To Pre-Order or Not to Pre-Order a Next-Gen Console, That is the Question.

Now that E3 is but a distant memory, you could be forgiven for having a bitter taste in your mouth after the constant hype surrounding the next generation of consoles. Sure, the marketing people will tell everyone that you will have a completely miserable Christmas if you don’t have a new shiny console this year.

Are games on our current consoles showing signs of age? Most critics are calling The Last of Us “The Citizen Kane of Gaming”, so there is a strong argument that the golden era of console gaming is right now. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that this Christmas the top five selling games in the world will probably include FIFA 14, GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts, all of which will be available on the same console you already actually possess.

In fact,Rockstar Games recently announced that currently there ‘are no plans’ for a next-gen release (PS4/XboxOne) of GTA V and Konami also made the brave announcement that they have decided not to launch their football game P...

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Need4Game1862d ago

It's not that I will not Pre-Orders PS4, but they are all sold out!

iamnsuperman1862d ago

Wait. I expect more to come just before launch. You know build the hype/allow a safe amount available that could be made (they don't want people to over pre-order and not meat demand). Then release more when the hype has built up.

Transporter471862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Except Sony said reserve unlimited amount to gamestop and now they are sold out... so yeah...

lilbrat231862d ago

I already pre-ordered now I want to know release date and just play the system.

Sitdown1862d ago

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy website say you are wrong...... that is why it is so ridiculous that people are spending their money on eBay, when units can still be found.

AzureskyZ1862d ago

This generation is the folly of man. with the exception of ps2, consoles can be found pretty easily. The reason their is console shortages is because morons empower the ebay abusers to purchase multiple console-- if these guys get burned, the problem is solved.

evilhasitsway1862d ago

the problem with walmart,target, an best buy aren't launch editions which means you probley wont get it on launch through them. just saying. cause amazon and gamestop both had launch editions.

Jaqen_Hghar1862d ago

Walmart, Bestbuy, and Sony check them out.

305LoneWolf1862d ago

thats what i did dude, gamestop had unlimited preorders my ass!! but luckily i went to Best Buy and preordered my PS4, they still have preorders available for the PS4 its just they out of xbox one's

305LoneWolf1862d ago

Try Out Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Or The Sony websites, they still have preorders available

SnotyTheRocket1861d ago

I don't think they are sold out on Amazon.

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yankolo1862d ago

I preorder the xb1 just after e3.

WeAreLegion1862d ago

You didn't wait for the no DRM thing? Seriously?

BlaqMagiq241862d ago

Wow I bet you loved M$ restricting you didn't you?

RioKing1862d ago

Reminded him of his parents. lol

lawgone1862d ago

Screw you guys...yankolo can get whatever the hell he wants. Jesus. All PS4 comments and then as soon as someone says they ordered an XB1 you just can't wait to jump on them. Grow up.

CKsquid1861d ago

Please inform us all as to why you would choose the x1 over the ps4.

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shibster881862d ago

Im waiting a month after release maybe more tonget a seeet package for a really good pric3, ie two controllers and a couple of games and psn+ all for a good deal

JessiePinkmanYo1862d ago

Shibster-I got bad news bud...if the next gen console release is anything like the last one, you won't even see the consoles in the store, nonetheless be getting "deals" on them a month after launch.

Heisenburger1862d ago

Even Skinny Pete knows better than that.

Gaming has grown ever the more popular.

These consoles will be difficult to come across.

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