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Disgaea 5 Is In Pre-Production, Fans Vote For Their Favorite NIS Games

Siliconera: "Nippon Ichi Software CEO Sohei Niikawa recently told Dengeki Online that the scenario of Disgaea 5 is currently in its preparation stage. Although the game is only in the early stages, he intends for it to surpass the first Disgaea." (Culture, Disgaea 5, Sohei Niikawa)

Snookies12  +   400d ago
Yes! Pre-order day one...
3-4-5  +   400d ago
Love Tactical RPG's. Just kind of found out about the Disgaea series so I'll have 5 to play then. Good to know a new one is on the way.
Andreas-Sword  +   400d ago
yes :)
Disgaea 5 will also come for the PS4.
dedicatedtogamers  +   400d ago
Awesome! I'm excited for Disgaea D2 (and now this!), but I'm waiting for the inevitable Vita version. I supported NIS by buying Disgaea 4 on PS3, but I'll be getting D4 again on Vita and playing through the endgame.
AzureskyZ  +   400d ago
Very Nice!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   400d ago
I really liked D4. I hope they let me play as Zetta at the beginning the best character to play with. Yeah i know he's not part of Disgaea universe.
hard joe  +   400d ago
GenericNameHere  +   400d ago
Darn! Read it as "Persona 5 Is In Pre-Production"! Doesn't bother me though. I loved Disgaea 4 (Valvatorez is really weird with his sardines talk, and probably the only game that teaches you so much about sardines), and I got D3 for the Vita. Can't wait for another hilarious cast in D5!
izumo_lee  +   400d ago
I really hope it is a PS4 game cause i wanna see what crazy ass stuff NIS can think of to design a game on that system.

Cause lets see we have seen geo blocks, stackable geo blocks, monster fusion, monster riding, huge monsters & weapons, over the top special moves, exploding penguins, item world, Land of Carnage, billion damage, trillion damage, pick up & throw, character stacking, Baal, Prinny Baal, Pringer X, & anything else i am missing.

Disgaea always has replay value & i have sunk thousands of hours in to the series & will continue to do so when the next installment arrives.
Firan  +   400d ago
Awesome. You can't get enough Disgaea.

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