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Submitted by Steelmanner 934d ago | opinion piece

I Fear The PS4 has Nothing to Offer

The dawn of a new generation is upon us, and the new era of consoles are preparing to battle for a spot in your living room. The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers a very different experience, with the innovative gamepad and graphics that are more enhanced than the Wii. Also, Microsoft made a huge recovery from their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it increased the hype for their new Xbox. The Xbox One will come with the amazing, advanced and new kinect and some pretty impressive exclusives. However, there is a third contender in the heartless, “Take no Prisoners”, console war. Sony has shown and demonstrated the mighty power of the PS4, and has announced what they claim to be the best exclusives of all time. To everyone else that seems pretty amazing, but some can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the statements and presentations from Sony. They truly hate to say it but I am fearing that the PS4 has nothing to offer. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox)

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Need4Game  +   935d ago
PS4 offer itself and Greatness Awaits.
xHeavYx  +   935d ago | Well said
"Also, Microsoft made a huge recovery from their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it increased the hype for their new Xbox."
Lol, yeah, right. I mean, I'm a fanboy, but this guy is just nonsense. That's what happens when you go full retard
abzdine  +   934d ago | Well said
let's not mention that DRM might come back at anytime post launch :)
iamnsuperman  +   934d ago
Never go full retard:

OT: "The specs are nothing special"?
Aren't they the best out of the three?

"Also, there is no impressive Innovation on the PS4"
Thats because this generation is not about innovation. The market clearly doesn't want multi-screen gaming on a limited controller tablet and TV through an Xbox isn't exactly groundbreaking because you still need a cable box. Nothing this next generation is interestingly innovative. More half assed stuff

"PS4 exclusives aren’t that impressive"
I give you that. That is just taste. I think Killzone looks good but i like Killzone
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mafiahajeri  +   934d ago
Increased the hype... Exactly, hype.
Gekko36  +   934d ago
@xHeavYx - Your use of the word "Retard" despite being incredibly offensive suggests the author of the article is mentally held back.

However after reading the article he appears to show reasonable education, decent spelling and grammar as well as a reasoned opinion.

If you disagree then say so, without the proverbial insults. I mean, I would dream of calling you a C*!T now would I?

As for the article it was well balanced and pointed out a good point. The PS4 doesn't really have anything interesting that either Nintendo or Microsoft have.

PS4 didn't blow my skirt up as they say!, so I went with the Wii U last December (I'm really enjoying it I have to say) and will go with the XBOX One on release day, it just has a lot of potential especially with cool ways of using the Kinect. The idea of adjusting game depending on your fear level or making the game easier when you are frustrating seems very exciting.
badz149  +   934d ago | Funny
this not not just going full retard, but rather retarded went turbo!
xHeavYx  +   934d ago
@Gekko. So, you think the author made valid points, also you got a WiiU and love Kinect games but yet the PS4 is not innovative enough for you? What a joke, but hey, enjoy all the " innovations" that the One offers. Hope you don't get tired of switching from TV to Skype
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mcstorm  +   934d ago
@Gekko36 I agree with you on this one. the next 12 months for me is about the WiiU, Xbox one and 3Ds as these 3 consoles offer me more than the others.

Its all about choice at the end of the day. If the sony line up fits your gaming style better then get the sony consoles or if you don't like the look of the PS4 and Xbox one but like the WiiU get a Wiiu as its all about choice and no matter which one you pick to go with as long as it is the one you want and not what people say you should get you will of made the right choice.
minimur12  +   934d ago
Underworld  +   934d ago
Lol, was thinking the same. What "huge" recovery and increased hype is he seeing? Also, anyone that views kinect being in every box as a good or positive thing, I can't take serious.
nukeitall  +   934d ago
I pre-ordered both Xbox One and PS4 launch day editions, but also feel the PS4 doesn't offer anything exciting that doesn't already exist on Xbox One.

Unless the PS4 (and likewise Xbox One) gets some amazing games, I feel little interrest, because there isn't a single feature I feel I need on the PS4.

Since there is no game like Last of Us, there isn't much to be hyped about. There are some multiplatform games though, like Destiny, Watch Dogs and Division, but they exist on other platform as well that has a much richer feature set.

To me the PS4 really feels like an upgraded Xbox 360/PS3, not a next generation console with next generation features.

Tell me what I should be excited for about PS4 then?

I think Sony removed the things that could have been awesome like PS Move and the camera. Those things should be bundled to open up opportunities for innovation. Sadly, those things will now take a 10th seat.
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nirwanda  +   934d ago
@nukeitall just out of interest if all the rumours are ture about the ps4 having a better gpu and your getting both systems which console will you be getting most of the multi platform games for.
Wiil you go for kinect stuff like voice control and smartglass stuff or better graphics and frame rates.
inveni0  +   934d ago

Just because the term "retard" has been given a "slur" status, that doesn't mean it's not still accurate. Is it offensive to say that a certain cloth material is "fire retardant"? Is it offensive to say that anti-diuretics retard the movement of matter through the intestines and colon? Why, then is it offensive to say that someone's view of tech and market retards them from accurately judging the coming landscape?

I'm just kidding. He was using it as a slur. But that doesn't mean you should be offended. That's like being offended when someone makes fun of their own race or ethnicity.
mewhy32  +   934d ago
Wow. What has this author been smoking? PS4 is the most powerful and advanced gaming console EVER produced. How does that equate to nothing to offer? I guess 1+1=3?
BX81  +   934d ago
@Heavy. I lmao at full retard. Stay classy Sir.
ALLWRONG  +   934d ago
xHeavYx "sold out" Now what was that about full retard?
BallsEye  +   934d ago
I'm one of few that want something more fron next-gen than just prettier graphics. I want it to innovate the way we play and I dont mean crappy casual games. I want illumiroom or oculus rift (with higher res), I want some features from kinect demo when the guy taps his temple and nightvision turns on. I want a cool use of kinect where for example when you play Red Dead Redemption poker, your character does same face expressions as you are by tracking your face. That's what I want from next gen...awesomeness and new things. Prettier graphics is where my PC is, from a console I expect more.
pixelsword  +   934d ago
Boy, talk about a site I WON'T click on.

Flamebait sites will always be judged on face value and not clicked on, either way the flame wind blows.

Quit wasting our time posting junk like this, willya?
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Bobby Kotex  +   934d ago
@Gekko36 Yet another idiot pointing out grammar while your own post is full of mistakes.
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Chris558  +   934d ago
Damn the writer of article is on a whole new level of fanboy
lawgone  +   934d ago
You guys are hilarious. If the article says anything positive about XB1 or negative about PS4, it is a MS fanboy article. Talk about hypocritical! You don't have to agree with his points but they are not fanboy claims. He's giving cogent, concise reasons.
Syntax-Error  +   934d ago
@ xHeavYx - You must be the only idiot still talking about needing a cable box to watch TV on xbox. You're actually the one that went full retard. The point of the feature is to connect your cable THROUGH xbox. Not turn it into a cable box. How is it going to function as a cable box when every cable and satellite company throughout the world has their own PATENTED chip inside? Comcast is not the same as Time/Warner and T/W is not the same Cox. It's a central entertainment hub and if you still don't get it then you're the obvious retard in the bunch.

