will move on to PS4 over Xbox One (assuming that above trend continues, especially now bundled Kinect with Xbox One).

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iamnsuperman1738d ago

Forget comparing the amount of exclusives between the PS3 and 360. What this picture shows is the amount of Kinect games over non kinect exclusives. Its over 3x as much

ZodTheRipper1738d ago

That's another point. And with mandatory Kinect on the X1, we'll see even more of that.

abzdine1738d ago

yes that's what i'm talking about!
Exclusives, games, awesomeness..

*muzzling the xbox fanboys*
Da powaaah of da clowwwd.. ROFL

nix1738d ago

abzdine... totally agree.

i must have bought like 25 PS3 exclusive games... if i remember. my exclusive vs third party games is 4:1.

FATAL1TY1738d ago

PS3 wins, flawless victory. Fatality

Chug1738d ago

And 6 of those 12 "core" exclusives are Halo, Gears, & Forza.

abzdine1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Here are the metacritic scores of 6 core exclusives other than halo forza gears

Naval Assault 40
MorphX 33
Blackwater 37
Otomedius 48
Crackdown 2 70
N3II 45

Megahits i'm telling ya!

EDIT: HAZE on PS3 is better than half core 360 exclusives since 2010 cause it got a higher score

dedicatedtogamers1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

All I have to say is: ooof.

Company track record is part of why I buy a console. I already knew Sony supported their consoles better than Microsoft but I didn't know it was THIS lopsided. The number of Kinect exclusives compared to core games is terrifying, seeing how Xbox One comes with a Kinect, mandatory.

What is disheartening is Microsoft USED to support their consoles much better, but they totally lost the message. If you compiled this list from 2006-2009, it would be ridiculously lopsided in Microsoft's favor, back when the Xbox brand fought tooth-and-nail to be the go-to place for hardcore gaming.

Septic1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@abzdine and all the people that agreed with him

So is Forza better than GT seeing as you're throwing out metacritic review scores? Go on, answer me.

abzdine1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@Septic: You think you are smart do you? :)

Arcade lovers prefer Forza, simulation people like myself go for GT, it's as simple as this.

But compare the case GT Forza to Otomedius or other broken 360 "core" exclusives doesn't stand my friend. well tried but better luck next time.

Enemy1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

My brothers,

As you can see, the Xbox brand has become the laughing stock of hardcore gaming. They tried and succeeded at building a fan base, yet succeeded even more at failing to provide them with what they bought an Xbox for to begin with. Xbox 360 focused on hardcore gaming INITIALLY, then died a fast death the moment Sony's 1st parties got heavily involved, as proven by Naughty Dog and Media Molecule taking every GOTY award since 2008.

Microsoft didn't know what to do anymore, so they went down the casual route...made Kinect, and advertised it as the best way to play. Of course the casuals believed this. Now these casuals have no friends for having been caught using it (Kinect). The humiliation is too much to bare with.

Microsoft thinks they're fooling us but everyone knows PlayStation is the only platform for core gamers. You will see that in just two years time, Xbox One will have abandoned you once more. Kinect is all there will be.

Let's as well take a moment to point out Microsoft's paychecks going toward timed deals and 3rd party exclusives. They tried this with Xbox 360 the first 2 years then were left with nothing but Halo every year that came after. Those millions could have been used for something that would help them in the long run. Now it's over before it starts.

Septic1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@ abzdine


Look at my first comment lol....see what I mean? Typical predictable behaviour.

"But compare the case GT Forza to Otomedius or other broken 360 "core" exclusives doesn't stand my friend. well tried but better luck next time"

What are you on about??

