Disgaea 5 Is In Pre-Production, Fans Vote For Their Favorite NIS Games

Siliconera: "Nippon Ichi Software CEO Sohei Niikawa recently told Dengeki Online that the scenario of Disgaea 5 is currently in its preparation stage. Although the game is only in the early stages, he intends for it to surpass the first Disgaea."

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Snookies121741d ago

Yes! Pre-order day one...

3-4-51740d ago

Love Tactical RPG's. Just kind of found out about the Disgaea series so I'll have 5 to play then. Good to know a new one is on the way.

Andreas-Sword1740d ago

yes :)
Disgaea 5 will also come for the PS4.

dedicatedtogamers1741d ago

Awesome! I'm excited for Disgaea D2 (and now this!), but I'm waiting for the inevitable Vita version. I supported NIS by buying Disgaea 4 on PS3, but I'll be getting D4 again on Vita and playing through the endgame.

Simon_Brezhnev1741d ago

I really liked D4. I hope they let me play as Zetta at the beginning the best character to play with. Yeah i know he's not part of Disgaea universe.

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