I Fear The PS4 has Nothing to Offer

The dawn of a new generation is upon us, and the new era of consoles are preparing to battle for a spot in your living room. The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers a very different experience, with the innovative gamepad and graphics that are more enhanced than the Wii. Also, Microsoft made a huge recovery from their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it increased the hype for their new Xbox. The Xbox One will come with the amazing, advanced and new kinect and some pretty impressive exclusives. However, there is a third contender in the heartless, “Take no Prisoners”, console war. Sony has shown and demonstrated the mighty power of the PS4, and has announced what they claim to be the best exclusives of all time. To everyone else that seems pretty amazing, but some can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the statements and presentations from Sony. They truly hate to say it but I am fearing that the PS4 has nothing to offer.

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Need4Game1800d ago

PS4 offer itself and Greatness Awaits.

xHeavYx1800d ago

"Also, Microsoft made a huge recovery from their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it increased the hype for their new Xbox."
Lol, yeah, right. I mean, I'm a fanboy, but this guy is just nonsense. That's what happens when you go full retard

abzdine1800d ago

let's not mention that DRM might come back at anytime post launch :)

iamnsuperman1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Never go full retard:

OT: "The specs are nothing special"?
Aren't they the best out of the three?

"Also, there is no impressive Innovation on the PS4"
Thats because this generation is not about innovation. The market clearly doesn't want multi-screen gaming on a limited controller tablet and TV through an Xbox isn't exactly groundbreaking because you still need a cable box. Nothing this next generation is interestingly innovative. More half assed stuff

"PS4 exclusives aren’t that impressive"
I give you that. That is just taste. I think Killzone looks good but i like Killzone

mafiahajeri1800d ago

Increased the hype... Exactly, hype.

Gekko361800d ago

@xHeavYx - Your use of the word "Retard" despite being incredibly offensive suggests the author of the article is mentally held back.

However after reading the article he appears to show reasonable education, decent spelling and grammar as well as a reasoned opinion.

If you disagree then say so, without the proverbial insults. I mean, I would dream of calling you a C*!T now would I?

As for the article it was well balanced and pointed out a good point. The PS4 doesn't really have anything interesting that either Nintendo or Microsoft have.

PS4 didn't blow my skirt up as they say!, so I went with the Wii U last December (I'm really enjoying it I have to say) and will go with the XBOX One on release day, it just has a lot of potential especially with cool ways of using the Kinect. The idea of adjusting game depending on your fear level or making the game easier when you are frustrating seems very exciting.

badz1491800d ago

this not not just going full retard, but rather retarded went turbo!

xHeavYx1800d ago

@Gekko. So, you think the author made valid points, also you got a WiiU and love Kinect games but yet the PS4 is not innovative enough for you? What a joke, but hey, enjoy all the " innovations" that the One offers. Hope you don't get tired of switching from TV to Skype

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Narutone661800d ago Show
mcstorm1800d ago

@Gekko36 I agree with you on this one. the next 12 months for me is about the WiiU, Xbox one and 3Ds as these 3 consoles offer me more than the others.

Its all about choice at the end of the day. If the sony line up fits your gaming style better then get the sony consoles or if you don't like the look of the PS4 and Xbox one but like the WiiU get a Wiiu as its all about choice and no matter which one you pick to go with as long as it is the one you want and not what people say you should get you will of made the right choice.

Underworld1800d ago

Lol, was thinking the same. What "huge" recovery and increased hype is he seeing? Also, anyone that views kinect being in every box as a good or positive thing, I can't take serious.

nukeitall1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I pre-ordered both Xbox One and PS4 launch day editions, but also feel the PS4 doesn't offer anything exciting that doesn't already exist on Xbox One.

Unless the PS4 (and likewise Xbox One) gets some amazing games, I feel little interrest, because there isn't a single feature I feel I need on the PS4.

Since there is no game like Last of Us, there isn't much to be hyped about. There are some multiplatform games though, like Destiny, Watch Dogs and Division, but they exist on other platform as well that has a much richer feature set.