See, this is exactly the kind of nonsense posting I was alluding to in my first post.

mewhy321738d ago

This is a major problem with hardcore gamers. Jack Trenton said it best during an interview when he stated that it just wasn't right to make people pay for something that they didn't want. Sony is all about the hardcore gamers. I'm not sure who micro$oft is catering to. Heck I don't think they're sure either.

inveni01738d ago

I don't know how it could, but I'm hoping that the restructuring at Microsoft will add some more exclusive competition to the market. I would love to be enticed to own both consoles next gen, and I want Microsoft to keep Sony on their toes (because I love Sony's first-party devs). If Microsoft doesn't start focusing on new franchises and experiences, then they're going to continue being lost in the dust of the great minds behind games like The Last of Us and even third-party titles like Far Cry 3. Microsoft just needs to get the message that it's time to push core gaming to the next level. If they could embrace that, the next generation could amaze us like none before.

JoySticksFTW1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@ Septic

I thought while GT was the better simulator and technical impressive, I felt that Forza was the more fun game at release.

Now GT has just keeps better with updates and continued dev support, but I'm still an arcade kind of racer at heart.

With that said, your GT / Forza metacritic comparison in this case makes no sense. You're comparing two quality titles. It like comparing two perfectly cooked steaks. It's just I prefer teriyaki sauce on mine while you prefer yours char broiled.

Abz was pointing out a list of broken games, that any gamers should shake their head at. And this is coming from someone who's favorite 360 exclusive next to Gears and LO is Ninja Blade (my guilty pleasure).

I'm not saying ps3 doesn't have it's stinkers. But trying to throw out GT's lower meta compared to Forza, and challenging someone to say Forza's a better game seems ill thought out and like you're arguing just for arguments sake.

Bah, edited to keep things cool.

But I still do miss you Open Zone :(

Septic1738d ago


No, what I'm trying to allude to is the double standards on here. Metacritic was much-maligned by the community on here, especially when it came to GT and Forza review scores.

"With that said, your GT / Forza metacritic comparison in this case makes no sense. You're comparing two quality titles."

Why? Forza and GT are both simulators. They are both games of the EXACT SAME GENRE. Anyone arguing against that is in denial. Metacritic states that Forza is better than GT simply by virtue of its higher scores. It's not rocket science at all.

Stating that one is more of an arcade racer is just an erroeneous and desperate way to deflect the comparison, which rests favourably with Forza as far as Metacritic is concerned.

JoySticksFTW1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Dude, you're wrong

You're comparing two quality titles. Only morons will argue UC2, GTAIV, TLoU etc is better than x quality game due to meta.

You sound foolish and are drowning in your own argument. No one's going there with you, brah

And speaking of deflection and denial. Have you played Forza Horizon?

Go play it and tell me that game is as sim focused as Forza 4. It ain't Ridge Racer, but it's more forgiving by far compared to 4.

Like I said, you don't know what you're talking about, you make awful comparisons, and you argue just to do it.

Do you even play Forza?

Septic1738d ago


"Dude, you're wrong

You're comparing two quality titles. Only morons argue will argue UC2, GTAIV, TLoU etc is better than x quality game due to meta.

You sound foolish and are drowning in your own argument. No one's going there with you, brah "

WTF are you on about? What does the fact that they are two QUALITY titles have to do with the fact that they are two games in THE SAME GENRE??


"And speaking of deflection and denial. Have you played Forza Horizon? "

WTF??! WTF has Forza Horizon got to do with the core Forza games? You're talking about deflection and in the next sentence you complete deflect to something else! I never mentioned Forza Horizon, which is an off-shoot to to main Forza franchise!

"Like I said, you don't know what you're talking about, you make awful comparisons, and you argue just to do it. "

Lol what?! You've got to be kidding. You are trolling right?

Mate, I assure you, I know exactly what I'm talking about. That cannot, IN ANY WAY, be said about you especially when reading your last post.

Mods- can you change it so that we can see who is agreeing/disagreeing? This is getting silly.

JoySticksFTW1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Ok, go to the the elder scrolls IV: Oblivion wiki and then to the Demon's Souls wiki. They both state the games are Action Role Playing Games.

Which makes them Oh My God (septic dramatization) EXACTLY THE SAME GENRE!!!11!! :0

So I guess they play the same too right, buddy?

Like I said, you're drowning in your own argument. And begging the mods to bail you out of it is pretty silly. ;)

Oh I forgot to add more septic:

Buh buh buh, I meant "main line" Forza!! Not bastard off-shoots!!11!

