Monaco dev 'very disappointed' with XBLA sales performance

Responding to fan questions on Reddit, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine developer Andy Schatz claims that his studio's efforts in porting its co-op stealth game to the Xbox 360 were "largely wasted," due to unexpectedly low sales.

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Cmk01211612d ago

game looks like crap but thats just me maybe

The Meerkat1612d ago

A bit off topic.
Chips Challenge and D/Generation were great games.

For some reason the screen shot of this game reminded me of them.

Tzuno1612d ago

Well with a game like that no wonder.

WeAreLegion1612d ago

I didn't think I'd like the game, either. Then, my friend bought me a copy and we played four player co-op for six hours.

It's so much fun, guys! Buy it on Steam this week, since it will be on sale.

WeAreLegion1612d ago

I hope they at least try to bring it to Vita. Indie sales on Vita are surprisingly good right now. :) Maybe a cross-buy with PS3/Vita? Or a PS4 version ready for launch?

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