Naughty Dog Co-Founder, Former THQ President on PS4 vs Xbox One: "The Chips Won't Matter"

Ravi Sinha: "Even though we're still 4 months away before the next generation of consoles, with the Xbox One releasing in November and the PlayStation 4 releasing this Holiday season, much is still being made about the purported power of the two consoles. There have been differing opinions, of course, but a consensus is more or less beginning to form that it's primarily about how a developer utilizes the technology present rather than which console is superior."

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mewhy321771d ago

Chips don't matter? Since when?

wishingW3L1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

he's just saying that success is not based on power. But knowing how N4G users are I bet this will reach 1000 degrees because nobody reads more than the title. =/

iamnsuperman1771d ago

Its easy to put the blame onto the users but gamingbolt should use a less hit worthy title. I would rather see "Rubin gives his thoughts on the next gen and what really matters"

BuffMordecai1771d ago

Then again, in any other console generation I've seen, the more powerful console has always been more expensive. This is the first time in which the stronger platform is $100 cheaper right off the bat. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

NatureOfLogic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Him saying success is not based on power is his opinion, not fact. IMO, It comes down to many things including power. Like with PS4 vs Xbox One. It comes down to games availability, price, hardware(power/chips) and features. I understand that chips are not everything, but saying chips don't help something to become successful, I disagree with that. If PS4 had PS2 chips against Xbox One, which one do you think would have better chance at being successful? Lets remember that these chips also allow new features. So chips will matter IMO.

NewMonday1771d ago

if it was like the PS3 where few developers can take advantage of the CELL then yes, the power gap will not stand out...but this time the PS4 is much more powerful AND with better and more developer friendly architecture.

insiders already say the difference between PS4 and XBone will be obvious on 3rd party games from day1... and another telling point is that all the comparisons we see are between PS4 and high end PCs, the XB1 is not even part of the conversation anymore.

nukeitall1771d ago

All I have to say is Wii, Wii, Wii and WIIII!!!

Point being, the chips didn't win Nintendo last generation and neither did the Cell win for PS3.

It has little to do with the chips and more the overall package, the policies, the system, the featurers and the forward lookingness.

In the end, it is value!

That value can depend on games, features or other things.

The Wii was a great value at it's price point upon release!

1771d ago
wsoutlaw871771d ago

@nukeitall yes the wii is a good example of how you dont need power but that was because they brought something new and brought in a new audience. How ever look at the wii u as a counter to that. The wii u will be missing out on a substantial amount of games because of its chips. Games/experiences sell consoles and the hardware is a big part of them. The chips however arent the deciding factor, but they have a chance to be in a console gen where they are so similar.

Eddie201011771d ago


I know one thing you Xbone defenders,apologist whatever you are, are the the whiniest people on the planet. Sony fanboy this, Sony fanboy that without comprehending that you yourself sound like the biggest Fanboy bi#$%es on the planet.

xxLuckyStrike1771d ago

wwhat kinda chips?ruffles ranch.... Mmmmm mmmm good

dantesparda1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@aixao "chips do matter"

No they don't (to MS fanboys)
unless the x1 was more powerful, then suddenly they do matter again. Its all bullsh!t. There is no way around it, the PS4 is more powerful than the X1, PERIOD! FACT! The MS fanboys cant accept that, so they bend over backwards trying to argue otherwise, its pathetic really.

And p.s to Jason Rubin, good chips and good devs make for even better more impressive games, how bout them apples?

blacktiger1771d ago

actually chipset do matter, otherwise developers will have to limit to the power of console instead of standard.

n4rc1771d ago Show
HateFanboys1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


"I love it.. You pathetic f#cking fanboys are bitching about t us "Xbox fanboys" when there hasn't been a single one on here.. "

"Like this.. I'm still looking for these mysterious Xbox fanboys that troll Sony articles says how much it sucks for no reason other then its not heir choice.. "

then you're blind kid, cuz they be lurking all up in these woods, there might even be one in you, you think, huh? huh? huh?

"Truly pathetic and I'm done coming to this glorified Sony fansite "

Bye baby, we'll miss ya, dont let the door hit'cha on the way out son!

Bye, and dont come back, go be with your MS fanboys

dcj05241771d ago

Ironic lol you get 106.

nukeitall1771d ago


"@nukeitall yes the wii is a good example of how you dont need power but that was because they brought something new and brought in a new audience. How ever look at the wii u as a counter to that. The wii u will be missing out on a substantial amount of games because of its chips. Games/experiences sell consoles and the hardware is a big part of them. The chips however arent the deciding factor, but they have a chance to be in a console gen where they are so similar."

Wii U isn't getting support, not because it's chips can't support it. Many of these multiplatform games are released on Xbox 360 and PS3, so the Wii U isn't an issue being more powerful.

The problem is the slow adoption rate of Wii U. Why spend millions supporting a small userbase of less than 5 millions, that probably won't hit 30 million life time.

Also I want to point out that when people say technology (or in this case chips) don't matter, it is in relation to relatively comparable hardware i.e. Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. Obviously it is not NES vs PS3 vs Ouya similar to how fast food restaurant technically do not compete with high end restaurants.