C'mon bro, really?

Refuse to Lose, I guess. You fight that good fight, mate :D

Septic1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


When you have make worthwhile points, come back to me. As of now, you are not prepared.

What a waste of time and bubbles

Lesson learnt though.

Anyway, agree to disagree. That list is woeful whatever way you look at it. Luckily we didn't see any Kinect-fare announced at E3. I think we'll see a lot more Kinect stuff at Gamescom but hopefully, the quality will be up par next gen.

Well, here's hoping anyway.

JoySticksFTW1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Wha wha what?

The great Septic resorting to insults? For shame :'(

Septic "I lost therefore you don't know how to argue. Please my adoring public, PLEASE, don't notice I didn't have a valid response of my own." :D

Oh how the mighty has fallen. How did you sink so low?

Maybe it was a waste of bubbles for you, but I had fun ;)

I hope the lesson learned was to find humility. Lets get this back on track. Abz list was horrible, and everyone cautious of ms dropping core support mid generation should be

Septic1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


I didn't mean that as insults mate but more like light-hearted jibes. Don't take it to heart.

"Oh how the mighty has fallen. How did you sink so low? "

By wasting my time trying to instil some sense in you lol.

Lol what are you on about man, your points were TERRIBLE. You're saying that Forza and GT are not in the same genre and cannot be compared. That in itself is just plain nonsense. All the comparisons made by big name sites, by fans and gamers....and just BASIC logic make it clear that these two are in the same genre.

What more can I do then to make you understand? Your points were incredibly weak.

I actually think you're deliberately trolling me but nevermind.

Yes, that list is weak. But why are there loads of baseball games listed on the PS3 list? Also, with the exception of gems like Uncharted, TLOU and other big name exclusives, the others on the list just don't appeal to me. But then, that is entirely subjective and yes, Sony smashed MS in the exclusive department. More choice can only be a good thing.

But, remember the importance/quality of third party titles. They have been the highlight of this generation and from an early glimpse at E3, it looks like the same can be said for the next-gen. Don't interpret this as deflecting the issue however.

TLD:DR- MS got their backsides handed over to them in the latter half of this gen when it comes to the number of exclusives. No one should be able to deny that.

adventureghost1241738d ago

@nix bubble for you that was great

JoySticksFTW1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Dude, Forza and GT ARE in the same genre but they play differently.

What's so hard to understand

Just like oblivion and demons souls play differently though still in the same action rpg genre.

You were too busy arguing and trying to "win" (what?) that you didn't want to really listen to any one else's point.

All I said was Forza and GT are both quality titles with different flavors, which you were trying to state one was better because of a higher meta critic score... In a twisted attempt to point out n4g hypocrisy.

Totally ignoring the obvious bad games that were the target of Abz's comment.

You lost your cool, then lost the debate instead of remembering that other people's opinion are as valid as yours.

But no, because our opinions differ - you're right and the rest of us are trolling.

You even resorted to mod begging. Wtf dude, you showed poor form today.

We all have bad days though. Just learn from this one ;)

black0o1738d ago

I'm speechless by the denial stats of the xbots

Utalkin2me1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Pretty obvious you was in full defense mode and got offended by abzdine showing metacritic scores for the other 6 xbox core exclusives that did not fair well at all.

You can argue GT5 and Forza all you want. Doesn't change the fact of what is on the table far as exclusives for each console and how they fair.

Mainsqueeze1738d ago

You will probably see less kinect games because they don't have to sell the damn thing separately and try to entice ppl with more games for it.

1738d ago
kupomogli1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


What you obviously don't notice and what JoysticksFTW was trying to point out is that the Metascore for for both Forza 4 and GT5 are high while the scores that were posted earlier were 40s and 50s.

It's like if you came out and said, PS3 has games like Unearthed Trail of Ibn Buttata(which isn't exclusive, isn't even out yet, but if it was) then I retorted, what has better Metascore? Uncharted 2 or Gears of War?

You didn't notice what he meant so I'm going with it went way over your head.