The author is right. What can the PS4 do that the PS3 can't? That's what he's trying to convey. Xbox One is clearly not the same as 360, so you know you're getting a new console. The question is what am I getting with the PS4 besides prettier pictures?
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xHeavYx  +   934d ago
What do you get from the One that you don't get anywhere else?
The ability to use Skype while gaming while watching sports? Kinect "best games ever" like Steel Battalion?
The PS4 offers everything that I need as a gamer. All I need to get the "amazing" Xbone features is a TV, but please tell me, what do you get with the One that I don't with a PS4?
jmc8888  +   934d ago

This is just SOME of the ways Microsoft has bent over its customers.

So people really want to trust Kinect2?

You can trust in it all right....
To give information to people to exploit you.

Not just the gov't, but the thousands of corporations that will make money of YOUR data.

You know, it's a business, and if a business has the information that 'forces' them to charge YOU more, well hey, don't get's only business.

People just don't know that M$ is going to make a killing giving your info to people so they can screw you over.

How about getting a phone call for couples counseling after getting into an argument with your spouse/girlfriend? Creepy? Use against you sometime in the future? Sure can.


Yep and imagine all the possibilities that Kinect2 can do given that it is far more advanced. You know how it can tell your moods, read the logo off your fast food wrapper, tell what beer you are drinking, how fat you are, and all sorts of crap.

Xbox One has something for me....exploitation and slavery. THAT IS REALITY

No thank you...and you're paying $499 for a $60-80 graphics card worth of power.
nukeitall  +   934d ago

"just out of interest if all the rumours are ture about the ps4 having a better gpu and your getting both systems which console will you be getting most of the multi platform games for."

It would depend on the game, what features are with Kinect/SmartGlass/Cloud, any special content or how much better the performance on the PS4 (assuming it would be).

Assuming equal performance, no extra features on either platform then likely Xbox One, because I like the controller. Don't know about the DualShock 4, but I didn't like the DS3, especially the triggers that are now hopeufully fixed.


"The PS4 offers everything that I need as a gamer. All I need to get the "amazing" Xbone features is a TV, but please tell me, what do you get with the One that I don't with a PS4?"

I'm probably responding to a rabbid fangirl or troll, but here it goes:

* Xbox One has multi-tasking built in, which means I can Skype, browse the internet and so on while gaming or watching TV/movie.

* Use voice and gestures to controll my Xbox One across the entire user interface. I don't know what PS4 has in store, but they haven't shown anything regarding the camera/microphone. It is as if it doesn't exist.

* voice communication without a headset using Kinect and noise cancellation. This was actually really good and impressive during a demo.

* Advanced skeleton tracking measuring force, weight and body placement of up to six people.

* heart beat monitoring by just looking at you! :D

* MS Office and SkyDrive support! :D

That last two was just thrown in for fun, but there are a lot more and a lot of it has to do with how well it is implemented as well.


The solution is to turn off Kinect One if it bothers you!

That said, unless it is information that can be used to steal my identity, I frankly don't care as much. Google and Facebook knows far more about me. I wouldn't get busy in front of Kinect One though! :D

However, this reminds me of that case where a father was upset his daughter got advertisement for mother stuff. Turns out, Targets algorithm predicted the daughter was pregnant and was right. Target knew before the father did!
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xHeavYx  +   934d ago
@ Nuketail seriously? That's the best you got? How many times have you felt the need to Skype while playing games?
Just let me leave this here for you.
"Kinect nonsense" Not sure what demo you are talking about, if it's the reveal, that was fake (Do you need more links?)
"Skeleton tracking" That one has to be my favorite, probably going to be used in all those sport games that people play for a day and throw away.
By the way, still waiting to know examples of how the One is going to revolutionize the industry
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Foliage  +   934d ago
This guy is the bar that other people who went full retard attempt to reach.
dantesparda  +   934d ago
I Fear The X1 and WiiU has Nothing to Offer

The dawn of a new generation is upon us, and the new era of consoles are preparing to battle for a spot in your living room. The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers gimmicky useless nonsense, with the copycat tablet wannabe gamepad and graphics that are on par with the cuuren gen (soon to be last gen). Also, Microsoft really left a bad taste in many gamers mouths with their unpopular DRM rules, and as resulted it decreased the hype for their new Xbox. The Xbox One will come with the unneccesary, overpriced and useless new kinect and some pretty unimpressive exclusives. However, there is a third contender in the heartless, “Take no Prisoners”, console war. Sony has shown and demonstrated the mighty power of the PS4, and has announced what they claim to be the best exclusives of all time. To everyone else that seems pretty amazing, but some fanboys can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the statements and presentations from Sony, because they hate Sony because they are fanboys. I truly hate to say it but I am fearing that the X1 and WiiU has nothing to offer.

There corrected, and damn, can this guy not write

I tell you man, these fanboys excuses and explanations are getting more and more pathetic by the day. Its sad, they are all just desperate and it shows
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Death  +   934d ago
How can Kinect be used for gaming?

Controllers have a limited amount of buttons. Your movements can be tracked and motions used as additional controller inputs. Imagine playing a fps online. If you want to change from party chat to private chat, what do you do? How cool would it be to touch your earpiece and go from party to private? There's no button, but you can simulate it easily. What are the limits?

Same goes with motion. People get excited when their onscreen characters mouth moves when they speak on their mic. It adds to the immersion. How cool is it when you tbag someone and flip them off onscreen? Skeletal tracking will pick up that classy gesture.

There are so many subtle ways Kinect can add to the immersion and improve the experience. It only takes imagination. Verbal commands are cool. How much cooler is it to give an AI helper a verbal command and then point to the objective on screen and have the AI respond accordingly?
nukeitall  +   933d ago
Here is how Kinect is used in Killer Instinct:


These people don't listen. Remember when the following was lame?

* pay for multiplayer
* cross game / party chat
* entertainment apps like Netflix
* achievements
* microphone to chat with your friends
* motion control

and list continues on and on and on!
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dantesparda  +   933d ago
@ Death

Im sorry, but none of that sounds that good to me, I really don't care for it and its definitely not worth paying an extra hundred dollars for. And why haven't they done the things you explained yet?

@ Nuke
Im with you on the pay to play online (but at least its cheaper and gives you WAY more bang for your buck) and I was always for achieves (I used to be a achievement whore) and agree it should have came with a mic.
But I don't care for motion controls and cant get excited for the x1 (its hardware or games).
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zeal0us  +   935d ago
Talk about click baiting flame article. Not surprising coming from a fitness site trying come off as gaming site.
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EliteGameKnight  +   934d ago
really, I'm sorry but how is that necessary?

considering how this is just one author stating his oppinions and he didn't try to make it for veiws, I know him. why does it matter what the sites unique focus is?

