The FINAL Fantasy: Is This The End of an Era?

Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest RPG series of all time, especially for those of us who grew up in the '90s. This article looks at the history of Final Fantasy, the "downfall" of Squaresoft, and where the series is headed....

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Need4Game1976d ago

Yes. Will there be new Era? That'll depends on the success of FFXIV.

Godmars2901976d ago

That's the MMO.


Hope what you're thinking is FF15 or FFXV. Not that its coming off as any better for the simple fact that whatever scale they present in the attacks, that one game itself will only take place in one area of the world without the whole world being at stake.

Need4Game1976d ago

FFXIV/FF14 is where they get the Money to make another Final Fantasy. No Money, No Game.
having so many bubbles do not make one more knowledgeable.

here some more article acknowledging M-M-O Final Fantasy, a Final Fantasy.

M-M-O Final Fantasy, is still Final Fantasy.

wishingW3L1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

FF is known for being story driven and I have not played any of the MMO though because I have never been a fan of the genre but what kind of story can it be told though an MMO?

Panthers1975d ago

MMOs have stories, but they just typically don't focus around you a the main character. You are more of the unsung hero helping the faction you chose. SWTOR tried to break this mold (with great success) but the rest of the game was weak.

The stories revolve more around your faction and their leaders/enemies

Godmars2901976d ago

I have no idea what you're even talking about.

At present the only thing this current FF14 is a further money sink than the one which was first released. Both of which are based on a subscription model which is no longer viable, in the West for the most part.

And regardless of how well it does, if it even does well, that's still not going to do anything for the worthless level of storytelling Square-Enix seems only capable of.

Need4Game1976d ago

Gamers who don't buy Games, won't have no Idea that it cost Money to make Games.

You Win, I'll never Win against Idea-less people.

Godmars2901976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I refuse to believe that you and others fail to recognized that the original FF14 was a shoddy and overly expensive release, or that for all the hype surrounding this new version it has yet to be released or even make a dime. That nearly twice as much has been invested in it while it has things like the negative reaction of SWTOR to contend with.

And if you are I refuse to go near anything you're that fan-blind to support.

Need4Game1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I'm out of bubble.

Well at least you acknowledge that Making Game Cost Money.

I acknowledge the possibility of no more Final Fantasy and Square-Enix going Bankrupt. That also means no FFXV, FFXVI, FFXVII, FFXVIII, FFXIX, FFXX, FFXXI, FFXXII, FFXXIII, FFXXV, etc.

When that happen, I'll continue living.
You want to keep being a Disgruntle Fan, that's your Freedom.

Godmars2901976d ago

"Well at least you acknowledge that Making Game Cost Money."


I never once failed to recognize that games both need money to be made, and are made to make money.

What you don't seem to understand however is that if Square goes bankrupt, this game will likely play a large part. That much money has been put into it without it yet showing any return. That its been in development for so long that the market its entering has changed to such a degree that it may never make its money back.

aixao1976d ago

Godmars290, his first comment already closely summaries what you just said.

news: "The FINAL Fantasy: Is This The End of an Era?"
Need4Game: "Yes. Will there be new Era? That'll depends on the success of FFXIV."

at least now you understand his first comment.
Arguing for the sake of Argument, Godmars290 never disappoints.

Pain1975d ago

FFXIV will be successful and a lot more fun to play then what ever boring playing by yourself offline FF will ever be.

FFXIV is a FF Game with a truly great FF story,some might not agree.. but i could care as much as the Church cares for Gay marriage when it comes to there small opinion's, so is this the end of the a era? not really just a new direction so let there be light cuz its warm and fuzzy like a shaved Canadian beaver.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1976d ago

I think they're about to hit there stride again. Ive heard a lot of good things about FFXIV AND, FFXV looks to be the best in years. Then of course theres FFX/X-2 HD.

I personally still have lots of hope for the series. Probably because I rlly didnt feel the burn from FFXIII like some fans. However I did not like FFXII.

Summons751975d ago

Nope, besides the haters who were never fans to start and a minuscule part of final fantasy, series is still strong. 13s sold well and praised by critics and lightning is the number 1 character in Japan right now hence the focus. Final fantasy 15 had a strong backing and 14 managed to ride from the ashes and bring back those fans too. Sorry haters you still lose.

Elda1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

@Summons75...AGREED!!!. I can't wait for FFXV & FF-XIII is one of my favorite FF games.

spartanlemur1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Meh. When the FFXV third person shooter and sequels fail, Square will finally go bust and let some other studio which actually cares what fans think buy and continue the series, and make remakes.

sephiroth4201975d ago

considering in the interview at e3 i think there is much hope for the future of final fantasy, first look at how they handled ff14 a realm reborn, i think 15 is going to be amazing with the action styled battle system, to me it definately makes more sense having one button for attack and have the ability to chain them together, than having just one attach for attack, i hope they go back to old worlds from previous games and expand on that world, i really hope they go back to spira and make a game where you play as Braska, Jecht and Auron, im sure that would make a great game. i think they will learn a lesson from ff13, honestly i wish they had never leaked that first video of 13, it made it look amazing, the game was still good but not what we expected.

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