Gran Turismo 5 has released some pretty major updates. If reviews could be altered based on how the game has changed since launch, I'm pretty sure the Metascore on GT5 would much higher now. That and the fact that GT5 was scored low from most places due to it being overhyped.

kupomogli1738d ago


The PS3/Vita titles are Sony exclusives. You can't play the games on a 3DS, Wii, 360, or PC, you can only play them on Sony consoles.

360/PC are just that. 360 or PC. Two entirely different consoles. Most people own a PC and anyone who's bought a PC in the past seven years has a PC capable of playing most of what the 360 owners like to call "exclusives."

abzdine1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


to answer you once and for all like all other people tried to do but you keep being stubborn is that GT5, Forza or other good quality game doesn't change anything to the fact that 360 got some of the worst exclusives since 2010.

You can find people who will love a game that scored 75+ on metacritic cause starting from there it's the opinion and taste of everyone that's gonna matter, but when it's games that haven't scored more than 30-50max you have nothing to do but facepalm in front of the TV while they're running.

Got it now?? i'm sure you haven't :D

EDIT: check the disagrees you're getting, proof enough you are WRONG!

1738d ago
Clive_Bixby1737d ago

What Kinect games did they show at E3?

xkvcq1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

What are you ON dude?

Forza Metacritic average out of 5 major installments=90

Gran Turismo average out of 6 major installments=89.5

You seriously arguing THAT hard because of ".5" of a difference?

Maybe you should play ALL of those games from start to finish before you start turning to metacritic and making false insinuations about quality.

Why shy away from Forza Horizon? I didn't shy away from GT5:Prologue in this calculation.

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Insomnia_841738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

F***!!! I knew PS has more exclusives but seeing the comparison like this is clearly disturbing. That's a lot of Kinect crap!!

Seriously, if any of you want the best gaming experience get a PS3/4.
Go out and get a PS3 and for PS+ $17.99 for 3 months you get to instantly download BF3, Saints Row The Third, Uncharted 3, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and 8 other PS3 games PLUS other 8 games for PS Vita if you have one. That's 20 GAMES from start! Free avatars, full game timed trials, free themes.And let's not forget the discounts on games Even if you pay for the whole year of PS+ $49.99 you are still on the winning side and covered for PS4.

Don't have $17.99 for PS+? It's ok. Go ahead and download the Free-to-Play games like DUST 514, Uncharted 3 Multiplayer and DC Universe Online.

Nothing like Playstation when it comes to gaming....seriously!

ZodTheRipper1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

And even after such facts some people here insist on calling us "fanboys" for defending Sony. In my opinion, Sony deserved to be defended at this moment simply because it's a fact that they care most about their customers and especially the gaming community, and articles like this are the proving it.

Isis061738d ago Show
Septic1738d ago

"And even after such facts some people here insist on calling us "fanboys" for defending Sony."

Actually, people call you fanboys for constantly trolling other people's interests. Go on a any Xbox 360 or Xbox One article and most likely, it has someone insulting someone or mocking them for their interest of their game, or the game itself.

There is no denying that the PS3 has definitely trumped the 360 in respect of exclusives, especially in the latter years of these consoles' lifecycles. But that doesn't give people an excuse to pour scorn over the games that people do enjoy.

Go to a Killer Instinct article; you'll get people mass disagreeing with any favourable comments.

Go to Forza; you'll get the same thing.

Go to Titanfall; loads of disagrees for people interested in the game or fanboys who can't help control themselves and mention that the game is most likely a timed exclused. So what? Timed exclusives don't matter anymore? How many of you could have waited, say 6 months longer for The Last of Us. No way I could; luckily I have both the PS3 and 360 (and actually play on both of them unlike many on here).

There's something about Sony trolls on here that just makes them unbearable. The double standards and hypocrisy is what's annoying. A misplaced sense of superiority complex runs through many of them, along with complete immaturity amongst even some of the higher-bubble members.