Do I think the PS4 will fail? No, of course not. but I'm not saying the author and site are stupid because I have a differing oppinion.
zeal0us  +   934d ago

The original title of the article was "The PS4 has nothing to offer." The author has change the title on N4G and his website. Which made it seem the author was doing it for clicks.

If he had the title he has now or something similar you wouldn't see half of the comments you see now and two of the report under "Lame" wouldn't be there.
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ravinash  +   934d ago
Nothing wrong with saying your opinion is you like Wii U for this and you like XB1 for that.
But if you put in the title saying you think PS4 has nothing to offer, then there can only be one reason you would do that...and again, thats just an opinion.
fermcr   934d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
starfox79  +   934d ago
Well i love my WiiU use it everyday sometimes just to browse but everyday i do touch that GAMEPAD its a very good controller,video chat,voice chat,amazing sound,huge screen,dual rumble,Miiverse,NFC,Infared,Bl utooth,comfortable,Camera that can put you in the game,can i say on Miiverse we share pics of our gaming experience better than the ps4 concept by far,a proper social network just for the gamers on ur main menu in real time wow.....

Oh and after seing all the E3 games here are my most impressive games i saw.

Forza xbox1
COD Ghosts

In no particular order......

GAMEPAD is innovative because it solves problems u had before ie when someone wants the tv for starters,pausing ur game jumping online,voice chat without the need of a callcentre headset,local MP,when 2 GAMEPAD support is here then expect even better local MP,basically things get alot better when 2 GAMEPAD'S are supported the possibility's are endless.....what does the ps4 dual shock do ??????????????

Slightly mad studios have said MP where one uses tv the other uses GAMEPAD will happen.
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ShugaCane  +   934d ago | Funny
"everyday i do touch that GAMEPAD"

Keep that kind of information private, please, for our sake.
HammadTheBeast   934d ago | Trolling | show
moparful99  +   934d ago
There's a reason you only have 2 bubbles.. Nearly everything you listed as a positive for the WiiU the Ps4 does, some it does better.

I've never heard of anyone complain about Headsets on consoles as being "call center headsets" For starters you don't have to use a wired headset on either the PS3 or PS4. Both systems have Bluetooth, in fact the Sony Pulse Elite headset is by far the best headset I've ever used and it has FULL 7.1 surround sound support..

Both the PS3 and PS4 have second screen interaction. It worked well on PS3 and looks to be far better on PS4. All of that second screen functionality that was supposed to set the WiiU apart is going to be available on the PS4. Additionally, the Ps4/vita experience will far better to me because I can take my Vita with me and game on the go. I have Ps3 games that come with the vita version for free allowing me to send my save data to the cloud and pick up where I left off on my vita with no loss in fidelity..

Since when are PSN and XBL not proper social networks for gamers? In fact both are recognized as the de facto standard of online gaming networks..

Nothing you said was subjective, rather a futile attempt at downplaying the competition by spin doctoring features the other two have and execute better..
nirwanda  +   934d ago
But it cost more to buy a vita to use a second screen than it does to buy a wiiU with a second screen.
Parapraxis  +   934d ago
That's true, but the Vita does actually function as a portable console as there's that.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   934d ago
"The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers a very different experience, with the innovative gamepad"

Yes because a touch pad is very innovative /s
Not hating on the WiiU (might pick one up further down the line) but saying the WiiU gamepad is a new innovative experience is complete rubbish. You could do a similar thing with the Gameboy Advance and the Gamecube just without the touch controls, there aint nothing new about it.

"The Xbox One will come with the amazing, advanced and new kinect and some pretty impressive exclusives"

Is this guy trying to sell the Xbox One or something?
"amazing, advanced new kinect!" lol
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Narutone66  +   934d ago
Probably a site sponsored by MS.
CalvinKlein   934d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
Crazyglues  +   934d ago
Oh here we go again... Jesus!

You gotta be kidding me, I mean wow, what in the world are these people expecting from PS4 - for crying out loud!

Should it do the dishes, should it also cut the lawn.. WTF?

Every time I see a silly article like this - I wonder what in the world were you expecting.. -First things first..

(not this article but everyone else) Stop Comparing it to a High-end PC, because that's stupid..

If you can find a high-end PC for $399 please for the love of god, don't keep that to yourself, please share it with the PC gaming world, because those poor bastards are paying over $2000 dollars to build their PC's -hell the graphics cards alone are over $400 dollars, and they don't even come with a controller.. (no seriously mouse and key board not included)

-hell most of them don't even come with an hdmi cord, so even after playing $649 for my GTX 780 I still have to get an hdmi cable.. (Your PS4 comes with one)

So hell if you have a high-end PC that cost $399 By all means please tell me where I can buy it..


XB1 is not a comparison for PS4 -(why? Because just name one game that looks better on XB1) Destiny? No! Battlefield 4? No? The Division? No! Watchdogs No! Assassin Creed IV Black Flag... uh, hell no!

My point is if the system you are comparing it too none of the games will look better on that other system, then how can you be disappointed with PS4's power?

Makes no sense.. (I think what your really saying is your disappointed with gaming in general) That's a whole different topic, and nothing to do with PS4

-PS4 is an amazing value for what it is, A Gaming Console that cost $399.. that's a price point that doesn't even seem real it's so good.

Hell when I bought my PS3 at launch it was $599.. I'll never forget paying 600 dollars for a console plus tax, and buying a few games to play and seeing that $700+ credit card charge and thinking, OUCH!

-Now you get a Console that's 10 times the power of the PS3 and half the price, and your response is -I'm not really impressed... ..LMAO

||.........___||............ ||
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JamieL  +   934d ago
Well you are 100% correct if all you want is better graphics and the same things we've been seeing since the PS1, the PS4 is the system for you. That is all Sony is doing this gen, just like every other, they're taking the existing formula and improving it. Now is that a bad thing? Of course not, especially when you’re as good at what you do as Sony is. What I see is Sony saw how they messed up with the PS3, and saw how MS killed it with the 360. They took the 360's successful formula and applied it to the PS4, that's it. I see the PS4 as the true 360 2. MS is trying to move the industry forward, now are they moving it in the right direction? I don't know, but either does anyone else yet, but I do know MS is doing something NEW, and Sony isn't at all. Again when you’re as good at what you do as Sony is that's not a bad thing, but I'm ready for all new ways to play, experience, buy, or conceive games. I do think MS is taking bigger steps in that regard. What I don’t get is why folks are hating on the XBone for doing so much extra. Why bitch about more? It wasn’t a problem for them when the PS3 did more than the 360, but now it’s a negative?
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BallsEye  +   934d ago

