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Submitted by -Mezzo- 939d ago | opinion piece

Far Cry 4 Is Coming. What Do You Want Them To Change?

Kotaku - Surprising absolutely no one, on Friday Ubisoft's Tony Key told Gamespot that the successful, critically acclaimed open-world shooter Far Cry 3 is definitely getting a full-fledged follow-up. Which, naturally, raises all sorts of questions. (Culture, Far Cry 4)

ArchangelMike  +   940d ago
showtimefolks  +   939d ago
The only thing I want is more camera options when I am driving, I get dizzy when driving in FC2-3. Why not give us some more camera angles please

That's my only request
Mr_Nuts  +   939d ago
I don't see why it won't let us go into third person mode. I know it's a FPS game but least give us the option.
Mounce  +   939d ago
Vaas isn't dead. For sure, not enough evidence to support it no matter what idiot claims him being dead.

You killed him in a fucking dreamworld and people are like "Cool story, he's dead, don't argue it" - cause for ONE. You never saw his body in reality. His sister mentioned his death, which I'm taking it as Faked. People already had theorized that when he stabbed you(With the knife, which was impossible for him to have to begin with since his sister had the knife, they don't get along so she's not just going to hand it to him) he stabs you with what is likely a syringe and makes you trip your shit out and hallucinate killing someone.

But - Unlike every other enemy, you see their bodies, even the end-bad guy, you saw his body when you came to. Vaas? Nope.

My only desire? Make a main character that isn't such an unlikable douchebag like Jason, he had no qualities to like.
elhebbo16  +   939d ago
bigger island, like the size of just cause 2 (maybe Im asking for to much). re-doable outpost. waaaaay more vehicles, Im talking about from planes to even submarines lol. it doesnt have to continue the story of jason since Im pretty sure that story is done. oh and make more epic knife kills!
manageri   939d ago | Spam
B-radical  +   939d ago
more vaasssss
Vladplaya  +   939d ago
How about they stop making random ass games using FarCry name, and continue with the story of the original FarCry?
Sevir  +   939d ago
Thats why Crysis was created... the spirtual successor to the original far cry which was made by Crytek... Its funny Crysis isn't really that great!
Allsystemgamer  +   939d ago
I loved crysis 1. After that.... Bleh
Vladplaya  +   939d ago
Just because Crysis was also in a jungle doesn't mean its FarCry. Crysis is about high tech suit and aliens out of space.

Original FarCry was about been normal guy and fighting genetically engineered monsters/soldiers that can kill you in two hits (that is if you had full armor, otherwise one hit kill). They are completely different games in story and gameplay department.
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Sevir  +   938d ago
Crysis once again is the spiritual successor to the original Far Cry, Crytek Made the first Far Cry and Ubisoft purchased the IP and to the franchise in another direction, while Crytek made Crysis to follow up to that and move things forward in the way Far Cry would have went had they still owned the IP
Truehellfire  +   939d ago
I would like them to add memorable side quests. Every side quest in Far Cry 3 was bland or had very little story attached to it. Given the success of Far Cry 3, I think they can dedicate some time to include new and interesting stories not necessarily related to the main. Id also like them to work on the environment a little more. Far Cry 3 looked stunning, but there was really nothing in the environment that made my jaw drop. The absolute most important thing though is please do not announce it for release this year. I am getting a feeling that is what they plan.
lastdual  +   939d ago
Far Cry 2 made several mistakes, but it felt a lot less "gamey" than FC3 thanks to having a less intrusive HUD and fewer "go there / do this / press a button to upgrade now" messages popping onto the screen every few seconds.

I'd like FC4 to feel more like an immersive world again, and less like a checklist of video game objectives.
BattleTorn  +   939d ago
Always less HUD
-Gespenst-  +   939d ago
Yeah that's so true. It's the minimaps, and the icons, and the constant "new quest unlocked!" type messages and all that crap. Sick of that stuff.
BattleTorn  +   939d ago

Wait! What do I want them to improve then?


