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To Pre-Order or Not to Pre-Order a Next-Gen Console, That is the Question.

Now that E3 is but a distant memory, you could be forgiven for having a bitter taste in your mouth after the constant hype surrounding the next generation of consoles. Sure, the marketing people will tell everyone that you will have a completely miserable Christmas if you don’t have a new shiny console this year.

Are games on our current consoles showing signs of age? Most critics are calling The Last of Us “The Citizen Kane of Gaming”, so there is a strong argument that the golden era of console gaming is right now. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that this Christmas the top five selling games in the world will probably include FIFA 14, GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts, all of which will be available on the same console you already actually possess.

In fact,Rockstar Games recently announced that currently there ‘are no plans’ for a next-gen release (PS4/XboxOne) of GTA V and Konami also made the brave announcement that they have decided not to launch their football game P... (Grand Theft Auto V, PES 2014, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Need4Game  +   372d ago
It's not that I will not Pre-Orders PS4, but they are all sold out!
iamnsuperman  +   372d ago
Wait. I expect more to come just before launch. You know build the hype/allow a safe amount available that could be made (they don't want people to over pre-order and not meat demand). Then release more when the hype has built up.
Transporter47  +   372d ago
Except Sony said reserve unlimited amount to gamestop and now they are sold out... so yeah...
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lilbrat23  +   372d ago
I already pre-ordered now I want to know release date and just play the system.
Sitdown  +   372d ago
Walmart, Target, and Best Buy website say you are wrong...... that is why it is so ridiculous that people are spending their money on eBay, when units can still be found.
AzureskyZ  +   372d ago
This generation is the folly of man. with the exception of ps2, consoles can be found pretty easily. The reason their is console shortages is because morons empower the ebay abusers to purchase multiple console-- if these guys get burned, the problem is solved.
evilhasitsway  +   372d ago
the problem with walmart,target, an best buy aren't launch editions which means you probley wont get it on launch through them. just saying. cause amazon and gamestop both had launch editions.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   372d ago
Walmart, Bestbuy, and Sony store.sony.com check them out.
305LoneWolf  +   372d ago
thats what i did dude, gamestop had unlimited preorders my ass!! but luckily i went to Best Buy and preordered my PS4, they still have preorders available for the PS4 its just they out of xbox one's
305LoneWolf  +   372d ago
Try Out Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Or The Sony websites, they still have preorders available
SnotyTheRocket  +   371d ago
I don't think they are sold out on Amazon.
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yankolo  +   372d ago
I preorder the xb1 just after e3.
WeAreLegion  +   372d ago
You didn't wait for the no DRM thing? Seriously?
BlaqMagiq24  +   372d ago
Wow I bet you loved M$ restricting you didn't you?
RioKing  +   372d ago
Reminded him of his parents. lol
lawgone  +   372d ago
Screw you guys...yankolo can get whatever the hell he wants. Jesus. All PS4 comments and then as soon as someone says they ordered an XB1 you just can't wait to jump on them. Grow up.
CKsquid  +   371d ago
Please inform us all as to why you would choose the x1 over the ps4.
Puppy_Farts  +   372d ago
I preordered my PS4 on Best Buy last weekend, paid in full. I've never preordered a console before, but I know I'd rather show up on day 1 and have it ready instead of showing up a week after release and having it be sold out. The Best Buy on W69/Broadway gets WIPED out.
shibster88  +   372d ago
Im waiting a month after release maybe more tonget a seeet package for a really good pric3, ie two controllers and a couple of games and psn+ all for a good deal
JessiePinkmanYo  +   372d ago
Shibster-I got bad news bud...if the next gen console release is anything like the last one, you won't even see the consoles in the store, nonetheless be getting "deals" on them a month after launch.
Heisenburger  +   372d ago
Even Skinny Pete knows better than that.

Gaming has grown ever the more popular.

These consoles will be difficult to come across.
mrmancs  +   372d ago
Too late , I pre ordered my ps4 as soon as possible.. First console I ever pre ordered....
Heisenburger  +   372d ago
Yeah I preordered mine just today from Best Buy. Which included release date delivery/arrival for free.

>Note: I'm pretty sure that Walmart said that it would SHIP on the release date. So I went with Best Buy.<

I am always late to the party. Not this time Heisenburger....

