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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review — In A World of My Own | Twinfinite

Andres from Twinfinite writes, "What a world we live in, where we have so many different kinds of video games for different kinds of moods and occasions. When you feel like being scared, play Silent Hill. Perhaps you feel like beating someone to a pulp; play Tekken. Then there are those days when all you’d like to do is unwind and relax. For those very days, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the perfect cure for your stress. As a game that follows a 24-hour clock, your town in New Leaf becomes another place to visit in your daily routine, a place that is constantly changing, and a world of your own." (3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf) 5/5

MikeEaton  +   778d ago
Phenomenal review. Well done!
akaihana86plus  +   778d ago
K.K?!, i haven't seen him yet, when does he appear on the game? :O!!!
SonyNGP  +   778d ago
You can find him at Club lol everyday at 8 PM (until the club closes). He's usually the DJ from Sunday 'til Friday, but he goes back to his old guitar playin' on Saturdays.
akaihana86plus  +   778d ago
I don't have that club yet, i have played the game for 1 week though, can you get the records at the club?, my house needs some music!! XP
Tewi-Inaba  +   778d ago
Yeah, he still gives music every Saturday
akaihana86plus  +   777d ago
That's awesome!!!

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