1) Cell processor made things difficult: comments blaming developers for being lazy were getting bubbled up. How obnoxious of these sofa-experts to suggest that

2) Cross-game chat + voice chat- PSN leaves a lot to be desired especially when you cant even send voice messages like you could on the original Xbox. But, instead of saying, fair play, the social functionality leaves a lot to be desired on the PS3; you have people deflecting the issue to PSN + and then mocking MS for charging for online play(which Sony will now do).

3) Downplaying the few exclusives MS does have: Try as hard as you might, Halo is veritable force in gaming and console FPS'. Forza is a bitter topic for many on here; the review scores all of a sudden are mired in conspiracy when compared to the beloved Gran Turismo. But why not just admit that Forza is a great game instead of desperately trying to claim that it isn't a simulator (some have said its an arcade game!)

I could go on about how The Last of Us had an online pass and was released amidst the whole furore about used games block but I don't. Sony aren't being defended on here. Sony fans are always on the offensive, in a rabid, foaming at the mouth manner.

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were great consoles. Both made mistakes but both offered something to all gamers. The Xbox One looks really impressive as does the PS4. You don't see me going around trolling Sony articles so why can't you kids grow up and just be mature?

The gaming medium is one of the best mediums on the planet in my opinion. Fair enough for constructive criticism but can you honestly say to me, that people here are constructive in their criticism? If they were, I doubt we'd see pathetic comments starting with "Bbbut but but.....the power of the cloudz lol."

OT: that is a worrying graph but here's hoping the Xbox One won't follow the same route. Now, with such negative PR, MS may have no choice but to remain committed to delivering good first party content. Remember...Sony started off terribly too. The tables had turned later on. There's no reason the same cannot happen with the X1. Early signs already indicate towards this happening.

SpideySpeakz1738d ago

PS+ is very impressive. Vastly superior over XBL. But still can't compete with Steam though.

JohnnyBadfinger1738d ago

I remember going back about 3 years seeing some of your comments that were obviously pro Sony anti MS and now your the peace keeper... Well you try to keep peace at least.

Ill admit I'm a Xbox only gamer or as some here on n4g suggest a non hardcore gamer purely because I like them only own the one console but difference is I choose the Xbox and they choose playstation but because they choose the playstation they think it's the only console, or the best console. The logic of all the people on this site baffles me. It's obvious that Sony have more exclusives than Xbox... Clear as day but I don't give a rats arse! Non of those exclusives interest me.
Of this current gen in gaming the best games in my opinion are:
-Mass Effect
-Battlefield bc,bc2,bf3 (couldn't stand bf2)
-Assassins creed
-Red Dead Redemption & GTA4
And I loved the GhostRecon Advanced Warfighter games.

Guess what they all had in common? The were all multiplats!!!
I firmly believe this coming gen of gaming is not next gen at all.
The day MS and Sony combine their online networks to allow cross platform gaming is the day we officially hit "Next Generation of gaming!".
Every gen since ps2 and original Xbox have been the same. New hardware new graphics new games, same old boring gameplay. Games are dying and the only way they can stay alive is not buying having ms die and fade away Microsoft bring far too much to the table to be dismissed by obvious bias opinions.

Most of my mates all Xbox gamers are considering going to playstation but that is only because of the price. Here in Australia there is a $50 difference between the 2. The One is $599 and the Ps4 is $549. But I will not support either until both companies open up about everything to do with their consoles. MS have tried to explain them selves only to stutter at the worst of times the while Sony just stand their giving us the thumbs up and a big old smile without saying anything. Ill wait till the new year before purchasing because in terms of preformance both are unknown. A safe 2 months should be long enough to gauge the scene more accurately.

However I would rather the Xbox one only based on the controller I'm comfortable with. But I'll try out the ps4 controller and if it feels as good as it looks I will definitely look at getting the PS4.

Williamson1738d ago

Since 2008 and especially 2010 PlayStation has been and should of been the best place to game. This is n4g so anyone praising Sony is automatically a "Fanboy", but has anyone ever wondered why they get praised? Because they put out games for us GAMERS! Japan probably has tons of games that are exclusive as well.



