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Submitted by Lavalamp 936d ago | opinion piece

Why Naughty Dog Can't Make A Sequel To The Last Of Us

GameInformer: "The game easily sits on my list of the five greatest games from this generation, and yet, I don't think I want to see a sequel." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Thepharaoh  +   936d ago
They can't make a direct Ellie and Joel sequel they can however most certainly make another game in their universe. I mean why build such a well supported ,deep, and interesting universe just so you could use it in one masterpiece
NeXXXuS  +   935d ago
I think it can be with Joel and Ellie again or completely new characters. Either way, the results would still be amazing in my opinion. I would love to know more backstory about the fireflies though.
crxss  +   935d ago
GI should have titled the article "Why ND 'shouldn't' make a sequel to TLOU"

TLOU will obviously have a sequel. not only did it sell well and sony the fact that registered tlou2 and tlou3 online but...


the game ended in a lie, they can clearly work off of that (even though the ending was so great)
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Bathyj  +   935d ago
Why cant they make a Joel and Ellie sequel?

Are we to believe nothing ever happens to them again for the rest of their lives?
princejb134  +   935d ago
What if they make a last of us sequel but Tommy's story all the way till he build the power plant
Or like you said another game universe. Maybe somewhere in china or brazil but another country for sure
ArchangelMike  +   936d ago
Yeah I get that and all, but lets be honest. This is the games industry, and given the critica success of TLoU, I'm sure Sony will already be cashing the cheques for TLoU 2.

ND should make a sequel but with differetn characters. There's enough back story there with the war between the Fireflies, the military and the hunters to make an interesting sequel, that does not need to centre around Joel and Ellie. ND will just have to maintain the excellent characterisation.
xPhearR3dx  +   935d ago
I would love to see a sequel where Ellie is the main character. She has to know Joel was lying to protect her, so a sequel where she goes looking for the truth or something would be interesting.
Bathyj  +   935d ago
Agreed. I said the same in another thread. What if other members of the Firefires decided to come after her? We cant have killed them all. I only killed one of the Doctors in the surgery.
rdgneoz3  +   935d ago
@Bathyj I shot them all (the doctors) in the head, so chances of them coming back in a sequel are slim...

As for a sequel, they could always do one that fills in the time gap in the beginning of the game.
HammadTheBeast  +   935d ago
They said Naughty Dog couldn't top Uncharted. And yet they did.

There is potential, but Naughty Dog has a LOT of pressure on them to, if making a sequel, doing it right.

Right now we don't want a sequel, it's been a month or two only, but in a year or two,I'd definitely want to know how Joel and Ellie worked out.
Bathyj  +   935d ago
I'm of the opinion Naughty Dog love pressure. They seem to thrive in it. Even the first Uncharted had high expectations and they seem to raise the bar of the industry every time they release a game.
ArchangelMike  +   935d ago
ND indeed thrive on pressure. Now Imagine if TLoU 2, will be to TLoU, what Uncharted 2 was to Uncharted.

O M G !!!

The leap between Uncharted and Uncharted 2 was so signifacant, it made Uncharted look like a last gen (PS2) game. If ND can again pull that off with TLoU 2, especially with the power of the PS4 (I can't see them doing anymore with the PS3 this gen beyond new DLC), it could completely revolutionize the game/movie divide.
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Pancit_Canton  +   935d ago
I'm pretty sure TLOU will be just like ICO.

Pretty much all the sequel will be spiritual successor. After all, the game was inspired by ICO itself. Shadow of the colossus was an epic game and so its successor THE LAST GUARDIAN. I hope Sony will expand and continue to nurture more talented developers and create more studios.
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latinillusion81  +   935d ago
I agree that this one should be then end of Joel and Ellies story but the game has too much potential for that to be the end of the series. The second one should maybe.tell his.brothers side and maybe have Joel and Ellie make a guest appearance.
MeKissGaben   935d ago | Spam
Whatever they do next has to be on ps4. I wasnt 20 minutes into the game before it glitched really bad. You can tell the engine is taxing the ps3. A sequel on ps3 would bring the console to its knees.
1st, Idk about your situation but the game never glitched for me. either you got a faulty Copy or your ps3 is not well ventilated that caused it to glitch and do stupid things while playing. I'm NOT saying this is true however. just my opinion.

2nd, I find it hard to see ND build a sequel to the game on the ps3 version again knowing that the new gen is right on the horizon. If they do decide to start the project, I can see it get released around 2015-16 or so.