Not. This. Time.
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NYC_Gamer  +   372d ago
I never felt the need to pre order since all of my consoles are bought from small local shops and they don't run out of units fast as the huge chains
WeAreLegion  +   372d ago
Pre-ordered as soon as possible at GameStop. I hate that place, but that's where everyone I know will be at midnight. It'll be fun. :) I also pre-ordered one for my brother on Amazon.
wishingW3L  +   372d ago
I pre-ordered a PS4 even though I'm not interested in any of the launch games and I'll probably be playing PS3 the most because of: GTAV, GT6, Beyond, Disgaea D2 and of-course UMvC3 online. I bought Killzone SF though even thought I have never liked the franchise but the launch line-up looks incredibly weak to me.
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RioKing  +   372d ago
I personally pre-ordered the Watch Dogs bundle...that game looks badass!
MiasmaDodo  +   372d ago
I already have.

PS4 = $435
FIFA 14 = $66
Watch Dogs = $66
Second Son in April

Next gen set
SmielmaN  +   372d ago
Heisenburger  +   372d ago
Shway(batman beyond)
RioKing  +   372d ago
So how are they? :p
MiasmaDodo  +   372d ago

FrigidDARKNESS  +   372d ago
I never pre order products because their will be cancellations. All i have to do is pu my name on a waiting list and the other reason is that their will be substitutions on bundles.
kma2k  +   372d ago
Im asking for gift cards for both my bday & christmas. Whatever is left ill just pay for in january. Ill patient enough.
mt  +   372d ago
that is not what I am thinking I am buying ps4 for sure that question is...

to get watchdog / killzone/ infamous/ knack / driveclub all with my PS4 or to not get all of them at once so I could have live normally, that is the question.
ziggurcat  +   372d ago
is this a rhetorical question?
Bobertt  +   372d ago
Im getting the ps4 but im not preordering it, its best to wait for the first shipments to go out and see if there are any defects. Its not like there aren't any games to play while you wait.
shibster88  +   372d ago
At bf4 to your pre order ;)
ScepticTankAvenger  +   372d ago
Pre-Ordered 2 already.
jkuli6  +   372d ago
Ok, does paying it off in full now do anything more than the initial deposit?
I preordered my ps4, but just the $100 down. I'd rather keep my $$ longer and spend it when I have to.
Supermax  +   372d ago
Preordered both no problem
TwistingWords  +   372d ago
Since 1982 and the advent of the ZX Spectrum I've managed to get every PC/console I've chose to purchase on day of release... I see no point in pre-ordering anything, every console gen since the SNES there has always seemed to be shortages yet somehow they manage to have a big stack of them ready for purchase on release day, strange...
JessiePinkmanYo  +   372d ago
I have an X1 preordered through MS, and an X1 and PS4 preordered through Best Buy. Simply put, if you DON'T preorder, you will either be paying through teeth on eBay, or waiting a long time to get your system. Google Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or even Wii shortage. Look at the old forums to see how long people were waiting. Preorders are already selling out and it's only July...imagine the legions of parents out there not in the know who are gonna be hunting these systems come November as gifts. I learned my lesson waiting on the 360, and I won't be in that boat again.
Broburger  +   372d ago
There's a lot of good current gen games coming out so I'll just wait and get one sometime next year.
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whitesoxfalife1976  +   372d ago
I stop preordering since my PS2 preorder went bad....
I'm sure I'm not missing out beside If BOTH OF THEM IS SOLD OUT... I can stack up on my game collection and controllers like I always do in case of shortage...
IlluminatusV  +   372d ago
Never order a console until you have the first reviews of the games on it. Don't trust PR and marketing of all the console makers. The console is on the market for several years so waiting some weeks doesn't matter. You can still play good games on the predecessor console(s).
TomShoe  +   372d ago
Too late :/

Already got my PS4 pre-order in...
evilhasitsway  +   372d ago
I could really care less if I get ps4 for launch and yes that is the next gen system I will get screw ms. but most of the launch games I can wait to play the games that sold me wasn't launch titles anyway. I will just stick with ps3 and my high end pc until I get a ps4. plus there are still a few really great games coming to pc and ps3 so im not that much in a rush.

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