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Soul Saga Kickstarter ends with over $190,000 raised

The Soul Saga Kickstarter has come to an end, but it was most definitely a success for developer Disastercake. (PS Vita, PS4, Soul Saga, Wii U)

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crxss  +   864d ago
I always hear about awesome kickstarters after they end, really need to join and fund some of these awesome projects
3-4-5  +   864d ago
Game looks good.
izumo_lee  +   864d ago
They had me when they said they were trying to re-create those JRPGs of the original Playstation era. Some of my best gaming moments were from the PSone so i will definitely support this title when it is released.
Andreas-Sword  +   864d ago
Soul Saga comes also to the PS4. This is very good.
And, there is also an another RPG coming to the PS4, called "Liege":


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