To me the PS4 really feels like an upgraded Xbox 360/PS3, not a next generation console with next generation features.

Tell me what I should be excited for about PS4 then?

I think Sony removed the things that could have been awesome like PS Move and the camera. Those things should be bundled to open up opportunities for innovation. Sadly, those things will now take a 10th seat.

nirwanda1800d ago

@nukeitall just out of interest if all the rumours are ture about the ps4 having a better gpu and your getting both systems which console will you be getting most of the multi platform games for.
Wiil you go for kinect stuff like voice control and smartglass stuff or better graphics and frame rates.

inveni01800d ago


Just because the term "retard" has been given a "slur" status, that doesn't mean it's not still accurate. Is it offensive to say that a certain cloth material is "fire retardant"? Is it offensive to say that anti-diuretics retard the movement of matter through the intestines and colon? Why, then is it offensive to say that someone's view of tech and market retards them from accurately judging the coming landscape?

I'm just kidding. He was using it as a slur. But that doesn't mean you should be offended. That's like being offended when someone makes fun of their own race or ethnicity.

mewhy321800d ago

Wow. What has this author been smoking? PS4 is the most powerful and advanced gaming console EVER produced. How does that equate to nothing to offer? I guess 1+1=3?

BX811800d ago

@Heavy. I lmao at full retard. Stay classy Sir.

ALLWRONG1800d ago

xHeavYx "sold out" Now what was that about full retard?

BallsEye1800d ago

I'm one of few that want something more fron next-gen than just prettier graphics. I want it to innovate the way we play and I dont mean crappy casual games. I want illumiroom or oculus rift (with higher res), I want some features from kinect demo when the guy taps his temple and nightvision turns on. I want a cool use of kinect where for example when you play Red Dead Redemption poker, your character does same face expressions as you are by tracking your face. That's what I want from next gen...awesomeness and new things. Prettier graphics is where my PC is, from a console I expect more.

pixelsword1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Boy, talk about a site I WON'T click on.

Flamebait sites will always be judged on face value and not clicked on, either way the flame wind blows.

Quit wasting our time posting junk like this, willya?

Bobby Kotex1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

@Gekko36 Yet another idiot pointing out grammar while your own post is full of mistakes.

Chris5581799d ago

Damn the writer of article is on a whole new level of fanboy

lawgone1799d ago

You guys are hilarious. If the article says anything positive about XB1 or negative about PS4, it is a MS fanboy article. Talk about hypocritical! You don't have to agree with his points but they are not fanboy claims. He's giving cogent, concise reasons.

Syntax-Error1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

@ xHeavYx - You must be the only idiot still talking about needing a cable box to watch TV on xbox. You're actually the one that went full retard. The point of the feature is to connect your cable THROUGH xbox. Not turn it into a cable box. How is it going to function as a cable box when every cable and satellite company throughout the world has their own PATENTED chip inside? Comcast is not the same as Time/Warner and T/W is not the same Cox. It's a central entertainment hub and if you still don't get it then you're the obvious retard in the bunch.

The author is right. What can the PS4 do that the PS3 can't? That's what he's trying to convey. Xbox One is clearly not the same as 360, so you know you're getting a new console. The question is what am I getting with the PS4 besides prettier pictures?

xHeavYx1799d ago

What do you get from the One that you don't get anywhere else?
The ability to use Skype while gaming while watching sports? Kinect "best games ever" like Steel Battalion?
The PS4 offers everything that I need as a gamer. All I need to get the "amazing" Xbone features is a TV, but please tell me, what do you get with the One that I don't with a PS4?

jmc88881799d ago

This is just SOME of the ways Microsoft has bent over its customers.

So people really want to trust Kinect2?

You can trust in it all right....
To give information to people to exploit you.

Not just the gov't, but the thousands of corporations that will make money of YOUR data.

