Far Cry 4 Is Coming. What Do You Want Them To Change?

Kotaku - Surprising absolutely no one, on Friday Ubisoft's Tony Key told Gamespot that the successful, critically acclaimed open-world shooter Far Cry 3 is definitely getting a full-fledged follow-up. Which, naturally, raises all sorts of questions.

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showtimefolks1709d ago

The only thing I want is more camera options when I am driving, I get dizzy when driving in FC2-3. Why not give us some more camera angles please

That's my only request

Mr_Nuts1709d ago

I don't see why it won't let us go into third person mode. I know it's a FPS game but least give us the option.

Mounce1709d ago

Vaas isn't dead. For sure, not enough evidence to support it no matter what idiot claims him being dead.

You killed him in a fucking dreamworld and people are like "Cool story, he's dead, don't argue it" - cause for ONE. You never saw his body in reality. His sister mentioned his death, which I'm taking it as Faked. People already had theorized that when he stabbed you(With the knife, which was impossible for him to have to begin with since his sister had the knife, they don't get along so she's not just going to hand it to him) he stabs you with what is likely a syringe and makes you trip your shit out and hallucinate killing someone.

But - Unlike every other enemy, you see their bodies, even the end-bad guy, you saw his body when you came to. Vaas? Nope.

My only desire? Make a main character that isn't such an unlikable douchebag like Jason, he had no qualities to like.

elhebbo161709d ago

bigger island, like the size of just cause 2 (maybe Im asking for to much). re-doable outpost. waaaaay more vehicles, Im talking about from planes to even submarines lol. it doesnt have to continue the story of jason since Im pretty sure that story is done. oh and make more epic knife kills!

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Vladplaya1709d ago

How about they stop making random ass games using FarCry name, and continue with the story of the original FarCry?

Sevir1709d ago

Thats why Crysis was created... the spirtual successor to the original far cry which was made by Crytek... Its funny Crysis isn't really that great!

Allsystemgamer1709d ago

I loved crysis 1. After that.... Bleh

Vladplaya1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Just because Crysis was also in a jungle doesn't mean its FarCry. Crysis is about high tech suit and aliens out of space.

Original FarCry was about been normal guy and fighting genetically engineered monsters/soldiers that can kill you in two hits (that is if you had full armor, otherwise one hit kill). They are completely different games in story and gameplay department.

Sevir1709d ago

Crysis once again is the spiritual successor to the original Far Cry, Crytek Made the first Far Cry and Ubisoft purchased the IP and to the franchise in another direction, while Crytek made Crysis to follow up to that and move things forward in the way Far Cry would have went had they still owned the IP

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