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Sony hopes to expand the PS4's playroom tech demo by launch

Part tech demo, part video game toy box, The Playroom for the PlayStation 4 and its HD camera continues to evolve, but its ultimate fate remains undetermined, Sony officials tell Polygon. (PS4, Sony)

Freedomland  +   463d ago
Really it has potential to become something.

Need4Game  +   463d ago
with so much demand, Sony could probably sell PS4 with Camera, for $399.
Sitdown  +   463d ago
What if that is their plan all along......that would be crazy.
HammadTheBeast  +   463d ago
In a year maybe. But as they've said, and as consumers have spoken, games should be the primary focus. $100 for motion control gimmicks just isn't #worth.
JunioRS101  +   463d ago
You don't get it... We don't want a camera constantly uploading our activities to the internet and then to the NSA. No thank you.
rdgneoz3  +   463d ago
@JunioRS101 Except the PS Eye doesn't need to be turned on all the time or even connected for the PS4 to work normally...

Also, be less worried about a cam that doesn't need to connected unless you plan on using it and more on your own cell phone...
kenmid  +   463d ago
Wait a minute, I thought nobody wanted a camera in the living room. SMH
sexybeast69  +   463d ago
As long as it is free and optional, I'll take it.
Death  +   463d ago
If it's Sony it's good. If it's Microsoft it's prizm and violating gamers rights. If it's Nintendo it doesn't count. You new here or something?
KingWookiee  +   463d ago
@Death The Kinect wouldn't be a bad if it wasn't mandatory, raising the price of the console, always listening, and to top it off, MS is partnered with the NSA.
Rhythmattic  +   463d ago

If its optional its good, (Console operates without it)
if its compulsory its bad. (Console will NOT operate without it)
edonus  +   463d ago
Fanboy logic....

You want the option to not use something that you bought to use.

That is the reason why this playroom demo will probably be the most intricate thing you guys get if you opt to buy the Pseye4. When you want to innovate you have to make the hard choice. All that pussy footin around is what hinders innovation.
FITgamer  +   463d ago
Even you eliminate the whole NSA spy crap, mandatory Kinect is lame. Will you still be able to play your games if your Kinect stops working or gets broken? I'm gonna assume not until it gets replaced/repaired. If it's still under warranty that's great, but you'll have to go a week or two without your games for M$ to get it back to you. If not you'll have to shell out another $100 so you can play games your already paid for. Both of these scenarios make mandatory Kinect sound that much more awesome don't they? :s)
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Rhythmattic  +   463d ago

If your talking to me, I want the option to not buy something that I dont want to use.

Lets say I want a One SKU without K2 and HDMI in ... You know, a gaming system, which the one is very capable of. Is it that hard to imagine?

The K2 is mandatory not because of games, afterall, all the Best 360 games weren't crippled because of non-kinnect support...

its about data mining... Info for sale....
Are those 300k servers are dedicated to gaming ? I dont think so.

Oh, and expect more ads.
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sexybeast69  +   463d ago
All I was saying is that I don't mind getting something for free if I am not forced to use it.
Death  +   462d ago
It's interesting that no one konws how Kinect will be implimented on the XboxOne, but everyone knows they don't want it. Maybe the best thing to do it wait and see if it adds to the experience and make an educated decision instead of taking a stand without knowing.
Rhythmattic  +   462d ago
"It's interesting that no one konws how Kinect will be implimented on the XboxOne, but everyone knows they don't want it. Maybe the best thing to do it wait and see if it adds to the experience and make an educated decision instead of taking a stand without knowing."

Kinnect is compulsory via default and there lies the problem...
That extra $100-$150 I'd rather be put into other "important" components to make a more spec'd gaming console.

Is it that hard to understand?

You might want to Flail your arms to ward of drunk, Major Nelson lead Matrick Zombies, however, many dont.

A $350 One Sku , no kinnect nor HDMI (TV/Cable) input... That'd be good.
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Ddouble  +   462d ago
There's 18 million Kinects out there which no one complained about and it was a success.

They are complaining about Kinect 2 and you know why.
miyamoto  +   462d ago
thanks ....been looking for this vid
MisfitsInc  +   463d ago
i might get the PSeye later on, but not at launch
XtraTrstrL  +   463d ago
It would be really cool if they incorporated some of this into the user interface of the OS for people with the PS4 Eye.
Fireseed  +   463d ago
This look liked a hell of a lot of fun at E3 but I never got a chance to go in :/
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dcj0524   463d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
insertnamehurr  +   463d ago
Heres an ingame video from E3 of the PS4 eye camera, it looks cool as fk! http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Septic  +   463d ago
That actually looks realy good! Some really clever uses of the camera and co tcontroller there. The bit where he was drawing stuff on the tablet was really impressive.

But the fact that the camera is optional means that many people will not be ble to experience this on day one.
miyamoto  +   462d ago
thanks very much! robots are adorable
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Bolts  +   463d ago
This is an amazing tech demo but ultimately pointless unless there are gameplay applications.
mrmancs  +   463d ago
More cool news , giving extra content in something they plan too pre install on the ps4?! (For free)Lol... beat Microsoft at their own game, wow Sony you really are putting the knife in... Did I say beat Microsoft at their own game? Oops Sony developed camera gaming tech first in a patent before Microsoft....
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bjmartynhak  +   463d ago
Getting a PS4, but couldn't care less about gimmicks.
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Mikefizzled  +   462d ago
Admittedly I still think Illumiroom + Kinect 2 would be a better combination for this sort of thing but this is definitely impressive stuff.

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