Well said. I love good graphics and I want it to be improved from last gen, but it's not why I buy a console. I want something new and I really think it was a great idea for MS to force Kinect into every system. It will give devs 100% guarantee that every player got the tech ready. Demo they've showed was really cool (especially the FPS one! Tap your temple for night vision, etc!). Add Illumiroom to that and we got a real next gen. If you care just about graphics, you should get a PC. I got a monster gaming rig and I'm sure it will outperform next-gens, but consoles is where I will be if they will deliver some fresh ways to play!
LordMaim  +   934d ago
Microsoft is providing a solution to a problem no one had. They're not innovating, they're trying to emulate Google TV and Apple TV and capitalize on a new market. What they are not doing, despite their E3 insistence, is focusing on games. Don't fault PS4 for giving people exactly what people want: the most advanced gaming console available. I don't need a cable box with a clapper.
Grindlefly  +   934d ago
To be brutally honest, what puts me off about the kinect is what is at the very heart of it - motion control. I work hard all day and when I play my console I like to sit and relax and be immersed. I don't want to stand to play or keep making gestures or talk to the console. How many people tried to do wii sports sitting down? After a while you can't be assed. I was playing a track and field game on the 360 with kinect with a few mates while enjoying a beer and after 2 full Olympics we were all done!! Now I know we are all unfit, but had that been on gamepad we would of gone all night trying to beat each other.

From what I've seen Microsoft saw the incredible amount of success the wii had with motion control and all they can see is the $$$$. That's what it comes down to in my opinion, never mind that the wii fad seems to have passed ms are blinded by the potential chance of a repeat success. I do think there might be some interesting things that could happen with kinect, and don't get me wrong, my boy loves it but na, would rather sit and play.

The rift on the other hand.........
PigPen  +   934d ago
Greatness awaits from afar.
Aceman18  +   934d ago
It offers me the games and variety I look for in my GAMING system. I don't do social media as I find that stuff stupid, don't bother with it on my phone or my computer.

The media stuff I mostly forget I have because I just mainly game on my systems Lol.

If Microsoft wants my money they have to show me that they are truly about gaming and not this other crap I really don't care about.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   934d ago
I do love Sony fan boys they always got something to even even they know its BS
iGamerZero24  +   934d ago
LOL ! Gotta "opinion"'articl es on this Site
avengers1978  +   934d ago
Besides games and plenty of them, and a long proven track record of exclusive games...
That's the main reason to buy a console, and to be fair playstation has second screen gaming, plus a camera witch no one is completely sure on what that's capable of, they have motion gaming( and before anyone trashes the move, what other company offers the ability to play games like bioshock infinite with either motion or controller)
And no one is sure what other services will be brought to PS4, but my guess is it will be a lot of the same things XB1 and Wii u offer.

Now lets get into a few other things... Wii U is not doing good, I know theres the wait and see crowd, but as of now its doing badly. Maybe people aren't interested in gaming on a second screen, or tablet controller, XB1 has recovered a little with there 180, but plenty of damage was done, the fact that they were getting beaten down by PS4 in pre-orders made them change there direction witch leads me to think they never really believed the crap they were saying in the first place. So now PS4 stands to be the top selling console next gen, and at this point it seems there is very little that can be done to stop them, they brought power, they brought games, and there proven track record of continuous support for there machines, and they brought it at a very attractive price point.
RedHawkX  +   934d ago

the agree to disagree ratio you have is exactly what the sales comparison of the ps4 to the xbox one will be

ps4 109 consoles

xbox one 30 consoles lol

almost 4 times as many ps4 will be out there making it become the go to console that everyone is playing online. there will be no one to play online with on the xbox one with that low install base
lawgone  +   934d ago
Ha, OK. Easy there. You're on a Sony biased site. It's like the people who only go to Fox News and were absolutely shocked when a Republican didn't win for President. All the news and commentary on that news was filtered through a biased group...kinda like here.
RedHawkX  +   934d ago
except as far as consoles go the xbox and microsoft has more in common with fox news and republicans then the multi culturual, multiple games in different genres more smart thinking logical ps4 does. ps4 is like democrat its the obvious choice to get but xbox fanboys are like but but the halo while don mattrick aka president bush had drm and all kinds of stupid crap on the xbox one and sarah pallin coming in to take his place and still talking about tv and kinect instead of games. i mean even quantum break and halo has to do with tv crap and series.

anyone with a brain who had to choose and life or death system on which is the better system to get would pick a ps4. those with a bias for the habit of always playing on a x360 would pick an xbox one and die lol.

i mean its like picking a bimbo who has no idea what she is doing sarah pallin and an old man mccain who doesnt know what hes doing instead of obama and biden who actually know more individualy then the 2 republicans combined.
3-4-5  +   934d ago
It has a platform which is easy to create good looking games on.

It's a console not focused solely on FPS games.

It's out best hope to get a ton of RPG's on a console as well.
Psn800  +   934d ago
Can help but think he his very delusional about Sony . Did he watch E3 or are Ms paying him as well .
#1.15 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
irene12villalobos   934d ago | Spam
GT67  +   934d ago

way to go to steer up hits. must be slow day of thinking up something bad.

only console has nothing to offer is X1
lawgone  +   934d ago
You claim that the title of the article is inflammatory and then make and then close with an inflammatory comment. OK.
WeedyOne  +   934d ago
I fear this article has nothing to offer...
Neo-Axl  +   934d ago
PS4 will offer new games, new series, new story's, that's why my old man bought a PS1, then I bought a PS2, followed by a PS3 and obviously a PS4 in the near future.

Games, that's the only reason people should be picking up any games console over all.
greenlantern2814  +   934d ago
I stopped reading at the "amazing, advanced Kinect line.
Ummm you mean that awesome thing everybody would rather see takin out to lower the coast.
#1.20 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
nosferatuzodd  +   934d ago
playstation 3 has 54 exclusives this yr alone xbox 12 sony never launch with a lot of exclusive look back at the ps3 its there strategy but Microsoft show everything now and have nothing later you just watch come 4years from now and you all will be getting kinect sports kinect kung fu kinect jump man etc while ps4 will be geting triple aa ofter triplea titles same thing with the 360
ToaLugia  +   934d ago
The "greatness" that will be offered will only end in disappointment. The PS4 doesn't have a lot to offer really, other than KH3, but that isn't even an exclusive, seeing as it's coming to Xbox One, and it isn't even a launch title. The PS4 is clearly getting more hype than it actually deserves, think about it; people were praising Sony for not including DRM or used game policies, but any console developer shouldn't include those in the first place, and people praised Sony like a fucking god. Quite honestly, the Xbox One has a better launch line up than the PS4 has. I'm not playing favorites, Killer Instinct, Titan Fall and Halo 5 beats Octodad, Killzone and Knack any day. Now I'm not saying Microsoft is off the hook, the shit they pulled was absolute bullfuckery and they deserve some shit, but Sony shouldn't get praised for something they are supposed to do. Hell, Nintendo didn't do it because they know they shouldn't as a console developer. Anyways, what I'm getting at is the PS4 doesn't have as good as a launch line up as Xbox One, and when people get the PS4, they will be disappointed because the hype made it seem like a good console times infinity (which it is clearly not), and they will look at Xbox One and say "Damn, they have some good games! Why don't we have those?" and will inevitably be disappointed. This is why I'm having trouble deciding between which I should get.
#1.22 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TenSteps  +   935d ago
Someone approve this while I go make some popcorn
Relientk77  +   935d ago
Do you have enough popcorn for this thread? lol
LOL_WUT  +   935d ago
I'm on it ;)
tiffac008  +   934d ago
Its been approved man, now where is the popcorn? XD
Crazyglues  +   934d ago
Yeah I want some popcorn too now... LoL

