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At what point has a console REALLY failed?

GamesRadar: "It's a lot harder to fail than you think, and even a console that looks like it's dying could be thriving on its own terms." (Culture)

Need4Game  +   642d ago
When they lost their Dedicated FanBase and there's Plenty Nintedo Fan on N4G.

I haven't own any Nintendo console for years. Now I'm buying the console for just one Game, Monolith Soft's "X".
mikeslemonade  +   641d ago
You don't need a definition for system failure. You just go by the "eye test" or public opinion and general consensus. I'd say a system is a failure if it sold less than 40 million, but I'm only saying that for generation 5, 6, and 7. For earlier generations there's more factors than just system sales.

As for the companies personal gain.. If Nintendo sells only 40 million WiiUs this generation then that would be a failure because they lose market share and samething with Microsoft.

And right now I don't see the X1 selling more than 40 million and the WiiU 35 million.
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RedHawkX  +   641d ago
yes at this point the xbox one has already failed. the ps4 has won so thats good for all of us gamers who actually like good games and hardware. its sad for tv watchers and fake gamers.
MxRBrobaFett  +   641d ago
Tv watchers and fake gamers? Would you care to elaborate on what exactly a fake gamer is?
RedHawkX  +   641d ago
people who dont play the best games or get the best console hardware because there friends said lets get an xbox one instead. then they just play multiplat games when obviously the better choice is the ps4 and will help everyone but nope. people want to carry over there hanna montana achivements and play inferior versions of games on the xbox one just because its a habit. a bad one at that. ps4 is what we should be going for, wii u , pc and handhelds. Ms is the only one offering nothing of value and taking away from gaming and as such should be the sole console left to die in the new gen.

to many people think the xbox one experience is gonna be like this gen x360 experience but its not going to be and they are not even taking that into account. xbox live and the x360 was popular and had people online all the time and talking because it was the cheapest console, the first console out, and came with a headset. The xbox one has none of these. the ps4 has alll of them and then some. if you enjoyed the x360 the sequal to that is the ps4 and not only that the ps4 has more bonuses like more exclusives, stronger hardware etc etc.

dont even dare come in here talkking about 1 or 2 3rd party launch/ also on pc exclusives like a dumbass. we seen what even happend thise gen with all those games coming to ps3 like mass effect trilogy, bioshock, etc. so dont you dare come to me with that bs.

not to mention ms showed there hand on what they really are about with that drm crap and kinect crap. if your getting an xbox one your basically spending 600+ just to play watered down and milked halo thats not even made by bungie and old lame gears. the newest gears has sold the least. the last of us new ip stomped it into the ground. gears is dead.

so tell me who is the one with more brains, logical thinking, and smarts. someone getting an xbox one or some one getting a ps4. lets make this life or death where the console you pick is some sort of life or death thing. which one would you bet your life on?
MxRBrobaFett  +   641d ago
@RedHawkX - the more logical choice is to buy the system that you want to enjoy and not the one you are peer pressured into buying. Some people are xbox fans and some people are playstation fans. Seems to me like you have a chip on your shoulder towards Microsoft which is fine, but that doesn't mean everyone else should buy a different system. I don't know and I don't care which system is "more powerful" but that's not what I base my opinion on.
TwistedMetal  +   641d ago
I think this is what redhawk was trying to say

also that's just pathetic and wrong a disgrace to all real gamers on this planet.

also whatever magic allowed you to continue playing such a piece of crap console is gonna be with the ps4. mutliplats gonna be superior on the ps4, more people gonna own the ps4, the ps4 will be cheaper, and the ps4 will have more people online chatting on the headset socializing it up and its more power.

when I make a decision I take into account myself and others as well as gaming as a whole. what choice will not screw over a bunch of people, what choice allows gaming to be better as a whole for me and everyone else. making descisions solely on your own bias means you selfish and gonna end up alone very alone and old with no friends no family. You gonna have to go that long dark road yourself BrizzE

I really hate to be the dude who decided he wanted to support the Nazis so he could screw everyone over for his slice of joy while the masses suffered. of course this is games but still its my hobby and others and we don't call this a console war for nothing. no one comes into my gaming tries to destroy it with selfishness and bias and gets away with it.

just do the right thing dude. the same thing we tell our government to do but they refuse so they can get there selfish money. kind of hypocritical to see how people do the same even though this is less important in the grand scheme of things but still important to me and gamers alike
GamingAngelGabriel  +   641d ago
The PS3 would like a word with you. Remember when that launched in 2006? Did it fail?
Of course you remember. You're obviously a "real gamer" because you have Ness as your avatar. Elitist.
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Utalkin2me  +   641d ago
While i agree RedHawkX is trolling.

