Xbox One : Kinect Included - Wise Marketing or Costly Mistake?

As announced at E3, Microsoft will be bundling a Kinect sensor with every Xbox One. Did Microsoft do this just to raise console prices or was there method to their madness?

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JokesOnYou1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Wise...actually the original Kinect was $150 at launch, Kinect v2 is selling for $400 on pc by itself so I believe the extra $100 is a bargain price. Now more importantly this means that kinect will be fully supported over th X1 life cycle with cool options that will not only improve dedicated kinect games but also truly add to the experience of X1 core games which will benefit from more immersion. Its already being used in subtle ways for many of the announced games and if you read about what devs are doing I think there is some cool implementation can be done in core games. Finally Kinect makes the X1 X1 functionality for the UI freakin sweet, the intergration is hands down the best I've ever seen for a home console.

PirateThom1777d ago

That's one way of looking at it, the other way is that is adds $100 to the base price of the system for a peripheral not everyone wants.

JokesOnYou1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

True but thats like saying nintendo should cut the new wii u gamepad because they could sell the console cheaper...NO, its a part of their vision, if you don't want it then you don't want a wii-u.

Also in reference to your theory about there being 78mil 360 sold vs 24 mil kinect(as of feb) #1 kinect hasn't been available nearly as long #2 and more importantly you really are making my point for me, aside for a few core games the 1st kinect catered only to a very casual crowd who bought it specifically for kinect only games= it was barely used in core games, the devs making AAA popular titles like Dice/Battlefield didn't take it serious because it WAS a add-on peripheral not everybody had now they can be confident if they use it properly ALL gamers will notice and they might do well in the future because gamers want the added options/experience.= proofs in the pudding already many devs are talking about using kinect in core games including Dice of course.

4Sh0w1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Agreed Jokes but you should try more kinect games they are really fun especially if you have some kids or young relatives, also Dance Central is a blast for a small get together like a Bar BQ, I just cut it on and people naturally gravitate to it and start messing around. Yeah but I'd love to see big games like COD, Battlefield, take advantage of Kinect but really for me I think somebody like Remedy could truly show it off in a game like Quantum Break because of the type of action I imagine makes up that game: you know things like a quick hand off the controller out in front of you to stop time, a swipe to move those glass fragments etc.

JokesOnYou1776d ago

Yeah I've tried a few, not my thing but it was OK for about 2 min, lol, no seriously I actually just got it to mess around with the UI/Skype/menu navigation stuff. Its cool tech no doubt.

Kanzes1775d ago

It's really cool to utilize the machine with voice commands or sign in with facial recognition

maniacmayhem1775d ago

Not everyone will want it now, but if the games or features for the Kinect 2 prove to be very good and adds more engaging elements and design then everyone will be glad it was included.

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user55757081775d ago


actually it added more than $100. recent articles are saying it cost as much as the rest of the xbox one which would mean xbox one without it could have probably costed around $300-$350

ziggurcat1775d ago

@ jokes:

"True but thats like saying nintendo should cut the new wii u gamepad because they could sell the console cheaper...NO, its a part of their vision, if you don't want it then you don't want a wii-u."

terrible analogy.

there's a difference between a controller that you need to play the games, and a camera peripheral that is not even required to navigate the system menu or even required to play any of the non-kinect games.

tuglu_pati1775d ago

I think its a costly Mistake.

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GrandTheftZamboni1775d ago


If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to play games on Nintendo pad itself, while you can't do that on Kinect alone.

JokesOnYou1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

GrandTheftZamboni, what difference does that make? Nowhere did the comparison say that the wii game pad and kinect both work the same way. So that doesn't negate the point here which is that both while yes using different methods are still part of a vision of how each company wants you to interact with games other than a standard controller.

GrandTheftZamboni1775d ago


I replied to edonus because he defended your analogy:

"True but thats like saying nintendo should cut the new wii u gamepad because they could sell the console cheaper"

I disagree that's the same because in case of Wii U cutting the gamepad you'd lose ability to play on a handheld, while in case of X1 cutting the Kinect you wouldn't.

But I see what you're trying to say. Actually to be honest you used "like" which is not the same as "the same".

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tubers1775d ago

Yes. I am very interested on how devs will make use of the high end sensory camera from UI manipulation to actual gameplay elements.

Damn it. Would have been so much cooler without the weird strings attached like those NSA stuff and MS targeted adds via cam.

Kanzes1775d ago

Kinect spying is just ridiculous.. If you got a cell phone, it also has a camera and microphone, and it follows you around everywhere and anytime

Colzer011775d ago

MS is already trying to clarify that NSA thing now, so it won't be a matter again soon

YNWA961775d ago

This is very civilized here... Unusual.... As for NSA, they know everything they need to know about us anyway.... If you own a smartphone or a cell connected tablet, you have no secrets.

RM-TatoTiburon1775d ago

Kojima said that he is looking forward to work with kinect this generation, DICE also and kinect is getting a better support than the 360 generation. Now KI is confirmed to use kinect for players detection, i'm looking forward for this newgen for kinect

Colzer011775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

If the cloud thing is a real deal, and Kinect got more support, I'm sure MS gonna win the next-gen on a the long-run.

It's much better than just an X360 with steroids though, if you know what I mean.

QuickdrawMcgraw1775d ago

Joke I hope your faith in MS supporting the Xbox1 and Kinect though it's life cycle is rewarded.Myself I'm not so sure,I feel they drop their support of the Xbox when the 360 came on to the scene.And I feel MS exclusive games dried up a few years into the 360's run.For those reasons I don't even trust them to release all the exclusive titles they say they will in the 1st year.

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kingdip901777d ago

This will be up to developer utilization of the device in games to decide. If devs can coax gamers into wanting to use this instead of/in conjunction with a controller to the degree that its marketable then yes its genius. Likely not though otherwise we would have seen it on kinect one last gen :/

PirateThom1777d ago

Costly mistake due to the fact it's made the console more costly.

The fact there's 77m XBox 360s out there and 24m Kinects should pretty much tell you that not everyone wants or needs it and, yet, if you want to play Halo you have to pay a Kinect fee.

moparful991777d ago

I don't agree with it. They are forcing a feature on us that most of us don't want. But From a business standpoint Microsoft knows that unless they force it on us the market penetration will never be significant.

Insomnia_841777d ago

Exactly! It's good for them to not give us a choice.

+1 for intelligent.

moparful991777d ago

It remains to be seen whether this was actually a good decision. Seeing as there is a larger majority of the 360 audience that do not have a Kinect it's safe to say they don't want it..

Will these people be willing to pay the extra $100 to have Kinect 2 or will they jump ship? I am personally not getting a One at launch..

I might do like I did with the 360 and wait for a while to see how everything shakes out...

Thepharaoh1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

More like complete and total blunder