OT: bring back the physical map/compass from FC2. (And dare I say it - planes!)
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da_2pacalypse  +   939d ago
How about smaller fall damage? lol
BattleTorn  +   939d ago
Yeah, it was wonky at times.

I liked the animation, and that there was fall damage - but sometimes it would happen from hopping over a rock or fence while going downward.

I think they did an excellent job at maintaining the First-person view, like while you crash, or hit the beach riding a jetski.
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-Gespenst-  +   939d ago
A few things.

First of all, I don't want to play as an entitled American jock with his dumb friends and "cool" military brother again. The game just felt like a power fantasy for jocks who play CoD.

Secondly, make it a sci-fi like the original game, and retain the open world.

Thirdly, if you have to include animals, make it optional and not imperative to kill / hunt them. I'm tired of Ubisoft games forcing me to kill animals. What's the deal with that?

Fourthly, add non-lethal options for fighting. Traps and the like too, I think that could work incredibly well in a jungle setting.

Fifthly, don't invoke the Truffaut quote about anti-war films (which is, despite my admiration for Truffaut, nonsense) and then based on that make ZERO effort to make your game non-fetishistic and non-glorifying. I don't want any more "xp" with a cool sound effect for kills and I don't want gun "attachments". It was too CoD like. You obviously are super caught up in conventional "hollywood" depictions of violence to be able to think outside of what are feitshised depictions.

Sixthly, get better writers. At least writers who don't base their whole plot off of archaic, 18th-19th century ideas of "the laws of nature / survival / the jungle" etc. Sick of that crap. You're not covering any new ground that wasn't already covered centuries ago, and you're brainwashing a nation already strangled by capitalism and consumerism.

Seventhly, never include an Alice in Wonderland quote in anything you do ever again. It's the height of pseudo-intellectualism.

Meet all these things and you're golden. Of course you're not going to listen to me though. And why should you, you don't owe me these luxuries. But you do owe it to culture not to distribute stupid games with stupid messages throughout the world.
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BattleTorn  +   939d ago
"The game just felt like a power fantasy for jocks who play CoD."
Heh, I also got that..

I gotta disagree with the hunting animals though. I've never hunted an animal in real life, but I gotta say I sure do like to in games. (love RDR)

Not sure about #5. I love my weapon upgrades. (love R&C)

"never include an Alice in Wonderland quote in anything you do"
Heh, which quote was that?
-Gespenst-  +   939d ago
Ah, I've just never felt comfortable hunting animals in games.

I too love R&C, but that's a cartoon universe and it's wacky as hell. To me, it's just weird when it's in a more "real" context. I'm just assembling weapons to murder a bunch of people.

Alice in Wonderland quotes preface each chapter in the game I think.

Ah, it's not a bad game, I just think it's a wee bit overrated. The Farcry series has so much potential though. The jungle setting particularly.
Heisenburger  +   939d ago
The rabbit hole crap that is done to hell.

I actually started replaying Farcry 3 while waiting for PS4.

I figure I'll finally Platinum it.

I would definitely like some variety in the environments.

Maybe a story that takes place over a year or so. So we could see the changing of the seasons.

Stealth killing some bloke with the autumn leaves flowing down. Mmmm
Dasteru  +   939d ago
#5 weapon attachments.

So then you want the game to be less realistic just so that it is more dissimilar to CoD? Gun attachments exist in real life, they should be in the game also.
-Gespenst-  +   939d ago
Yeah but it's the fact that they're used as reward and made seem so "cool". There's nothing cool about guns particularly when they're being used to kill.

And what exactly is wrong with wanting games to be less like CoD? The series is a cultural plague.
Dasteru  +   939d ago
Never said there was anything wrong with wanting a game to be less like CoD, just the way you worded it made it sound like you wanted gun attachments removed from FC4 solely to have the game less like CoD.
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IanVanCheese  +   938d ago
I don't get why you're playing a game like Far Cry 3 if you don't want to kill things with guns.