"So what? Timed exclusives don't matter anymore? How many of you could have waited, say 6 months longer for The Last of Us"

Timed exclusives never mattered and it was not 'till this gen that people started trying to use that lame argument. Your comment on TLOU is prove to that... The sole purpose of an exclusive is to increase sales of a specific console, I know plenty of people who bought a PS3 just now because of TLOU, even some Xbox 360 owners, but how many of those people would be doing so if this game was coming to Xbox down the road? Maybe you are made of money, but most people won't put down 200+ dollars on another machine just to get a game 6 monthes earlier, specially when next gen is stalking at the corner. Now if the game is only there and nowhere else, guess what, eventually there's enough of those amazing exclusives to justify the console purchase.

And seriously, it's like 2006 all over again... "Oh, the Sony fanboys, plague of the Earth, the ones to blame for every crap that sticks to MS shoes". Have you ever considered that maybe one of the reasons people are so vocal agaisnt MS is exactly the points present in articles like the one being discussed here before you derailing it to off-topic?

MS ditched hardcores for kinect crap (look at this very article and than look at MS early years) and it doesn't stop there... They abuse gamers' inteligence with cheap techniques like equivalency policy, media payola, and, oh the irony, "timed exclusives"... Also they are far too greed for their own good, having multiplayer paywall, mandatory overpriced accessories, tryied to bully used games. And the list goes on and on...

Now, I'm not saying Sony don't make mistakes, far from it, they had been guilty of everything I'm accusing MS here eventually (Vita cards, PS4 PS+ requirement, timed content here and there), but it's not as frequent as MS (which itself also have it's good moments), but the difference is right there on this list, despite all eventual shortcomings, they keep providing great games, the solely reason we're are into this hobby, remember?

Not that I'm justifying trolling here (and I wouldn't bother with that if I were you, as, you know, to get you bothered is the point of trolling), but just cause Sony had been receiving positive feedback and MS negative, don't try and turn that into "oh the Sony fanboys are stalking us", it's pathetic and shortsighted of what actually is happening.

Utalkin2me1738d ago


My goodness someone is in trolling mode today. Facts are Facts guy, give it a rest. Nothing you can so or do will change the fact of the article.

T21738d ago

@septic waaaaay too long post. Wall of text just to whine about Sony fanboys ... Fyi disagrees can be applied to anything so if you write " I love halo" you can still get 50 disagrees from ppl who dont like halo. Its not trolling . Then you come in an article like this and start your " forza beats gt " crap .... Thats more trolling than anything anyone else did ....
Typical xbots in this article " ps3 may have more exclusive but I dont like any of them , I only play halo " smh

FamilyGuy1737d ago

Truth in it's rawest form.

We're fans for a reason, any logical gamer would be. Fanboys are the ones jealous of this simple truth.

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fermcr1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I agree. The PS3 does have more and better disk exclusives then the the X360 (by a long shot), but, quantity is not quality (most of those exclusives i wouldn't waste my time). As for disk exclusives Microsoft really needs to invest in more of them.
One other thing is that XBLA and PSN Games are not taken into account, and X360's XBLA does have more and better exclusives then PSN.

Now if I was to make a list of the 50 or 100 best games on consoles this generation, probably 80% would be multiplatform games. Just goes to show that the best multiplatform games are as good or better then the best exclusive games.

bjmartynhak1738d ago

A list with 50-100?
Try to see the first 20

gravv1738d ago

"quantity is not quality" reminds me of xbone launch titles...

Valkyre1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Dont try to spin this.... adding XBLA/PSN games will make things only worse for the xbox....

Journey (GOTY 2012 by the way), Flower, Fat Princess, everything from Pixeljunk, Gravity Crush, Dead Nation, etc etc etc...

There is virtually no way to spin this...

Xbox360 has pretty much forgotten what the word "exclusive" actually means, especially the last 2 years... and someone has to be in denial not to actually see this.

Only this year (2013) PS3 has released/will release 6 blockbuster games. Its not only the quantity, its not even the quality, most of all its the DIVERSITY.