You know, it's a business, and if a business has the information that 'forces' them to charge YOU more, well hey, don't get's only business.

People just don't know that M$ is going to make a killing giving your info to people so they can screw you over.

How about getting a phone call for couples counseling after getting into an argument with your spouse/girlfriend? Creepy? Use against you sometime in the future? Sure can.


Yep and imagine all the possibilities that Kinect2 can do given that it is far more advanced. You know how it can tell your moods, read the logo off your fast food wrapper, tell what beer you are drinking, how fat you are, and all sorts of crap.

Xbox One has something for me....exploitation and slavery. THAT IS REALITY

No thank you...and you're paying $499 for a $60-80 graphics card worth of power.

nukeitall1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


"just out of interest if all the rumours are ture about the ps4 having a better gpu and your getting both systems which console will you be getting most of the multi platform games for."

It would depend on the game, what features are with Kinect/SmartGlass/Cloud, any special content or how much better the performance on the PS4 (assuming it would be).

Assuming equal performance, no extra features on either platform then likely Xbox One, because I like the controller. Don't know about the DualShock 4, but I didn't like the DS3, especially the triggers that are now hopeufully fixed.


"The PS4 offers everything that I need as a gamer. All I need to get the "amazing" Xbone features is a TV, but please tell me, what do you get with the One that I don't with a PS4?"

I'm probably responding to a rabbid fangirl or troll, but here it goes:

* Xbox One has multi-tasking built in, which means I can Skype, browse the internet and so on while gaming or watching TV/movie.

* Use voice and gestures to controll my Xbox One across the entire user interface. I don't know what PS4 has in store, but they haven't shown anything regarding the camera/microphone. It is as if it doesn't exist.

* voice communication without a headset using Kinect and noise cancellation. This was actually really good and impressive during a demo.

* Advanced skeleton tracking measuring force, weight and body placement of up to six people.

* heart beat monitoring by just looking at you! :D

* MS Office and SkyDrive support! :D

That last two was just thrown in for fun, but there are a lot more and a lot of it has to do with how well it is implemented as well.


The solution is to turn off Kinect One if it bothers you!

That said, unless it is information that can be used to steal my identity, I frankly don't care as much. Google and Facebook knows far more about me. I wouldn't get busy in front of Kinect One though! :D

However, this reminds me of that case where a father was upset his daughter got advertisement for mother stuff. Turns out, Targets algorithm predicted the daughter was pregnant and was right. Target knew before the father did!

xHeavYx1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

@ Nuketail seriously? That's the best you got? How many times have you felt the need to Skype while playing games?
Just let me leave this here for you.
"Kinect nonsense" Not sure what demo you are talking about, if it's the reveal, that was fake (Do you need more links?)
"Skeleton tracking" That one has to be my favorite, probably going to be used in all those sport games that people play for a day and throw away.
By the way, still waiting to know examples of how the One is going to revolutionize the industry

Foliage1799d ago

This guy is the bar that other people who went full retard attempt to reach.

dantesparda1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I Fear The X1 and WiiU has Nothing to Offer

The dawn of a new generation is upon us, and the new era of consoles are preparing to battle for a spot in your living room. The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers gimmicky useless nonsense, with the copycat tablet wannabe gamepad and graphics that are on par with the cuuren gen (soon to be last gen). Also, Microsoft really left a bad taste in many gamers mouths with their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it decreased the hype for their new Xbox. The Xbox One will come with the unneccesary, overpriced and useless new kinect and some pretty unimpressive exclusives. However, there is a third contender in the heartless, “Take no Prisoners”, console war. Sony has shown and demonstrated the mighty power of the PS4, and has announced what they claim to be the best exclusives of all time. To everyone else that seems pretty amazing, but some fanboys can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the statements and presentations from Sony, because they hate Sony because they are fanboys. I truly hate to say it but I am fearing that the X1 and WiiU has nothing to offer.