||.........___||............ ||
k2d  +   934d ago
Clever use of title and picture. I do not share the authors disbelief in the PS4.
TrevorPhillips  +   935d ago
Firstly, don't bother reading the article and secondly, the PS4 has everything to offer.
PigPen  +   934d ago
I read the article and totally agree. Your opinion doesn't match mines.
Godmars290  +   935d ago
The PS4 and XB1 were ever only going to be corrections caused by the mistake of rushing into the 360 and PS3.

As is I'm just hoping that mcuh of the damage that's been done by focusing on FP/TP and the graphic engines which enforced such gets fixed. Though I doubt it.
starfox79  +   934d ago
The problem is the dark graphical style microsoft and sony go with for 90% of their games has almost hit a brick wall in terms of improving so much so that the average gamer even notices,but the stylized graphics of MK and co can look like a much bigger leap over previous and will get the most attention NEXTGEN.

With the COD'S and GTA'S/WATCHDOGS ect they are all coming to ps3 and 360 ??? just with less AI and objects on screen at the same time wow..... proves darker graphics are not improving that much...
#4.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
HammadTheBeast  +   934d ago
Too bad Destiny has a great art style. Kill zone is extremely diverse in colors now, along with Knack, Infamous SS, and Drive club. The only dark game I can see being is Order 1886.
Snookies12  +   935d ago
Satire? Must be.
1OddWorld  +   935d ago
PS4 has everything to offer except HBO GO damn it

I am worn out from all the hype and no release date. Sony has me all amped up and I am starting to come down. I am feeling a little melancholy.
Steelmanner  +   935d ago
I wrote the article not for your views or to try to create a war in the comments. Instead I wrote this to bring up my concern of the console that is coming. I want it to be successful just as you are, but the truth is my points are very solid, and no offense but its not like any of you have defended the opposing stance, other than saying how dumb I am.
#7 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(37) | Report | Reply
Tony-A  +   935d ago
While I respect your bravery for publishing such a boldly-headlined article, I do see some complications and, as a disclaimer, none of what I say really matters as this is just an opinion piece and not your way of convincing people that the console will fail.

Firstly, and as it should be noted, your points as to why the PS4 has nothing to offer is purely opinion. Because of what Sony put into the hardware, there is potential for gamers to find plenty that the console will offer them on launch day and beyond. I mean, literally every game console has something to offer right out of the box: Entertainment - and it's up to its owner to make use of that.

By that alone, there isn't much more that's needed to say. However, you also mention that there is no "innovation" on the PS4, and reference the fact that the Xbox One has a new Kinect, while the Wii U has it's gamepad.

For one, if the new Kinect is considered innovation (despite only being an improvement from what we're told), then the entire DualShock 4 would be considered one as well, seeing as it's a complete overhaul of the traditional DualShock format. As for the GamePad, it's also not considered innovation if Remote Play has been around for a number of years now and would hence become just another improvement on an already present "second screen" feature.

Just some of my thoughts on the matter.
Steelmanner  +   935d ago
A good point, but I do think that the TouchPad is a bit "too little too late" when it comes to second screen gaming. Also, if the new Kinect is as good as they say it will be a very significant change and thus should be an innovation. That is all speculation though considering I haven't actually played with it yet
#7.1.1 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(35) | Report
admiralvic  +   934d ago
You could also note that the Gamepad is nothing more than a port of the already successful ideas / concepts found on the NDS / 3DS. It leans more towards this reference than the remote play, since the gamepad is far more than simply another screen to look at games. Furthermore, if you just want to call it another pad to look at things on the screen, then you can make a case for the Sega Nomad beating both to the punch.
Nivalis  +   934d ago
Lets also not forget the new PSeye camera, which adds something previous versions didnt have, a depth camera, combining it with everything else provides ps4 owners with just as much "innovation" over the old hardware as the new kinect does over its predecessor.

People who cant see that... i feel sorry for them
Krosis  +   934d ago
If he wrote the article with negativity towards the Xbox One than this article would have just blended into the abyss of pro-PS4 on N4G and another "greatness awaits" circle jerk would ensue. . You all are hypocrits.

The reality is it's ALL "pure opinion"; pro Xbox or pro PS4. Fanboys trying to force feed others their opinion IS N4G. Another benefit of PC gaming: no console kids. He could turn this article around and say the Xbox One offered nothing and you'd have all eaten the article up and asked for seconds.
Tony-A  +   934d ago

Simply adding a "what if" scenario to something that didn't happen does nothing to add to the discussion.

"If it was about the Xbox One instead of PS4, no one would be defending it!!"

Okay, sure. Let's say that's true. Even if that were the case, what does that have to do with the topic at hand? Was your comment made to direct focus toward the bias you perceive on this site? Because that would render your comment completely irrelevant.

It's the equivalent of going to an article about the best games of 2011 and saying "if they talked about the best games of 2012, #1 woulda been different!"

Well... it's not about that. I'm sure if someone were to write an opinion article on the Xbox One not offering much, there would be both sides of the coin debating the topic in the comments section.
lawgone  +   934d ago cannot bring up the PSEye when you have all been busy hammering the Kinect as something no one wants. Sony chose not to bundle the PSEye and you all praised that, even though it means it will have far less developer support. You can't have it both ways.
Dunpeal  +   934d ago
Tony A said it all really

it's your opinion that the PS4 has nothing to offer, but of course it's your right to write about said opinion as bold as it may be
dafegamer  +   934d ago
sorry for being that guy, but going by your post history, you're slightly anti-sony and never even had a ps3, so why right this article then? You cant say it has nothing to offer, without even having a ps3 in the first place, at first <_<
Jdoki  +   934d ago
How about...

I fear the XBO will struggle due to high price point

I fear WiiU is going to go the same way as the GameCube due to lack of 3rd party support

Both are articles more relevant than 'I fear the PS4 has nothing to offer.'

A quick look at PlayStation's track record would show that Sony are likely to offer a lot - and won't just blow their wad in the first 2 years like MS did with the 360.

Sony have the largest number of 1st party studios, and some of them are world class and have yet to announce titles.