We all know the difference between using guns in a game and in real life so get off your high horse about violence.

Also not everyone has read Alice in Wonderland so stop being so pretentious about the quotes being used, it fits the theme of the game perfectly. Same with the archaic, 18th-19th century ideas. Not everyone is well versed in archaic, 18th-19th century ideas so stop being so pretentious.

Killing animals is a meh issue, you're killing people left right and center, why shouldn't you be able to kill animals?
bluetoto  +   938d ago
"There's nothing cool about guns particularly when they're being used to kill."

I'm completely baffled at why you are playing an FPS in the first place if you feel like this. Who plays games based on guns but doesn't seem to like guns or killing things with guns?

Just seems like you are more interested in sending some unwanted/unneeded gun violence message when we just want to talk games here.

There is a place for such debates and a gaming forum should be one of the last places that people who use gaming to escape the real world ills should be subjected to, in my opinion.
AedanClarke  +   939d ago
A protagonist that isn't a toolbag would be nice. Jason was a... well, on N4G, they'd put me down for bad language, but it starts with a 'c' and ends with a 't'.

"Yay! I saved my friends. Oh, babe, I know you want me to leave the island with you, but... you know, I'm being worshipped, for one. I'm cheating on you and getting some crazy bitch poon for two... Oh, and I get to kill a whole bunch of people.


What an asshat.

Oh, and not killing off THE GUY ON YOUR COVER half-way through the game would be nice. What a STUPID decision that was. Almost all of FC3's marketing was centered around Vaas and he's the first one gone? *facepalm*
Mr_Nuts  +   939d ago
*** Almost all of FC3's marketing was centered around Vaas and he's the first one gone? *facepalm* ***

I was more ticked off at the fact that with all the flashes and distorting on the screen because of him hallucination when fighting Vass you didn't really feel the satisfaction of killing was like "What....I actually killed him....he's dead"

He should of came back in the end to be the true final boss
BattleTorn  +   939d ago
-Gespenst-  +   939d ago
The whole him getting worshipped thing was just stupid. Just this white American jock having a bunch of ethnic people bowing down before him. Bit weird.
e3kehoe  +   939d ago
I want them to fix the screen tearing..
Mr_Nuts  +   939d ago
Air Vehicles and Cars that don't blow up so god damn easy when going off road. Do they really expect everyone to follow the road...stuff that I want to ride off into the fields too get to my destination quicker. Even when you went off a small hill the car would be half damaged.

One thing I know this game DOES NOT NEED is online, co-op or multiplayer. It's better suited as a single player game...we only get so few these days.
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AzureskyZ  +   939d ago
i want a super saiyan mode
Wni0   939d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
Red_Devilz  +   939d ago
Can we see that crazy guy from FC3 as main protagonist in FC4?
Jagsrock  +   939d ago
-new cast and characters(preferably more likeable)
-Better pacing and deeper story
-More weapons and customizing
-More wild life
-more vehicles
-Less repetitive missions
-better AI and more variety in terms of enemies
-more interaction with the locals
-more stealth options including ability to set traps.
-more interesting collectibles
-completely destructive environments
-get rid of all the hallucination stuff as it was cool the first time but then just felt like a cheap trick as the story progressed.
jjb1981  +   939d ago
Stop making hills unclimbable
More characters as memorable as vaas
Improve v-sync
More guns and sights
Sticky c4
Co-op mode for story and no multiplayer
#17 (Edited 939d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thinktwice  +   939d ago
A new game engine with better graphics more things to do more animals and wildlife more weapons and customizations.more vehicles and better vehicles.
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Allsystemgamer  +   939d ago
Play as vaas?
TheSaint  +   939d ago
A little more depth and variety of things to do.

Better red dot/reflex sights.

Ability to customize every weapon with extended mags etc.

Still playing FC3 and had it since release, love it.

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