There corrected, and damn, can this guy not write

I tell you man, these fanboys excuses and explanations are getting more and more pathetic by the day. Its sad, they are all just desperate and it shows

Death1799d ago

How can Kinect be used for gaming?

Controllers have a limited amount of buttons. Your movements can be tracked and motions used as additional controller inputs. Imagine playing a fps online. If you want to change from party chat to private chat, what do you do? How cool would it be to touch your earpiece and go from party to private? There's no button, but you can simulate it easily. What are the limits?

Same goes with motion. People get excited when their onscreen characters mouth moves when they speak on their mic. It adds to the immersion. How cool is it when you tbag someone and flip them off onscreen? Skeletal tracking will pick up that classy gesture.

There are so many subtle ways Kinect can add to the immersion and improve the experience. It only takes imagination. Verbal commands are cool. How much cooler is it to give an AI helper a verbal command and then point to the objective on screen and have the AI respond accordingly?

nukeitall1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Here is how Kinect is used in Killer Instinct:


These people don't listen. Remember when the following was lame?

* pay for multiplayer
* cross game / party chat
* entertainment apps like Netflix
* achievements
* microphone to chat with your friends
* motion control

and list continues on and on and on!

dantesparda1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@ Death

Im sorry, but none of that sounds that good to me, I really don't care for it and its definitely not worth paying an extra hundred dollars for. And why haven't they done the things you explained yet?

@ Nuke
Im with you on the pay to play online (but at least its cheaper and gives you WAY more bang for your buck) and I was always for achieves (I used to be a achievement whore) and agree it should have came with a mic.
But I don't care for motion controls and cant get excited for the x1 (its hardware or games).

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zeal0us1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Talk about click baiting flame article. Not surprising coming from a fitness site trying come off as gaming site.

EliteGameKnight1800d ago

really, I'm sorry but how is that necessary?

considering how this is just one author stating his oppinions and he didn't try to make it for veiws, I know him. why does it matter what the sites unique focus is?

Do I think the PS4 will fail? No, of course not. but I'm not saying the author and site are stupid because I have a differing oppinion.

zeal0us1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


The original title of the article was "The PS4 has nothing to offer." The author has change the title on N4G and his website. Which made it seem the author was doing it for clicks.

If he had the title he has now or something similar you wouldn't see half of the comments you see now and two of the report under "Lame" wouldn't be there.

ravinash1800d ago

Nothing wrong with saying your opinion is you like Wii U for this and you like XB1 for that.
But if you put in the title saying you think PS4 has nothing to offer, then there can only be one reason you would do that...and again, thats just an opinion.

fermcr1800d ago ShowReplies(4)
starfox791800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Well i love my WiiU use it everyday sometimes just to browse but everyday i do touch that GAMEPAD its a very good controller,video chat,voice chat,amazing sound,huge screen,dual rumble,Miiverse,NFC,Infared,Bl utooth,comfortable,Camera that can put you in the game,can i say on Miiverse we share pics of our gaming experience better than the ps4 concept by far,a proper social network just for the gamers on ur main menu in real time wow.....

Oh and after seing all the E3 games here are my most impressive games i saw.

Forza xbox1
COD Ghosts

In no particular order......

GAMEPAD is innovative because it solves problems u had before ie when someone wants the tv for starters,pausing ur game jumping online,voice chat without the need of a callcentre headset,local MP,when 2 GAMEPAD support is here then expect even better local MP,basically things get alot better when 2 GAMEPAD'S are supported the possibility's are endless.....what does the ps4 dual shock do ??????????????

Slightly mad studios have said MP where one uses tv the other uses GAMEPAD will happen.

ShugaCane1800d ago

"everyday i do touch that GAMEPAD"

Keep that kind of information private, please, for our sake.

moparful991800d ago

There's a reason you only have 2 bubbles.. Nearly everything you listed as a positive for the WiiU the Ps4 does, some it does better.

