Nintendo debuts combined retail and digital sales for Wii U

Gamasutra: "In a first out of one of the three major games hardware manufacturers, Nintendo has released a blended sales chart which combines U.S. sales figures from digital as well as brick-and-mortar retail."

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PigPen1774d ago

Super Mario U 770,000 in the US alone. That didn't surprise me.

KillaManiac1774d ago

Half of the titles are digital download games.

That is pretty sad to be honest as far as when you go to a store and look at the Wii U section.

Realplaya1774d ago

Why is it sad?
To me it seems like the digital distribution is doing good.

lilbroRx1772d ago

Why is it sad that something people expected to do poorly is doing so well?

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starfox791774d ago

So 4 3rd party games ?? so there doing alright then....

weekev151774d ago

I counted 6 mega man, injustice, tank tank tank, lego city, monster hunter and trine 2

starfox791774d ago

Lego city was a nintendo's and tt games...nintendo published it ?? but i suppose its still classed as 3rd party exclusive...

Baka-akaB1774d ago

This is good and all , but we dont have said sales numbers except for mario , only mentions that it include digital versions and titles .

Being 3rd in a top 10 is irrelevant if you are doing 30k for a retail/digital title . i'm not saying that's what's happening , but without any context .. it's useless

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