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Microsoft Deserves Credit For Xbox One Policy Changes

Forbes - Microsoft screwed up its Xbox One launch magnificently, and for several weeks the PR disaster played out in all its gory detail, culminating finally at E3, where Sony rode the waves of consumer discontent to a resounding public relations victory. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

xHeavYx  +   592d ago | Well said
No they don't, stop saying that they listened to their fans, that's not the case. No-one was preordering the One and they were the joke of most gaming sites. That's the only reason why they reversed their policies.
I would have given them credit if they had reversed their policies when it was a rumor. People were not happy back then but MS didn't listen. Then E3 happened
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-Mezzo-  +   592d ago
US8F  +   592d ago
Implementing things first is for the consumers, and implementing things second is for the money. Sony wants to make money by giving the consumers more quality than they are paying for while Microsoft changed the policies not for the consumers but for the potential of losing lots of money, since they got their asses handed to them by Sony. Say what you will, but in this generation, world wide sales, it would be a vast difference in sales with Sony getting the upper hand. Not everyone is a fool, and the US kids who defend the Xbox wants to be patriotic, since its an american company, and it can do no wrong, when it comes to microshaft. these people rather take it up the ..., than say they are wrong. They sell their privacy for cheap. Losers

Wrong will stay wrong even if everyone follows it and right will stay right even if no one follows it
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MWong  +   592d ago
@ xHeavYx ... you nailed it

Like I said before if M$ would have saw pre-order numbers the way they wanted them to be, trust me they wouldn't have reversed anything.
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papashango  +   591d ago
In all honesty. M$ deserves a lot of credit for listening to the fans.

Big win for the consumer and much respect to M$ for finally opening their eyes.
ThanatosDMC  +   591d ago
georgeenoob  +   591d ago
You guys don't get it.

MS thought this turn in gaming would stongly benefit the gaming induatry, especially long term.. No-disk gaming, family share, and many other features. They had no idea there were so many ignorant gamers to not look into this and focus soley on the negatives of DRM. When the backlash happened, they decided to do the 180 cause the fanboys obviously took over and completely ignored any benefit this might bring, which gave them no choice but to back-track on their innovating motives as this brought attention to many gamers

My point is: MS thought this innovating approach would benefit the gamers at launch and without a doubt for the future, but since Sheep took over and cried all over the media, they listened, for the sake of gamers.

Don't believe me and disagree? Then why is there a petition, and the hundred articles that constantly appeared after the reversed drm. I know you guys love calling me a fanboy, but look into this to open your eyes.
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xHeavYx  +   591d ago
You speak so much nonsense, it hurts.
They thought they would benefit their own wallet doing what they did, that's what backfired.
Funny you seem to say the DRM restrictions were good and bla bla, but you also commented on those topics saying that only Sony fanboys were signing it.
Just do us a favor and go away
papashango  +   591d ago
Always knew you were a fanboy in disguise Thanatos.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   591d ago
georgeenoob MS should have explained what they were doing was beneficial to gamers.ALL I heard was MS saying try it you'll like it.Or you have no choice you'll get use to it.Gamers had a choice and MS blinked.Now I hope MS takes the time to really explain their new features as they slowly implement them on the Xbox1.
zeal0us  +   592d ago
If anyone deserves credit it would be the consumers and gamers who backlash against the policies and not MS tbh.
Lovable  +   592d ago

The consumers talked with their money and got the results they want.
cleft5  +   592d ago
Exactly, consumers voted with their dollars and for the first time consumers really got to see how powerful that really is. I hope that trend continues now that we all have something major and tangible to point too that shows the power of voting with your dollars.
OllieBoy  +   592d ago
Yep. They don't deserve anything. Only the harsh criticism that they've been getting.
cleft5  +   592d ago
YNWA96  +   591d ago
Ok, Heavy, you are right, but when is enough enough?
They reversed, obviously because of low preorders, admitted communications where bad, and are trying to steer their ship correctly. But the constant bashing is getting tiresome. The 24 hour check in was the only bad thing to me, but everything else they seemed to communicate very badly.The used games, well affects some, but not all and the family share was good. For the record, I am getting both, but please the bashing should stop, and lets look forward to next gen...
UnHoly_One  +   591d ago
Maybe it's just me, but responding to low pre-orders by changing what people don't like IS listening to your customers.

What better way for a consumer to get his point across than by "speaking with his/her wallet"?

And if they weren't listening, how did they know what things were holding people back from pre-ordering?

They obviously knew exactly what they needed to change, hence they were listening, yes?
jmc8888  +   591d ago
Only fools think they did a 180.

A 180 would be to drop the mandatory Kinect2.

They on turned 90 degrees, and the NSA Kinect2 is still there.

Microsoft and the NSA have been in bed for decades. All of their products have backdoors for the NSA and other gov't agencies. Including the fascist GCHQ of Britain.


You want to trust THESE guys with your data?

Not to mention all the crap they want to do with watching and logging you, your habits, and all sorts of other stuff so they can advertise to you, and share that data with thousands of corporations.

Your health insurance. Your life insurance. Your work? Your school?

Imagine fighting with your wife/girlfriend and getting a phone call for counseling?

That's the sort of creepy thing Kinect2 will do as well as various Smart TV's.

Also this data isn't just for now, it'll be around as long as you live.

Just like people's insane disclosures on facebook will keep millions from higher level jobs in the future. Oh so you want to run for congress, but it shows here your entire partying and philandering lifestyle from 15-40.