Look at this list:

God of War Ascension -> Hack n slash
Ni No Kuni -> JRPG
The Last of Us -> Survival Action
Beyond 2 Souls -> Thriller / Drama
Ratchet n Clank -> Platform
Gran Turismo 6 -> Racing.

That is what I call an awesome exclusive lineup. Quality games and from every genre out there... Meanwhile you have to really try to find 1-2 exclusives for 360 released this year.

The xbox never had such a thing, and will never have it, because the M$ philosophy doesnt give 2 shits about building up a family of studios like Sony does. All they do is fork some cash to get timed exclusive deals, write some big checks for the wrong reasons. Sony on the other hand invests their $ into acquiring promising studios and creating new IPs.

I really cannot understand how someone can not see this.

Foxgod1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Yeah, ps3 had its share of diversity.
But lets look at whats ahead when deciding what to purchase.
The Xb1 delivers big on diversity, and anyone who did a half bit of research on upcoming XB1 games knows that.

But if you think the Xb360 never had diversity your a bit delusional, the 360 even had a platformer, Banjo from Rare, and it was just a good as any Ratched and clank game.

Besides that it also had survival games (Alan wake), Racing games (Forza) , j-Rpg's (Blue dragon) sandbox games (crackdown) W-Rpg (Fable) and ofcourse its 1st and 3rd person shooter gears and halo.

Seems diverse enough to me.

ZodTheRipper1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Of course most of the 50 best games would be multiplatform because there are way more multiplatform games, but after playing through most of this generations games I think that the best of the best were mostly PS3 exclusives.
Gears Of War 2 and Halo 3 are also on my list of most memorable games but looking at PS3 games there are Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, MGS4, Last of Us, Ni No Kuni and even LBP or Valkyria Chronicles that all will be remembered by me for their unique experience.

Valkyre1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@ foxgod

Just the fact that you have to go waaay back up to 2007 to find games to complete your "diversive" list, while I am using only a 2013 list (!!!), plus the fact that you consider xbox1's list diversive, clearly shows the level of denial you are in.

May the Force be with you...

Foxgod1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

O yeah, Forza (racing), KI (fighting), Quantum Break (surival), Halo 5 (shooter), Dead Rising (sandbox), Ryse (HacknSlash).

Yeah i am in such denial about diversity, and they didnt even announce all their games for the first year yet.

And does it matter when they where released, and most of those where past 2007, how can i discuss with someone that makes up his own facts.
Fact is, if you have a 360 you got yourself a fair share of diversity, and the XB1 is going to do it even better because MS got twice as much studio's and doesnt have to rely so much on third party anymore.

You just made yourselfl ook even more delusional.

The ciritcs gave Banjo a good score, it just never lived up to the hype.
Both Ratched and Banjo got an 88 metacritic

psyxon1738d ago

@foxgod not you again...

"the 360 even had a platformer, Banjo from Rare, and it was just a good as any Ratched and clank game."

i.. i... i don't know whether to laugh or cry. please downvote this guy for trolling. i really can't take anything he says seriously.

Valkyre1738d ago

@ Foxgod

seriously sad...

Clearly, you and MS desperately need each other right now.

May the Force be with you.

tiffac0081738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


The thing is the PS3 had both quantity and quality and continues to do so. Unless you consider the majority of Kinect games on the 360 as quality then I cannot help your there.


You are right the 360 had diversity but only at the beginning of the generation, after that they only relied on a few titles. I can see that as a legit worry for some gamers when it comes to the X1.

I personally purchased my 360 because MS was supporting JRPGs to the west but after Star Ocean there was nothing.

DoesUs1738d ago

@Fox, the interesting thing about you're first comment is your use of the word "had". Has the 360 had its day now? Certainly seems so looking at what MS has done with it this year. Seems like you're just sweeping it under the carpet like what MS did with the original Xbox.

karl1738d ago

@foxgod reality is beyond your reach... there is no hope of saving u dude.