Innovation isn't always required. Motion controls seem to be played out. 3D never gain traction. Kinect and Cloud are still unproven. Second screen gaming is in its infancy, (and I think will struggle for popularity). The Share button, the touchpad are both fairly innovative in console gaming (but no more likely to sway my purchasing decision than gesture controlled TV). There also seems to be a lot 'behind the scenes' features - such as background downloading, and play while downloading features (neither is new for PC gamers, but nice to have in a console). Gakai is potential a game changing service.

When purchasing a new console I don't expect to buy more than two games at the same time - and right now there's probably 3 or 4 that I am very interested in, so PS4 offers me plenty on Day 1 and I'm confident plenty more over the following 7+ years.
HammadTheBeast  +   934d ago
One thing that people are just choosing to blatantly ignore is that MS and Sony have both confirmed that Sony will have 5 more exclusives in first year as compared to MS. Then, they also ignore the presence of PS+, Gaikai, etc.
lawgone  +   934d ago
"Both are articles more relevant than 'I fear the PS4 has nothing to offer."

Because if it's not relevant to you then it's not relevant to anyone. You'd rather see rehashes of articles that have been done to death that prove your perceived superior game console evaluation skills.
OrangePowerz  +   934d ago
If Kinect works the way MS claims is still up in the air. I remember their claims for the first Kinect how great it would be and it didn't work as advertised.

Regarding games I have more trust in Sony's 1st party stusios. The only reason that they didn't show many games of them is because many of them have or will release games this year for PS3.
jmc8888  +   934d ago
Of course Kinect2 will work as it's supposed to. As an information collecting device.

The real question is whether the part that isn't about spying works in regards to games.
Caffo01  +   934d ago
" I have just come to expect that Sony will come out with a stronger console. That was the case with the PS3 and although I never owned one, it was pretty clear that the graphics and capabilities of games are greater with the PS3"

Misinformation at its best, didn't you know there's more difference between PS4 and X1 than between PS3 and X360 in terms of power?

"PS4 exclusives aren’t that impressive"

Every generation Sony has released awesome exclusives like The Last of Us, along with LBP, Infamous, Kz, GT, Heavy Rain, GOW, MAG, Uncharted, Modnation, Resistance, Motorstorm, and that's only a few of the most diverse catalog of exclusives.
Do you really think Sony isn't going to release at least as much if not more exclusives on PS4( given the fact that's easier and faster to develop for)with a lot of them being new IPs? I'm going with the assumption you prefer the same 3-4 core exclusives on X1 along with your "shiny new Kinect" gimmicks and i can understand you given the fact you have a fitness site, how innovative playing games and train at the same time right?
I think you're simply a PATHETIC TROLL.
#7.6 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
moparful99  +   934d ago
Well since nobody is rebutting your stance let me try.

First up is specs.. Yes both consoles are similar but there is some important differences like the RAM. Sony is utilizing GDDR5 which is optimized for graphics heavy computations. Microsoft went with DDR3 which is a strong all purpose type of memory. Sony took that GDDR5 architecture and modified it so that the GPU can perform non graphics related tasks thereby eliminating the slightly higher latency of GDDR5. This gives the PS4 and advantage from a pure gaming standpoint without sacrificing other operations.

Keep in mind that this is exactly what Game Developers requested in the PS4. Instead of shoehorning a powerful but overly complex architecture Sony when to the people responsible for creating the games we love.. At first the PS4 was only going to have 4 gigs of RAM but the devs said 8 is a must.

Secondly Microsoft has allocated 3 gigs of RAM to run the systems OS. Sony only has 1 allocated for the OS. So the PS4 has 2 extra gigs of RAM at its disposal over the competition. Considering both the PS3 and 360 only had 512MB of shared RAM 2Gigs could result in a lot of disparity between PS4 and One games.. To sit here and act like Sony played it safe and copied Microsoft on system specs is an insult to Sony.

Next is Kinect. To mention Kinect and ignore the new PS Eye is shortsighted on your part. Sony hasn't been promoting the new PS Eye very much so the masses are unaware but the new PS Eye is just as capable as the Kinect 2.0 is. Sony's new PS Eye has two wide angle Hd lenses capable of capturing video at 1080p and 60fps or can capture video at 240fps but the resolution drops to sub hd.. It also has a 4 microphone array capable of voice recognition and position detection based on sound. According to this link the PS Eye will have voice control and user log in via voice control..

You praise the WiiU and its gamepad but you
completely ignore the PS4/Vita interaction. It has been confirmed by Sony that the PS4 will have memory allocated for the remote access feature with the Vita meaning no latency and no loss in fidelity.

Yes you have to buy or already own a Vita in order to take advantage of this feature. Difference being that you can take Vita on the go with you and not only access your PS4 but you can keep playing games on the go and send your save data back and forth. Simply put no other console does this.. That's pretty innovative.

Next you go on to call into question the PS4's game lineup with no regard to the future.. Sure the launch lineup may not be that impressive to you, you're entitled to that opinion.. But, Sony has proven time and time again that their stable of first party studios is unmatched.

They still have 20 unannounced PS4 games and you are already throwing in the towel on their games? I'm not blown away by their exclusive launch lineup either but what's the point in having 5 or more high quality launch day exclusives when there's no reasonable way for me to play all of them? It's just bragging rights having a lot of launch exclusives..

Not to mention the incredible third party titles like Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4, the Division, Watchdogs etc..

Launch lineups are never a good indicator of what we can expect from a system.. They are merely games for the early core adopters to play until the good stuff comes out.
Caffo01  +   934d ago
You forget to mention that this isn't the FINAL launch lineup, look for more announcements at GC.
And for those saying that X1 launch lineup is better, please tell me where MS said that everything they showed will be available at launch because i can't find it.
#7.7.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
moparful99  +   934d ago
(part 2 of my response)

I want to bring up Gakai. We already know that Gakai will allow us to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games essentially giving us backwards compatibility. Xbox One has no backwards compatibility at all. We also don't know the extent of what Gakai can do and how Sony is planning on expanding it.. So I wont speculate further on that.

Your entire opinion piece is riddled with misinformation and conjecture. Understand that I am not trying to deny you your opinion but if you are going to express your opinion online you need to have accurate information and you also have to be prepared for negative responses.
Death  +   934d ago
Nice article. It's probably premature to say PS4 brought nothing new, but to this point I agree. If Kinect is able to do a fraction of what it is capable, we can all look back and say Microsoft was right. If it does nothing more than what the first version did, it will be little more than a novelty like the PSEye and most likely PSEye2.

The hardware for the PS4 and XboxOne is extremely close, much closer than many want to believe. Nothing new or exciting in each black box. We are seeing the line between PC and console gaming blur more this gen than any other. With Kinect2 integration with PC later on, that line will be even harder to distinguish. The only real thing that makes PC gaming different will be the software and services offered on the console side.

