‘The Last of Us’ Shows How Gaming Can Be the Best Form of Story-Telling

Trying to explain ‘The Last of Us’ to a non-gamer can be frustrating. Immediately, I found myself comparing it to a movie, just so people will hear me out, but then I realized that comparing it to a movie does it an injustice. Movies, TV, and books have long been thought of as the best ways to experience a story, but if you have you played and finished ‘The Last of Us,’ you will see why it told one of the deepest and emotional stories in any medium of entertainment.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1739d ago

Totally agree, something you take part of and control yourself coupled with the immersive story telling = one hell of an experience.

Game of the generation

1739d ago
Thatguy-3101739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I'm truly attach to the characters especially Ellie. The reason she stood out to me was because we got to see her character grow. The winter season in the game is the most emotionally draining chapter because we see her go through so many obstacles on her own. After everything that happened you see how much everything has affected her mental state. Her struggles matured her towards the end. In my opinion she's one of the most well crafted characters in years. So much depth.

hollabox1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Dam this game was good, probably the best 20.2 hrs I've spent since Metal Gear 4. Purchased the soundtrack as well, great production values, my vote for game of the year. I think Joel should had considered the effects of his decisions involving humanity as a whole rather than letting his personal memories affect judgment. Heck that's good writing for you when it had me screaming at the TV what the heck are you doing Joel? A very good play on emotions, I felt his compassion, something I can't say about allot of other games.

On the flip side I was somewhat disappointed about the real time graphics. Inconsistent to say the least, especially in the beginning. Most levels looked good, great lighting effects, dense vegetation, great character models producing the wow factor I come to expect from my PS3. Other levels looked like 1st gen PS3 games with low res textures, blocky shadows, jaggies everywhere, lack of anisotropic filtering, and choppy frame rates.

If you want graphics, I guess stick to God of War 3/Ascensions and the upcoming Beyond 2 Souls. If you want great stories, graphics, and gameplay go with The Last of Us, and probably MGS 5 this fall.

fpshooter21739d ago

Never have i been so emotionally attached to character's of a video game. Game of the generation for me! I urge all gamers to play this title its truly a masterpiece. To all gamers this is a must play.

kingmushroom1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

amen bro. I'm still trying to recover from winter. it was just deep very deep.(SPOILER!) I thought i was gonna fear for the infected, but the living are the real true monsters.

fpshooter21739d ago

Exactly. ND does such a good job of showing that its not all about the infected or zombies. Its so much more to this story than just that.

Your 100% correct. I soon learned that the humans are far worst than the infected.

WeAreLegion1739d ago

Yes, it can. It has the most potential for story telling.

I don't get scared by movies, anymore.
I get scared by games.

I also have a much deeper connection with characters in a game. Especially if we're meant to take on the characters as our own selves. Heavy Rain is the best example of that. I felt actual guilt over some things I didn't really do.

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