I've never heard of anyone complain about Headsets on consoles as being "call center headsets" For starters you don't have to use a wired headset on either the PS3 or PS4. Both systems have Bluetooth, in fact the Sony Pulse Elite headset is by far the best headset I've ever used and it has FULL 7.1 surround sound support..

Both the PS3 and PS4 have second screen interaction. It worked well on PS3 and looks to be far better on PS4. All of that second screen functionality that was supposed to set the WiiU apart is going to be available on the PS4. Additionally, the Ps4/vita experience will far better to me because I can take my Vita with me and game on the go. I have Ps3 games that come with the vita version for free allowing me to send my save data to the cloud and pick up where I left off on my vita with no loss in fidelity..

Since when are PSN and XBL not proper social networks for gamers? In fact both are recognized as the de facto standard of online gaming networks..

Nothing you said was subjective, rather a futile attempt at downplaying the competition by spin doctoring features the other two have and execute better..

nirwanda1800d ago

But it cost more to buy a vita to use a second screen than it does to buy a wiiU with a second screen.

Parapraxis1800d ago

That's true, but the Vita does actually function as a portable console as there's that.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers a very different experience, with the innovative gamepad"

Yes because a touch pad is very innovative /s
Not hating on the WiiU (might pick one up further down the line) but saying the WiiU gamepad is a new innovative experience is complete rubbish. You could do a similar thing with the Gameboy Advance and the Gamecube just without the touch controls, there aint nothing new about it.

"The Xbox One will come with the amazing, advanced and new kinect and some pretty impressive exclusives"

Is this guy trying to sell the Xbox One or something?
"amazing, advanced new kinect!" lol

Narutone661800d ago

Probably a site sponsored by MS.

CalvinKlein1800d ago ShowReplies(1)
Crazyglues1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Oh here we go again... Jesus!

You gotta be kidding me, I mean wow, what in the world are these people expecting from PS4 - for crying out loud!

Should it do the dishes, should it also cut the lawn.. WTF?

Every time I see a silly article like this - I wonder what in the world were you expecting.. -First things first..

(not this article but everyone else) Stop Comparing it to a High-end PC, because that's stupid..

If you can find a high-end PC for $399 please for the love of god, don't keep that to yourself, please share it with the PC gaming world, because those poor bastards are paying over $2000 dollars to build their PC's -hell the graphics cards alone are over $400 dollars, and they don't even come with a controller.. (no seriously mouse and key board not included)

-hell most of them don't even come with an hdmi cord, so even after playing $649 for my GTX 780 I still have to get an hdmi cable.. (Your PS4 comes with one)

So hell if you have a high-end PC that cost $399 By all means please tell me where I can buy it..


XB1 is not a comparison for PS4 -(why? Because just name one game that looks better on XB1) Destiny? No! Battlefield 4? No? The Division? No! Watchdogs No! Assassin Creed IV Black Flag... uh, hell no!

My point is if the system you are comparing it too none of the games will look better on that other system, then how can you be disappointed with PS4's power?

Makes no sense.. (I think what your really saying is your disappointed with gaming in general) That's a whole different topic, and nothing to do with PS4

-PS4 is an amazing value for what it is, A Gaming Console that cost $399.. that's a price point that doesn't even seem real it's so good.

Hell when I bought my PS3 at launch it was $599.. I'll never forget paying 600 dollars for a console plus tax, and buying a few games to play and seeing that $700+ credit card charge and thinking, OUCH!

-Now you get a Console that's 10 times the power of the PS3 and half the price, and your response is -I'm not really impressed... ..LMAO

||.........___||............ ||

JamieL1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Well you are 100% correct if all you want is better graphics and the same things we've been seeing since the PS1, the PS4 is the system for you. That is all Sony is doing this gen, just like every other, they're taking the existing formula and improving it. Now is that a bad thing? Of course not, especially when you’re as good at what you do as Sony is. What I see is Sony saw how they messed up with the PS3, and saw how MS killed it with the 360. They took the 360's successful formula and applied it to the PS4, that's it. I see the PS4 as the true 360 2. MS is trying to move the industry forward, now are they moving it in the right direction? I don't know, but either does anyone else yet, but I do know MS is doing something NEW, and Sony isn't at all. Again when you’re as good at what you do as Sony is that's not a bad thing, but I'm ready for all new ways to play, experience, buy, or conceive games. I do think MS is taking bigger steps in that regard. What I don’t get is why folks are hating on the XBone for doing so much extra. Why bitch about more? It wasn’t a problem for them when the PS3 did more than the 360, but now it’s a negative?

