Mad Max: Just Cause Meets Twisted Metal?

IGN - Join Steve and Ryan in the IGN Rewind Theater as they pick apart the half-gameplay, half-CG trailer for the new Mad Max game.

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tanookisuit1742d ago

To me, it seemed more like RAGE...

FlameHawk1742d ago

Lol at E3 I thought it was going to be Fallout 4 because the guy on the floor looked like a bandit and I was so disappointed when it wasn't :/.

Der_Kommandant1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Just mix Motorstorm gameplay and graphics with a very good storyline and you have the perfect Mad Max game.

Enemy1742d ago

Looks like they're doing just that with this. I only hope they have a different team writing story and cutscenes this time around. Just Cause 2's cutscenes and dialogue were so bad that all I could remember about it was how much I hated it. I love the game but the story is a complete waste of resources.

CaptainYesterday1742d ago

Sounds good to me, is it going to be a FPS or TPS? I don't think they've even talked about that yet.