I just find it odd as how people can compare two different systems in completely different periods with totally different competition and totally different offerings.
Electric-flamingo  +   641d ago
I have been reading this site for a while, and i saw your comment and made an account just to reply.

This is the stupidest comment I have ever seen... Please do tell me, what is a real gamer?

I figured a real gamer is someone who wants to play a game no matter what, regardless of system.
Hicken  +   641d ago
If this is the stupidest comment you've ever seen, you can't have been following this site as long as you've said.

A REAL gamer takes into account far more than just what console a game is on. They take into account the policies behind consoles, too.

Which is why people question whether or not people hell-bent on buying the XBO are REAL gamers: the policies Microsoft have introduced or tried to introduce with the XBOne haven't been very... gamer-friendly with their policies.
dcj0524  +   641d ago
@rehawkx ( 2nd comment) as much as I dont like how you said your comment, everything was right. If you like 360 get ps4, if you like ps3 get ps4. Funny really.
MxRBrobaFett  +   641d ago
@Twisted Metal - I wasn't aware that my choice in a gaming console correlated so heavily with my personal life. I guess I'll buy a ps4 then so that my family doesn't disown me >.>
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Goro  +   641d ago
When it's 6 years behind it's competitors in specifications...
**Cough Cough** Wii U.
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NihonjinChick  +   641d ago
What about the Wii, PS2, or other weaker systems that won the generations that they were launched?
AWBrawler  +   641d ago
Firan  +   641d ago
Yeah just like Wii failed against it's competit- oh wait.
Goro  +   641d ago
Only reason the Wii sold well is because of overweight housewives trying to lose weight
aixao  +   641d ago
when it RROD ?
Electric-flamingo  +   641d ago
When it gets hacked and information stolen and can't play online with it?
Williamson  +   641d ago
Atleast it still played games offline rather than not at all! My 360 just rrod last month and....yup still doesnt play my games.
punisher99  +   641d ago
"When it gets hacked and information stolen and can't play online with it? "

Ask Major Nelson about that and a lot of the other microsoft execs when xbox live got hacked.
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guitarded77  +   641d ago
When the company goes bankrupt.
kingdip90  +   641d ago
Well I guess any console that can play games then its a successful console as I'd does what its designed to techically. I would say that from a business point of view it fails when at the end of ots cycle it has not turned a profit or at least made its money back.
From a personal point of view it fails when it doesnt deliver on the promises the company makes the gaming comminity on the consoles behalf.
C-Thunder  +   641d ago
I'd say they haven't truly failed until they just quit making them or don't make a follow up console. But it really depends on your metric.

Regardless, WiiU hasn't failed yet. It may not be super powerful, but it has good games with even more on the way. Monoliths game looks awesome and we still have the first HD releases of Nintendo's franchises.
giovonni  +   641d ago
When it has no true marketing direction, 3rd or first party support... Oh, f€&k it, when you are the Atari Jaguar. That system is the perfect blue print of knowing when a console has really failed
Stsonic  +   641d ago
When they stop making games for it early
Wicked_Pissah  +   641d ago
Depends on your definition of "fail", and Nintendo has always had a unique position on this.

The Gamecube tanked in most gamer's eyes sales-wise, but Nintendo turned a profit and still viewed it as a "success" in that regard.

As long as they're still making a profit, solvent, and stock shares don't deviate too far south, Ninty may maintain that same position with the Wii U. And their success in the handheld space gives them some room for patience while games for the Wii U trickle out.
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Concertoine  +   641d ago
When it fails to garner the support it needs to stay relevant as well as concentrate on the support it has to satisfy those that purchased the console.
By this definition neither the dreamcast nor gamecube failed to me, even if they did financially.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   641d ago
ID say when its discontinued. If support continues throughout its generation id say its a success.
NiteX  +   641d ago
When it goes Dreamcast?
Pillsbury1  +   641d ago
R.I.P. dreamcast.
dcj0524  +   641d ago
Atari jagurar.
The_Truth_24_7  +   641d ago
R.I.P. wii u.
Picture_Dancer  +   641d ago
It's time for Nintendo to become software developer only.
just-joe  +   641d ago
Well the PS3 took about 2 years to pick up steam so there's some time for now.

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