Its really funny how we are talking about ps3 exclusives and u need to not only use 360 exclusives but now u r also adding up xone exclusives that havent even come out yet and still cant even compete with ps3. LMAO

abzdine1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 79
Ratchet & Clank TOD : 89
Ratchet & Clank : 87
Even Ratchet & Clank Collection got a higher score and it's 3 PS2 games. Oh wait let me guess, metacritic are Sony fanboys? smh..

Now dont start talking and trolling with no real argument.
PS3 has amazing platformers like LBP, Sly, Jak Collection...
And it's weird, you're the only one here talking about diversity. Even georgeenoob the N4G troll number one would agree on it but he isn't here he got a restriction :D

X1 has variety? Alright! PS4 just has much more, just see how many 1st party studios sony has and imagine that each one of these is making at least one game right now :)

EDIT: and you keep going back to 2007-2006 to find games ROFL...

LoveOfTheGame1738d ago

Wow, can't believe a sony fanboy is basically stating Gears of War is better than Uncharted series.

But I guess Metacritic doesn't count when it's not in your favor, right?

jetlian1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

where is fable 3, forza 3, alan wake, metro 2033, splinter cell conviction?

alot of the ps3 games are from japan.

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Aceman181738d ago

this is why i will purchase a PlayStation console before any of the others. the quality, the variety, and the fact that they just don't rest of the same franchises over and over while bring out new ones is what keeps me buying their products.

for me next to Nintendo, Sony exclusives are right up there in quality.

TwistedMetal1738d ago

yep that's why I call those on the x360 not gamers they haven't been playing crap and want to move to the xbox one instead of the ps4which will be better because they went full retard. ps4 is the more powerful console, cheaper, will play multplat games the best and that's what an x360 gamer should care about at this point because that's all they been playing. more people are gonnna own a ps4 and play it online the most. if you own the x360 yu upgrade to a ps4 if you own a ps3 you upgrade to a ps4 it only makes sense.

also the photo

that's freaking pathetic and its sad that you hear people say they getting an xbox one for that sorry excuse of a games line up. they are not gamers they just fanboys who copy what they friends told them to get because there friends parents work for MS or the nsa spy for Kinect crap.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

63 exclsuive kinect games.

ps4 is the better console and sony is the better company.

Glad we have shared library on ps4!

princejb1341738d ago

I didn't know xbox360 had this many kinect games. I always though they had around 7

Jazz41081738d ago

As long ass i dont have to spend tweny min loading every game and have to deal with weekly updates. I will be happy.

jessupj1738d ago

I've been bring up this point ever since the announcement of the X1.

I keep saying MS has a track record for dropping support for the core gamer after a couple of years after release and xbox fanboys keep disregarding this fact. And let's be clear, this isn't opinion, this is fact and now you can see it in graph form.

And MS is at it again, throwing money around like there's no tomorrow, buying timed exclusive deals, effectively blocking games on the PS4 instead of creating games for the X1. It's absolutely disgusting and I honestly can not respect anyone that blindly defend them, especially on this issue.

It's literally black and white and while it's great to see the hype the PS4 is getting on the net compared to the X1, I still feel, even considering this one aspect this article has brought up, Sony should be getting a lot lot more.

In my mind, if you're a gamer the obvious choice is to support the company that genuinely supports you, the gamer.

iceman061738d ago

That is THE serious concern for anybody that is considering buying just the Xbox One. Sony has an established history of continued support for it's consoles...even at the end of a cycle. First generation Xbox was left to die when Xbox 360 came out. MS have never had to battle on 2 fronts so there is no telling what will happen with the 360. But, the last couple of years is NOT a good sign of things to come for it. The Xbox One has a great LAUNCH lineup. The question remains what kind of support will it have past year 2 or 3? Is this just another front loaded console or are they really committed to providing games for the core for an entire generation?

The_HarryEtTubMan1738d ago

Seriously what kind of stupid sucker would support MS and the Xbox One.

RM-TatoTiburon1738d ago

well looks like if you want a lot of japanese games get a ps4

1738d ago
GraveLord1738d ago

This is exactly by Playstation 4 is going to be my main console next-gen. It's for gamers.