Gameplay video of Divekick – a cool two-button fighting game by Iron Galaxy Studios

Iron Galaxy Studios have issued the following video for Divekick in which game creator Adam Heart and studio CEO Dave Lang give a humorous take on the “motion capture” for and whowcase a bit of gameplay from this cool little two-button fighting game, which arrives on PS3 and PS Vita on 20 August for just $9.99.

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Whatsupdog1775d ago

A simple but neat little game, especially for people like me who haven't played many fighting titles (hides in shame).

rbluetank1775d ago

it looks like "tag KO". it looks like fun.

Lionalliance1775d ago

Uhh.... I think this video is old.

metaltales491774d ago

I only know about dive kick from two best friends play the game look good

CaptainYesterday1773d ago

Such a funny dumb game I love it! Easy to control hard to master!