The Evil Within Gets A New Screenshot

Bethesda has released a new screenshot from its upcoming horror title, The Evil Within, showcasing a new female character.

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john21739d ago

here is hoping it will be a scary horror title and not an overhyped product

TheEvilWithin1738d ago

I can see this female character being like Clair was to Leon. I would Love to see two story's being told at the same time in the same location much like how he did it in Resident Evil 2.

Inception1738d ago

She looks a bit like Helena Harper from RE 6.

mafiahajeri1738d ago

This looks really good but I don't want too many characters in it focusing on the protagonist gives you that I'm alone in this scary asylum feel meeting other characters just takes away from the atmosphere.

A great example of this all alone feel would be Manhunt.

Eldyraen1738d ago

I agree about not wanting an over abundance but a small group in an asylum "could" be interesting. The problem is most that go that route end up cheesy (especially movies).

I just hope this ends up good no matter where it goes.

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