I agree, gaming needs to evolve past what we currently have. Prettier graphics are extrememly expensive and not as immersive as physical interaction. Social interaction via XboxLive is what has made the Xbox brand what it is today. They have gained marketshare with hardware that would have bankrupted most companies with their launch console and went up against a competitor that had a huge majority of the market for two console generations. They didn't buy their way into the position they are in, they earned it by creating an experience that many felt was worth it. If they can do the same thing with the XboxOne, gamers will be the ones that win. Sony pretty much left the doors wide open and are content with making a better 360. It's not a flawed plan, but it is very conservative.
jmc8888  +   934d ago
50-250 percent power advantage for the PS4 isn't nothing to sneeze at.

1.8 TFlops vs 0.8-1.2 TFlops

Then you have the memory bandwidth differences. Oh I get that if the developer SPENDS THE TIME to use both methods they can get the bandwidth up to PS4's level.

But just like with the PS3 and the CELL processor, how many took the easy route rather than coding to take advantage of each systems intricacies?

In other words, expect many games on the Xbox One to be limited to 68 gb/s memory bandwidth because the devs are too lazy to code the eSRAM.

If the PS4 becomes the lead platform, and it probably will, then expect this to be a common occurrence. Xbox One would then get the sloppy ports AND be less powerful, which is something even the PS3 didn't have to deal with.

You may easily see 2-3x the difference we saw last generation when comparing 360 vs PS3. 360 won hands down on multiplatform games. Looks like it'll be PS4 this time, and the difference will be a good bit more.

The Kinect2 is about spying and trading/selling your data for $$$. Gaming is secondary, and in reality it always sounds better than it is implemented.

Why do I want to wiggle my arms around and take a second or two in the middle of a firefight for something that a button in .1 of a second can do.

Plus you can only 'actively' game for an hour or so (or 5 minutes for some), while people can passively play all day...or more.

Besides...why would ANYONE trust M$???????

moparful99  +   934d ago
"Sony pretty much left the doors wide open and are content with making a better 360. It's not a flawed plan, but it is very conservative"

Again Sony built the PS4 according to what developers requested.. They easily could have kept the Cell they spent 500 million developing and implemented more ram, but they let the developers determine what they put in the console.. To say they were conservative in their approach is false..
Steelmanner  +   935d ago
Sorry if i offended anyone in the previous comment
#8 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
coolasj  +   934d ago
When I took my college Rhet class one of the tenants of publishing was to not defend yourself in the comments. It weakens your article. Why have you chose to do so?
gamertk421  +   934d ago
Because he's not a jerk. Also, the word you're looking for is tenets, unless you mean those paying rent to the publishing industry, which hardly makes sense.
Tony-A  +   934d ago

Your objective as a journalist (especially when publishing an editorial) isn't to "be nice" or not come off as a jerk. It's simply to express opinion on the matter.

Whether he was trying to be kind or not, trying to defend yourself on the internet after writing an article makes your article come off as incomplete or not well thought-out, which is why you would feel compelled to continue your argument in comment threads.
#8.1.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Maywell   934d ago | Off topic | show
Foxgod  +   934d ago
Depends on your taste, so far Sony hasnt announced anything i would like to play either, but that might change in the future.

For now i am just getting the X1, because they are my kind of games, and April next year the WiiU when Mario Kart 8 comes out.
lucidity  +   934d ago
The author's position - what little of it is defensible, anyway - is largely predicated on their perception of the quality of Sony's exclusives. If you don't like franchises such as inFamous or Killzone, I guess you can make the argument that, right now, the software isn't there to sell you. But the Xbox One is decidedly not in a better position software-wise, which is where I think his case (such as it is) breaks down.
Nivalis  +   934d ago
Im sorry but given that neither the xbox one nor the ps4 are out yet, you are basing everything on pure speculation, if the only reason why you think the xbox one has "more" to offer is the kinect, then you are seriously out of touch with the average gamer, an extremely large portion of once loyal xbox fanbase have been progressively more frustrated with Microsoft since the launch of the original kinect, as Microsofts focus shifted and has been going downhill since.

The end result is this, its a gaming console, it has games, it has everything to offer and nothing to offer depending entirely on who you ask, but chances are high that unless youre a biased fanboy, if the ps4 has nothing to offer, none of the other consoles will either.
slimeybrainboy  +   934d ago
Aha the Wii U has something to offer and the PS4 doesn't, that's funny. The Kinect? Dance Central and the words "Xbox On" Are no9t what the majority of gamers are looking for from a games console. Also the PS4 has the Vita support, and the Move support if you like those things.
Williamson  +   934d ago
Nothing to see here but another crap article.
Krosis  +   934d ago
98% of N4Gs articles. Except the majority demographic eat up the ones that suit their obsession best.
SpideySpeakz  +   934d ago
Yes, but some of his points make sense. I also fear the PS4 has nothing NEW to offer. Not saying X1 has anything new, more or less gimmicky, and I hate gimmicks - which is the reason I hate X1.

But on the PS4 side, I see nothing gimmicky, but I also see nothing special besides MAYBE good exclusives, and better specs. Other than that, it doesn't really revolutionize gaming. The PS4 is more of an Evolution rather than a Revolution.

I maybe wrong, but I really wanted to see a Dreamcast style approach to gaming with the PS4. I wanted to see something amazing that changed the way we play games. I really hope Sony does not fail at Gamescom. Their PS3 launch was a disaster I'll never forget.
manageri   934d ago | Spam
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   934d ago
Sony, huge catalog of varied diverse blockbuster exclusives that carry on the lifespan on the console


Microsoft, a handful of successful exclusives that die off few years into console lifespan.........

Choice seems pretty clear to me as a gamer
thetruthx1  +   934d ago
Except this time Ms has more exclusives than ever before. Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, D4, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Crimson Dragon, Black Tusk game
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   934d ago
Out of the 15 they said they have coming about 13 have been announced. So give or take they have a good 2-4 more games to announce for the 1st year of x1 where as Sony still has 14 left unnanoced for the first year.

Microsoft has dealt its hands, and out of the amount they already announced the only ones that look good are titansfall (timed maybe) nothing else appealed to me like sony's did.

Microsofts exclusives will be hits or misses for the most part where as with Sony I know for the most part what kind of exclusives I will be getting.
iceman06  +   934d ago
Lets just say that MS has ANNOUNCED more launch exclusives than ever before. Sony has been sneakily leaking out information little by little. The reveal showed a couple of exclusives. E3 dropped the price bomb and no DRM bomb and showed an appeal to indies AND to the ability to have great looking multiplatform games (basically showing that the PS4 won't be in the corner on multiplats) plus further development of exclusives. We have yet to hear any news from the European and Japanese branch of SCE, which are always part of the launch window. There are still to big trade shows to come and I expect more info and games as the launch draws closer and closer.
maniac76  +   934d ago
I fear ps4 is the ONE. And a bag of gpu'$ lol
AzureskyZ  +   934d ago
I fear this article has nothing to offer
Gaming_Guru  +   934d ago
As it stands the XBOX ONE has more announced more exclusives but PS4 has more playable exclusives; I can understand the conclusion just not the reasoning. This generation I was hoping for smarter controllers and different approaches to interacting with video games. With that stated, I find Sony's camp more promising than Microsoft's.