BallsEye1800d ago


Well said. I love good graphics and I want it to be improved from last gen, but it's not why I buy a console. I want something new and I really think it was a great idea for MS to force Kinect into every system. It will give devs 100% guarantee that every player got the tech ready. Demo they've showed was really cool (especially the FPS one! Tap your temple for night vision, etc!). Add Illumiroom to that and we got a real next gen. If you care just about graphics, you should get a PC. I got a monster gaming rig and I'm sure it will outperform next-gens, but consoles is where I will be if they will deliver some fresh ways to play!

LordMaim1799d ago

Microsoft is providing a solution to a problem no one had. They're not innovating, they're trying to emulate Google TV and Apple TV and capitalize on a new market. What they are not doing, despite their E3 insistence, is focusing on games. Don't fault PS4 for giving people exactly what people want: the most advanced gaming console available. I don't need a cable box with a clapper.

Grindlefly1799d ago

To be brutally honest, what puts me off about the kinect is what is at the very heart of it - motion control. I work hard all day and when I play my console I like to sit and relax and be immersed. I don't want to stand to play or keep making gestures or talk to the console. How many people tried to do wii sports sitting down? After a while you can't be assed. I was playing a track and field game on the 360 with kinect with a few mates while enjoying a beer and after 2 full Olympics we were all done!! Now I know we are all unfit, but had that been on gamepad we would of gone all night trying to beat each other.

From what I've seen Microsoft saw the incredible amount of success the wii had with motion control and all they can see is the $$$$. That's what it comes down to in my opinion, never mind that the wii fad seems to have passed ms are blinded by the potential chance of a repeat success. I do think there might be some interesting things that could happen with kinect, and don't get me wrong, my boy loves it but na, would rather sit and play.

The rift on the other hand.........

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PigPen1800d ago

Greatness awaits from afar.

Aceman181800d ago

It offers me the games and variety I look for in my GAMING system. I don't do social media as I find that stuff stupid, don't bother with it on my phone or my computer.

The media stuff I mostly forget I have because I just mainly game on my systems Lol.

If Microsoft wants my money they have to show me that they are truly about gaming and not this other crap I really don't care about.

Thunderhawkxbox1800d ago

I do love Sony fan boys they always got something to even even they know its BS

iGamerZero241800d ago

LOL ! Gotta "opinion"'articl es on this Site

avengers19781799d ago

Besides games and plenty of them, and a long proven track record of exclusive games...
That's the main reason to buy a console, and to be fair playstation has second screen gaming, plus a camera witch no one is completely sure on what that's capable of, they have motion gaming( and before anyone trashes the move, what other company offers the ability to play games like bioshock infinite with either motion or controller)
And no one is sure what other services will be brought to PS4, but my guess is it will be a lot of the same things XB1 and Wii u offer.

Now lets get into a few other things... Wii U is not doing good, I know theres the wait and see crowd, but as of now its doing badly. Maybe people aren't interested in gaming on a second screen, or tablet controller, XB1 has recovered a little with there 180, but plenty of damage was done, the fact that they were getting beaten down by PS4 in pre-orders made them change there direction witch leads me to think they never really believed the crap they were saying in the first place. So now PS4 stands to be the top selling console next gen, and at this point it seems there is very little that can be done to stop them, they brought power, they brought games, and there proven track record of continuous support for there machines, and they brought it at a very attractive price point.

