Club Nintendo 2013 Elite Awards are a Huge Disappointment

Hardcore Gamer: While many would argue that you're getting things for free so have no right to complain what they are, they're glossing over the point of the program, which is an incentive to buy new games. Spending around five-hundred dollars and getting some posters or CDs as a reward does little to inspire loyalty, and the encouragement to seek out games that supposedly offer it may be over.

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TripC501320d ago

"incentive to buy new games."
To people who look at Club Nintendo as an incentive to buy new games will be dissapointed.

Me? I regester my games and now I can get another game for free...or maybe some exclusive posters. Sweet.

PopRocks3591320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Hey, it's good enough for me. Nintendo games take a while to drop in price anyway. Why not get some free stuff/games along with them?


Same exact thing with me. The CD seemed like a nice collector's item, but I decided I'd rather have the posters since I can download the soundtrack at any time. Just a shame I couldn't get the calendar with it.

TripC501320d ago

Agreed. I picked the poster set by the way. I was thinking about getting Majora's Mask Soundtrack but I couldnt pull the trigger on it.

Shnazzyone1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I decided I wanted the soundtrack. Out of the 3 things that is the highest end collectors thing I see. I found the Luigi poster a bit meh... that was the only reason i didn't go poster too. Besides I still got the zelda 25th anniversary of zelda set decorating my house. To me, that's enough. Majora's mask is a 2 disc set that does come in a jewel case despite the envelope appearing case in the picture.

Also, majora's mask is so inexplicable. I wonder if it's a hint of an impending remake.

TripC501320d ago

@Shnazz If I were to get the soundtrack I would have collected it and never opened it hoping it would become a rare jewl in 50 years.

yalltrippin1320d ago

they are a disappointment, i expected something a little better to choose from.

Xof1320d ago

Club Nintendo rewards are never anything special. There's a reason it's all FREE.

Personally, I like these rewards a lot better than some of the platinums they've had in the past. Remember the pin collection? Ulgh. I'm much happier with an awesome Wind Waker poster.

GenericNameHere1320d ago

The statue with Mario and gang was a few years back was pretty nice...

Anyways, shame I haven't entered since the year with the pins (which IMO was pretty cool also. I still have it unwrapped). Oh well, this year's reward has passed, and maybe I'll try next year. I don't buy much Nintendo games anymore, but my friends do, and they never use their codes since they don't know what they are for.

jkuli61320d ago

Getting free stuff for purchases you would haves for anyway is not a disappointment.

I'll be getting the posters.....once the club Nintendo site goes back up.

admiralvic1320d ago

You could argue both ways. If I spent X dollars and did Y surveys for a chance to get a 10 year old OST, I can't say I would be too excited / hyped.

exfatal1320d ago

but no reason to be disappointed, cause i doubt ur buying these games just for the platinum rewards. plus these dont even cost coins.

admiralvic1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

@ Exfatal

That's like telling a kid not to be sad when Grandma gives you a present, which has a brand new -insert whatever cool item you want-, though it's actually just a box holding a pair of argyle socks.

I choose to spend my time earning the rewards (no matter how you spin it, doing a survey is required to actually get the items) and was naturally a little excited to see what sort of gift Nintendo was going to give me. When you compare things like the Mario Pillow or even things like the Pikmin bag, an old OST or a set of posters aren't really something I am going to go outside and do awesome air kicks over.

1320d ago
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