This is just my opinion, not trying to start a war.
Wow... 5 disagrees and I didn't even bash the game lol.
Dan_scruggs  +   935d ago
Everyone here does realize that Naught Dog already stated that The Last of Us is going to be a new franchise. Being a franchise usually means there will be more than one. Yes there will be a sequel but next up for Naught Dog is Uncharted 4. Mark my words.
Lovable  +   935d ago
Didn't ND have like two teams? I swear I heard this when they announced TLOU cause back then they were still making Uncharted 3.
Valkyre  +   935d ago
Τhey cant and the shouldnt make a sequel to the Joel/Ellie story, but the universe they created allows them to tell many stories with different characters and locations.
izumo_lee  +   935d ago
A story i really wanna know is what happens to Ish & what he went through from being shipwrecked to living in the sewers to escaping the infected.

We get a few notes about what happens & the last stand some of his companions faced but we never really know what happens to Ish. That would be cool playing through what he endured.

As for a sequel i say leave Joel & Ellie's stories as is. The ending was perfect cause there was really no right or wrong way to interpret it, it was up to the players to make their own ending.

Naughty Dog has said that the world of the Last of Us is open for exploration & that they can go anyway they want with it. Like either keep it as the stealth intense game the original was or go guns a blazing by being some military guy living through it cause we never did know who is running things in this world, is their a government at all. Naughty Dog created a whole new world to explore & we players are just along for the ride.
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aaron5829  +   935d ago
Believe it or not... I love the game so much that i do not want a sequel...

Like the ending of Inception... I was like "WTF!!!"
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fardan85  +   935d ago
We will see TLOU 2, I'm pretty much sure about it.
I remember that Sony asked ND to make a game on par with UC, so ND was split in half to work on UC3 + new ip "TLOU".
TLOU got positive reception from Critics + gamers and enjoying a healthy sales.
Sony will not let this die, Everybody wants another TLOU game.

Off topic:
Inception was so good, but I prefer Shutter Island more.
You will be surprised by the ending, you will be like "Holy sh*t, what the h*ck is going on?"
Viper7  +   935d ago
To be frank, I'd love to see a new platformer from NaughtyDog. They where ridiculously good at that stuff on Ps2 and PSX, so I've been somewhat wishful they'd revolutionize the genre on Ps3 as well.

But guess it's all about cinematic shooters these days.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   935d ago
The last of us is not a cinematic shooter.
Yes it has shooting in it and yes it has cinematic moments but it is so much more than that. There is a huge difference between The Last Of Us and Uncharted.
I feel as though calling The Last Of Us a shooter is a lazy way of describing the game and really sells it short.
feraldrgn  +   935d ago
The Last Of Us stands on its own, it really doesn't need a sequel, not every successful game needs a sequel.

The Last Of Us is a standalone game, appreciate it for what it is.

If they were to create another game in the same universe, it'd probably be of Sam & his brother's Journey up until the meeting & what happens after.
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gamertk421  +   935d ago
I prefer the UC games to TLOU.
KaDa  +   935d ago
If, then a prequel.

Here is a scenario:
You start of as a Firefly(soldier or whatever) and you are playing when the clickers just started to be a mass crowd. Seeing how it all unfolded in the beginning. How the Fireflies begun their group etc.etc.

Possibly seeing Joel for a moment saying hai with or without a bullet flying your way.
Seeing how the brother of Joel (forgot his name) joined and left the Fireflies, maybe follow his story)

No Ellie, it was before here time, leave the girl alone for now in the franchise. My biggest concern with here is, she was cool because of here age, a fourteen year old who fucks everybody up. It wouldn't be the same if she was 25 in a sequel and be a badass girl, It just would be a second Tess, we know that already.

So, maybe if ND came with another game, most safest to not spoil the great meaning and experience of the first game, would be a prequel.

But hey, thats my opinion
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It just doesnt need one. Although it was a great game.
SeanScythe  +   935d ago
Sequal: It's 5 years later the game begins with Ellie 19 in labor. Joel is outside hearing the screams, it cuts back to the delivery as the baby cries and is handed to the father. Both mother and baby are fine, the father comes out to tell Joel the good news it's a (Blank). He questions if the baby is healthy worrying about the infection, everything is fine. Suddenly there is an explosion outside the main gates. The Military is there for the mother and baby, you play as Joel fighting them off but being older and unprepared he gets fatally wounded and you take over as the father. The game is to get your family back.

That could work if they wanted to.
aRTCy  +   935d ago
"Can't?"..." ;CAN'T?!!!"....only a Sith deals in absolutes.

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