Doing two tasks at once is nice but is pointless to humans because humans can only shift focus to one thing at a time. Basically my point is I think they spent too much processing power on pointless features, while Sony looks to create a Facebook like environment with a lot of background processes for a more instant feedback.

The main thing that separates the companies now is business models and little bit in hardware.
#19 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
first1NFANTRY  +   934d ago
i fear the website is about to get down voted and disliked.
#20 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mkotechno  +   934d ago
I think after Sony's 14 exclusive studios, making at least 2 or 3 games each, some game of 40 must be epic.

Also, Battlefield 4 with better framerate stability than XBO, no cheaters like in PC, and touchpad controlled menus, is just what I need to spend $399.
Trago1337  +   934d ago
I wonder how Sony will actually innovate with these new specs. Banking on spectacle will screw them over.
PigPen  +   934d ago
I totally agree and couldn't of said it better.
jakmckratos   934d ago | Immature | show
feraldrgn  +   934d ago
Generational leaps don't always have to be about innovation tbh.
It's nice just to have higher powered machines that can support more content or graphical fidelity.

That's the path I think Nintendo should've chosen with the Wii-U imo, have a break with higher power & a joypad, then see what they could innovate later down the line.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a true Zelda game akin to OoT, with just the joypad in your hands, straight forward gaming.

Get back to the Snes/N64, PS1/PS2 type of gaming.
That's my opinion on it anyway.
Belking   934d ago | Trolling | show
thetruthx1  +   934d ago
This article really hit the mark on exclusives. I remember when I decided to get a ps4 and watched the xbox one conference thinking ok Sony,is supposed to have more power and ppl say their exclusives are better so I'll probably be impressed later around 6:00 when the Sony conference starts. I really loved the xbox one games but there was no way I'd buy an always online console. I watched Sony's E3 on YouTube and fell asleep before it was half way over. I tried again the next day and realized I don't want ANY of their games except watch dogs and final fantasy 15 which are multiplats. I was sooo happy Ms did a 180. And I know I'll get a ton of disagrees but it's a true story
WeAreLegion  +   934d ago
Just gonna go ahead and mark that as "trolling".
FrigidDARKNESS  +   934d ago
You are correct on everything. There are playstation gamers that are upset with the launch line up and are clamoring that Infamous Second Son be a launch title.

Also the ps4 line up at comic com has playstation gamers in an out rage.
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Parapraxis  +   934d ago
Outrage? really?
I see a few comments saying they wish more games were playable, and a lot about #DriveClub...but little to no raging.
Again, you are seeing things from inside your little bubble.
Comic Con is NOT a huge gaming event, Sony is showing off PS3, Vita and PS4 games, while MS is showing a few Xbox One games.
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iceman06  +   934d ago
Okay...checked your link...rage undetected. There were literally about 5 of the 30+ comments that were saying the lineup is "weak". There were others that wanted Killzone and Infamous to be playable at Comic Con. That's it! I agree that if you go by just the E3 list, then you might be somewhat disappointed. But, if you have been through Sony pre-launches before, then you know that game announcements come at all 3 major industry events: E3, GamesCon, Tokyo Games Show.
Totao923  +   933d ago
I wont lie i was a little dispointed myself when the sony coference came around 6pm. I felt like the x1 had better looking games. I preordered both consoles because of the exclusives coming for both consoles and the fact sony didnt show any of the big guns from ND or the other big stufdios made me think that sony might have a a few annoucements up their sleeves. Then a few days into E3 the reports of MS using envidia, windows 7 powered pcs started to show up in the internet and everything was more clear. Both consoles will on part with multi plataform games and like lthis gen ps4 exclusives will look better. The fact that sony has gotten more in touch with the indie community will help with the lunch of the console. There are people that wont be able to buy the console and a few games, but with some of the free to play shooters and other games that will be avelieble from the indie developers it will make the price of the Ps4 look even better for some gamers.
RytGear  +   934d ago
I hate how people are saying that there are no good exclusives at all but there are still TWO very big gaming conventions coming up which SONY are of course revealing more of their games, They certainly aren't know to scrimp on exclusives!
thetruthx1  +   934d ago
I believe Sony will have some good games especially Uncharted but Ms are playing hardball. Their exclusives are blowing everything else out of the water and you ppl will continue to love the old exclusives too Halo, Gears of War, Forza
Master-H  +   934d ago
Fanboy article no doubt
Krosis  +   934d ago
Certainly, but what's refreshing about this one is it's not pro PS4...variety makes reading interesting. No "Mark Cerny" in the title either! N4G has become so one-dimensional one could leave for a month or two and not miss a SINGLE news article that offered anything new. Calling out a rare pro-Xbox One article as a "fanboy article" is a tad hypocritical.
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Master-H  +   934d ago
Hypocritical or not, this article oozes fanboyism, the author takes positive things about the ps4 and turns them into negatives or spins them and trys to downplay them. and he even dismisses facts when he sees fit.

First example "The Specs of the Console are Nothing Special", "simply matching their main competitor was just a little disappointing to me" ". Sony’s PS4 doesn’t really have any hardware that I would consider superior from the other consoles, except maybe the Wii U. " even though the ps4 specs are clearly superior and that is a FACT, i'm pretty sure if it was the other way around and the xbox hardware was stronger he would be singing a different song.

" there is no impressive Innovation on the PS4"
So an improved kinect is considered innovative ? when even the first kinect was a rip off of the Eye toy ? ok lol

"The small pad’s abilities haven’t been outlined yet, but whatever it does will seem a little lackluster compared to the mighty screen of the Gamepad on the WiiU, and the impressive new Kinect."
I guess he can see the future lol

And then he dismisses sony's whole studios and franchises expect for ratchet and clank and the last of us and basically says that HALO and MARIO are way better.

How on earth is this not a fanboy-troll article ??
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ForgivenZombie  +   934d ago
Being a former M$ fanboy, I can tell you Halo is not that great and can see why Bungie wanted to move on to something else after the second game. Destiny looks amazing and will in my opinion be better on PS4. Now as for Halo, there hasn't been any innovation in the series for a long time, no new weapons or vehicles that have a wow factor. Halo is Halo, which in my opinion is boring and stale. To me Sony looks refreshing because all their games will be new to me, and half of my friends list on live are planning on switching to PS4 as well, so MS hasn't impressed too many people, the Xbone's new Kinect and tv abilities aren't that impressive to me, it's basically a modern version of the clapper. I hope everyone that buys an Xbone are very satisfied with their investment because I suffered 3 RROD's and was still a MS fanboy until recently and I don't want a repeat and MS customer service is nonexistent in my experience. With all that being said I hope everyone enjoys the new generation of gaming, I will.
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