People just don't understand how much power they give over to other people to exploit them, black mail them, or otherwise deny them. Kinect2 is a massive empowerment tool for others to screw YOU over.
zeal0us  +   592d ago
This would be like saying your cable provider or internet service provider deserve credit for removing unfair charges on your bill after you had filed numerous complaint.
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InTheLab  +   592d ago
Yeah....give them credit for doing what they should have from the start. Give them credit for removing then reinstating your ownership rights.

Please. They still haven't won back the respect of all but the most diehard Xbox fans and they are not even trying.
cleft5  +   592d ago
Yeah, not only did this move make me lose complete respect for Microsoft, but I have also canceled my Xbox live account and I am no longer buying 360 games. Maybe with the exception of Fable HD if that gets great reviews.

I won't even rent games for the 360. I have moved over to the PS3/PC side of gaming. The PS3 infrastructure isn't as good as the 360's online, but I feel better about purchasing games for the PS3 and that's all that matters to me.

With that said, maybe Julie Larson can convince me to return the Microsoft ecosystem for the 360, but I want nothing to do with the Xbox One for so many reasons beyond the DRM policies that they reversed.
XtraTrstrL  +   592d ago
Considering they waited until they saw the pre-sales weren't boding well before they made the changes. No, they don't deserve credit for it. They did it solely to stay afloat, not because they heard the voices of the people and wanted to make them happy.
cyberninja  +   592d ago
They deserve all the bashing they got, that's for sure; you don't treat your fans like that.
Baka-akaB  +   592d ago
Not at all , they had a product they couldnt sell on their terms , they changed said terms . Nothing to praise there , even if people need to get over it .

Either you trust they wont reneg their word and still want their games and features , or you dont
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Kayant  +   592d ago
No... The Consumers who don't preorder when the policies where in place deserve credit. If they really wanted to changed it then it would have been done prior to E3 when all the speculation and polices where in full force not about a week or so after E3 when consumers knew a bit better what they were getting and the price.
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crider771  +   592d ago
Does a shark deserve credit for biting you and letting you go...
There's still blood in the water.
JeffGUNZ  +   591d ago
Not even close. A shark bite? MS didn't injure anyone. They reversed policies which they had negative feedback for. For me, and only my opinion, I could care less if their policies remained the same or they changed to what they are now. I have high speed internet and am always connected, rarely trade or rent games, and only buy new. So for me, it wasn't a big deal. Now, for others, I am sure it was a huge deal. MS did leave a bad taste in some peoples mouths, but I think they got some ground back when they altered their policies (which yes, poor feedback and lower preorders) and then provided a stellar launch lineup at E3. I am eager to get my hands on the PS4 and the Xbox One, both look like they will offer some great gaming experiences.
UnHoly_One  +   591d ago
100% agree.

Well said.
AzureskyZ  +   592d ago
I give credit when credit is due-- this is not one of them-- they begrudgingly took that approach not because they felt was in the fans best interest but because they were being eaten alive by the public. If they truly thought of fans from the start they would have made the change at E3, when there xbox one reveal was a clear failure. I think all the heat they received is unwarranted, but they receive no pat on the back until they change there philosophy of treating there customers and development community.
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Bathyj  +   592d ago
I disagree.

I only lost more respect for them because they were so adamant about it, they were so sure they were right, yet they lack the courage of their conviction.

The truth is they knew it was wrong and they though we would just put up with it. When they finally realised we wouldnt they backflipped in a panic.

If they really believed this DRM thing was right, they would have sold it better and gone through with it. But it wasnt right and they knew it from the start. Thats why they caved so easily.

Dont congratulate them. This reminds me of Xbox fanboys bragging when they gave them a 3 year warranty, glossing over the fact that no console ever needed that before and they only did it to thwart off class action lawsuits. They bought you off. Cheap. They lower you expectations until until the point that just giving you a pat on the head makes you think youre being rewarded.

They dont deserve credit. They deserve scepticism. They deserve to be taken down a peg or two.
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stage88  +   592d ago
They don't. They haven't even got my respect back yet.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   592d ago
See I don't think most people realize that later down the road once you Sign the online agreement which will be present day one to even set up your x1, that Microsoft could implement online check ins and drm all over again if they wanted and there's not a thing you could do about it.

I'm not buying one due to Microsoft showing their intentions and their intentions are not something I look forward to as a gamer.

If they announced a price cut and no mandatory kinect down the road and have exclusives worth buying then I might get one.
sarcastoid  +   592d ago
So lets say I'm like "hey, I made a new soft drink and it's dope, yo." and people are like "does it make you sick?" and I'm like "yeah, but that's the future." and they're like "uh, no thanks." and I'm like "well nevermind, changed the formula." and then Forbes is like "This guy deserves credit for making his drink not suck."

Yeah, no.
Red_Devilz  +   591d ago
They also deserve credit to put those sh1tty policies in place to begin with.
killerips   591d ago | Spam
mananimal  +   591d ago
No, no they don't.
moodymofo  +   591d ago
why? they didnt want to
EXVirtual  +   591d ago
No, they don't. They didn't listen to the fans. You would've thought the #DealWithIt situation they would've scrapped their plans. They probably did, by making it a 24 hour check in, instead a full internet connection requirement. Them the public backlash came. It was only till they saw the pre-orders. And for any1 that says 'Sony was gonna do it too!' needs to shut up. Sony debunked this DRM back at the reveal of the PS4. I've been seeing people say Sony changed their plans 8 hours before their E3 conference. Those people weren't paying attention, or are just trying to damage control for M$.

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