Grand Theft Auto 5 Extends Customization to Dog Collars

Rockstar keeps taking it further! With every Grand Theft Auto game they keep putting out, they continue to set the customization bar even higher each and every time.

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animegamingnerd1774d ago

GTA 5 dog > call of duty dog

Zichu1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

CoD fish AI > GTA 5 fish AI

We all know CoD is going to revolutionize how fish act in games.


Zichu1772d ago

I guess people don't get sarcasm, or they really do believe that CoD is going to revolutionize how fish act in games...

sway_z1772d ago

It's not that people don't get your sense of's just that line is so overused and stale now.

A little imagination goes a long way :/

Zichu1772d ago

But the overuse of the CoD dog isn't??

I've seen people talking about the CoD dog all the time.

LackTrue4K1772d ago

This is cool, so I'm guessing you can have your dog by your side on some missions? ;)

Bathyj1772d ago

Damn. I saw the title and came in here to say, who cares, what about the fish? but you guys just stole all my thunder.

CaptainYesterday1772d ago

Customize my dog....oh just the collar! I was hoping we could dye it's fur ;)

codename131772d ago

Also you can lose your dog. I'm already guessing spending time a lot to find dog if lost haha.

Psychotica1772d ago

I know you can lose your dog, but does that mean you don't know where he is or that he is dead? If he is dead can you get a puppy that grows up? That would be cool..

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