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Submitted by BootHammer 939d ago | opinion piece

The Wii U Needs Star Fox

"We first saw Star Fox in 1993. Gamers were instantly hooked and amazed by the brilliant new IP and the Super FX Chip. Players saw a remake of Star Fox 64 in 2011 on the 3DS but it’s well overdue to see Fox McCloud and his team make another console debut. With the Wii U needing sales and a true system seller more than ever, this is the time." -BootHammer (Star Fox 64 3D, Star Fox Adventures, Wii U)

TalesofDalton  +   939d ago
I think Starfox would definitely be a huge title for the Wii U, and I am hoping Nintendo does their best to modernize it. Maybe, allowing players to land on stations and planets to pursue a Mass Effect style 3rd person shooter/rpg scenario would be a good design choice?
zeal0us  +   939d ago
So something like Star Fox Assault but with improve mechanics?
TwistedMetal  +   939d ago
no something like the star wars rogue squadron games on the gamecube mixed with starfox 64 and add in some starhawk with more dog fights bigger maps and multiplayer mechs.

they need to bring starfox back right and better then ever. I want the story fleshed out and epic. I want dlc story so that you can play as the father of starfox. I want star wolf story line.

when they have ground levels I want ratchet and clank like gameplay for shooting etc.
Ac7iVe  +   939d ago
I could only dream lol that would be epic
TotalSynthesisX  +   939d ago
If the TPS mechanics were designed well and if the entire game didn't revolve around it, yeah, it would be pretty cool. The vast majority of the game should still be the classic-style on-rails space shooting that the series is known for.

As for adding an RPG element, that would be interesting as well. You could earn cash and/or XP from missions to level up your Arwing's damage resistance, laser power, agility, etc., change its color, add custom parts, etc.

The Star Fox series could go into some really interesting places if Nintendo is willing to let it go there. Just not so off-the-wall like Adventures was. Don't get me wrong; it was a great game, it just didn't fit into the Star Fox universe at all.
TalesofDalton  +   939d ago
Yeah, kind of split the gameplay down the middle between piloting and on foot, but definitely get a team on it that knows shooters for sure... Maybe Retro after they finish DKC.
Tommykrem  +   939d ago
I agree! We all need Starfox!
Blank  +   939d ago
Oh yes we do we are all way overdue for a new starfox or rather a proper sequel shoot ill even take the snes star fox 2 only modernized hell maybe even as a ported download
Theyellowflash30  +   939d ago
The Title should read "I want Star Fox on Wii U"

The Wii U doesn't need StarFox. It just needs good games. Did the Wii need Star Fox?

Did the 3DS need Starfox? DID the GBA or even DS need Star Fox? NO, NO and No

I would rather have Nintendo invest their money into more new IPs like The Wonderful 101 over Star Fox.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have another one, I just don't think the Wii U needs Star Fox.
Dan_scruggs  +   939d ago
Yes. The 3DS did in fact need StarFox.
Theyellowflash30  +   939d ago
No it didn't.... the 3DS needed Mario and Mario Kart when it was struggling.
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rCrysis  +   939d ago
"Can't let you do that Star Fox."

On topic, I really miss Star Fox. I tried to get into the Gamecube ones but they were just alright. I still love 64 and the 3DS port to bits though. Hope they make the next one epic and awesome!
just-joe  +   939d ago
Maybe have it a bit like Starfox 2 (Command) where you strategize where to attack, letting you decide how to approach each mission whether it be air, tank, or on foot. Mix in some squadron vs squadron online play and you got a game.
LKHGFDSA  +   939d ago
I think that whole space shooter type game is outdated.
maniacmayhem  +   939d ago
I need Starfox!

I've been waiting for a proper Starfox since Starfox 64!
Kevlar009  +   939d ago
Keep it SNES/N64 style, I don't a game that tries too hard to fit multiple game genres at the same time in order to garner mass appeal. Keep it difficult, skill intensive and gritty, easy to grasp but difficult to master. Litter it with secret exits and branching paths, I want a Fox McCloud who's seen it all.
Concertoine  +   939d ago
If theyre wary to give it a big budget since star fox sales havent been the best, they should make it a budget title and release it on the eshop. Same with f-zero :)
30 player space dogfights, NOW
TwistedMetal  +   939d ago
yep give it that warhawk type gameplay or starhawk gameplay.
Geezus  +   939d ago
yessss.... nintendo can we skip the next mario iteration for a proper console starfox!? i have been itching for one since i last played the N64
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Relientk77  +   939d ago
Starfox 64 2
TwistedMetal  +   939d ago
that would be cool but starfox 64/ star wars rogue squadron gamecube would be even better gameplay combo.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   939d ago
it needs someone to buy it, that's what it
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maniac76  +   939d ago
The wii u needs bout a dk in the mouth,then wipet all ova wii u face

How bout all new characters lol

They so lame wii u next,will have grown up Mario lol
mydyingparadiselost  +   939d ago
The Wii U needs..... Star Slippy! Oh man, I just threw up a little...
BootHammer  +   939d ago
Space combat, planet exploration (missions and bosses) and online skirmishes!!

I just hope they revive the franchise on the Wii U one way or another. So much potential and so many fans.
Benchm4rk  +   939d ago
I know that's what I'm waiting for. Once the new Mario, Zelda and hopefully a new Star Fox are released or close to release I'll be grabbing myself a Wii U
BootHammer  +   939d ago
Nintendo has some great games coming out the rest of this year (thank goodness) and hopefully they will really pump out the titles for 2014.

If they can release a new Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero in the near future they certainly won't have a sales issue anymore!
Myst  +   939d ago
The WiiU needs F-Zero :S
BootHammer  +   939d ago
It sure does!! Another great opportunity to expand and build on the multiplayer scene on the Wii U.
PigPen  +   939d ago
Only if it is done right and more like the original. I don't want to see any running around with guns and swords.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   939d ago
They need to just allow Platinum Games (Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101) to make Star Fox-

P.G. has stated many times over that they would love to make the next Star Fox Game.
jagstatboy  +   939d ago
I would buy a Wii U if they made a Star Fox.
hemmo1986  +   939d ago
No nintendo need to build a console with more power and heaps of third party support to compete with Sony.... oh wait xbox has already done that... fools nintendo lost their way ages ago and as a result gave Microsoft the chance to take their spot. HAHAHA the wii was pretty much a game cube with motion controls, in fact nintendo was looking at bringing motion controls to the cube but scrapped it and hence wii was born and everyone fell for it. And everyone eventually realised how mediocre the wii was and now everyone will avoid nintendo consoles. Hence nintendos path to becoming a software developer is almost complete. Wah hahahaha
Benchm4rk  +   939d ago
Nintendo won't become a software developer. If they decide to leave the home console business they will just continue to dominate the handhelds and develop games for that.
CaptainYesterday  +   938d ago
The Wii U needs a lot of things!

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