RedHawkX1799d ago


the agree to disagree ratio you have is exactly what the sales comparison of the ps4 to the xbox one will be

ps4 109 consoles

xbox one 30 consoles lol

almost 4 times as many ps4 will be out there making it become the go to console that everyone is playing online. there will be no one to play online with on the xbox one with that low install base

lawgone1799d ago

Ha, OK. Easy there. You're on a Sony biased site. It's like the people who only go to Fox News and were absolutely shocked when a Republican didn't win for President. All the news and commentary on that news was filtered through a biased group...kinda like here.

RedHawkX1799d ago

except as far as consoles go the xbox and microsoft has more in common with fox news and republicans then the multi culturual, multiple games in different genres more smart thinking logical ps4 does. ps4 is like democrat its the obvious choice to get but xbox fanboys are like but but the halo while don mattrick aka president bush had drm and all kinds of stupid crap on the xbox one and sarah pallin coming in to take his place and still talking about tv and kinect instead of games. i mean even quantum break and halo has to do with tv crap and series.

anyone with a brain who had to choose and life or death system on which is the better system to get would pick a ps4. those with a bias for the habit of always playing on a x360 would pick an xbox one and die lol.

i mean its like picking a bimbo who has no idea what she is doing sarah pallin and an old man mccain who doesnt know what hes doing instead of obama and biden who actually know more individualy then the 2 republicans combined.

3-4-51799d ago

It has a platform which is easy to create good looking games on.

It's a console not focused solely on FPS games.

It's out best hope to get a ton of RPG's on a console as well.

Psn8001799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Can help but think he his very delusional about Sony . Did he watch E3 or are Ms paying him as well .

1799d ago
Retroman1799d ago


way to go to steer up hits. must be slow day of thinking up something bad.

only console has nothing to offer is X1

lawgone1799d ago

You claim that the title of the article is inflammatory and then make and then close with an inflammatory comment. OK.

WeedyOne1799d ago

I fear this article has nothing to offer...

Neo-Axl1799d ago

PS4 will offer new games, new series, new story's, that's why my old man bought a PS1, then I bought a PS2, followed by a PS3 and obviously a PS4 in the near future.

Games, that's the only reason people should be picking up any games console over all.

greenlantern28141799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I stopped reading at the "amazing, advanced Kinect line.
Ummm you mean that awesome thing everybody would rather see takin out to lower the coast.

nosferatuzodd1799d ago

playstation 3 has 54 exclusives this yr alone xbox 12 sony never launch with a lot of exclusive look back at the ps3 its there strategy but Microsoft show everything now and have nothing later you just watch come 4years from now and you all will be getting kinect sports kinect kung fu kinect jump man etc while ps4 will be geting triple aa ofter triplea titles same thing with the 360

ToaLugia1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The "greatness" that will be offered will only end in disappointment. The PS4 doesn't have a lot to offer really, other than KH3, but that isn't even an exclusive, seeing as it's coming to Xbox One, and it isn't even a launch title. The PS4 is clearly getting more hype than it actually deserves, think about it; people were praising Sony for not including DRM or used game policies, but any console developer shouldn't include those in the first place, and people praised Sony like a fucking god. Quite honestly, the Xbox One has a better launch line up than the PS4 has. I'm not playing favorites, Killer Instinct, Titan Fall and Halo 5 beats Octodad, Killzone and Knack any day. Now I'm not saying Microsoft is off the hook, the shit they pulled was absolute bullfuckery and they deserve some shit, but Sony shouldn't get praised for something they are supposed to do. Hell, Nintendo didn't do it because they know they shouldn't as a console developer. Anyways, what I'm getting at is the PS4 doesn't have as good as a launch line up as Xbox One, and when people get the PS4, they will be disappointed because the hype made it seem like a good console times infinity (which it is clearly not), and they will look at Xbox One and say "Damn, they have some good games! Why don't we have those?" and will inevitably be disappointed. This is why I'm having trouble deciding between which I should get.

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