You are right that game experiences sell consoles, but I would take that one step further and say it is *entertainment experiences* that sell consoles.
This is where the Wii u fail, it lacks games and experiences outside of game that are appealing. Essentially I see few reasons to buy it, despite being a huge fan of it. Nintendo really dropped the ball on the games, which is practially Wii U's main function (as it sucks at almost everything else).

So yeah, chips don't matter and history has shown that repeatedly!

Syntax-Error1771d ago

@BuffModecai - It's cheaper for a reason. It would've been the same price if they included the camera

Ju1771d ago

He says this:

"Once drove a racetrack in mom-van with a pro driver then couldn't beat his time driving a ferrari- Its the driver, not the car"

And while this holds some truth this is under the assumption that the Ferrari isn't driven by a pro driver. I'd rather say, the top drivers drive that Ferrari. You still believe that van can beat the race car?

JeffGUNZ1771d ago

@ Buffmodercai

It's more expensive because the Kinect is included. That's the only reason.

pixelsword1770d ago

@ wishingW3L:

When a title is flamebait, the title and little bit of article on the front is all I will read.

Good articles don't need flamebait.

Foliage1770d ago

Naughty Dog only solidified their role atop the best developers list; after this clown left the company. Since his departure they have worked on all 3 Uncharted games and The Last of Us. All 4 games were the best games available the years they released. Nothing to see here folks; just a guy riding coat tails.

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die_fiend1771d ago

They matter if they're salted

Fireseed1771d ago

I prefer if mine also have vinegar.

starfox791771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Can i say this....

PS4,has the best system RAM,most terrabites,cloud in the future,good exclusives,the most 3rd party support.

Xbox1,has cloud for more power,good 3rd party support,good exclusives Halo ect,good system RAM,the best multi tasking.

WiiU,has cloud for more power in the future NERD are developing it now,the best exclusives,poor 3rd party support but the ones it has are good Watchdogs ect,the best overall memory ie powerful EDRAM cache memory,EDRAM chip memory,good but less system RAM.

All 3 use dx11 cards,ps4,wiiu will use comparable opengl,all 3 have low cpu clock speeds,all have out of order execution.

Shadow of eternals wiiu trailer shows dx11 at max.

So where wiiu lacks it can be made up with Havok compression x10 technology,in other words with compression 1GB is now 10GB which is enough for any game.

die_fiend1771d ago


Yeah, you can say all those things. But I'm not gonna read all that

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GribbleGrunger1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

This guy's had a flea up his ass ever since he left ND.

Dlacy13g1771d ago

No I think the only flea up anyones ass is that of GamingBolt and good old Ravi constantly trying to get developers to talk badly of the Xbox One publically.

loulou1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

that must be it.. he is not happy with sony. that explains his comment

muerte2494. obvious;y you are a dev working on it.. what game are you working on? and what studio are you with?

you must be to be making those comments.... or are you just another pathetic [email protected] fanboy??

Muerte24941771d ago

"trying to get developers to talk badly of the Xbox One publically."

Because they all know behind closed doors, that's it's horrible.

testerg351771d ago


When a dev says positive stuff about Sony.. "I would rather listen to actual devs than fanboys"

when a dev says positive stuff about MS... "their being paid by MS", "this dev doesn't count", ...

I think that's how it works.

dantesparda1771d ago


When a dev says positive stuff about MS.. "I would rather listen to actual devs than fanboys"

when a dev says positive stuff about Sony... "their being paid by Sony", "this dev doesn't count", ...

I think that's how it works.

GribbleGrunger1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Yes, Septic, just like Jonathan Blow. Of course you do have to take into consideration that Jonathan Blow IS actually making a game for both consoles, so regardless of the similarities, I'd take his words more seriously (Even though I might not entirely agree with them)

die_fiend1770d ago


What is Blow making for Xbox One?

GribbleGrunger1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Witness ... unless that's changed. As Sony pointed out at the reveal: 'Witness deputing on the PS4.' It was NEVER an exclusive, unless, like I said, things have changed.

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deathstriker1771d ago

The weakest consoles sold the most for the last two generations... Wii and PS2. The mainstream doesn't care about power.

wishingW3L1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

PS2 was more powerful than the Dreamcast and the GC and Xbox came out almost 2 years later which is a considerable gap.

The consoles that sold the most re not the weakest but the cheapest.

Rip-Ridah1771d ago

The current generation is NOT over. I'm fairly confident that the PS3 will outsell the Wii by the time the PS3 is off of the market.

lgn151771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I forgot your more knowledgeable than than Naughty Dog co-founder. You really showed that by your, long, drawn out, and logical explanation of your opinion! Oh wait..

Also I hope it's probably not a biased opinion coming from a guy with a PS4 as his profile picture.

Electric-flamingo1771d ago

Hmmmmm you might be on to something. Lol. Gotta love the N4G devs!!!

1771d ago
Aceman181771d ago

Jason i believe you need both to make great games.

showtimefolks1771d ago

I hate jason Rubin, he is an idiot. He believed in online passes and said publishers should blocked used games

success is based on power i believe, that's why ps3 was about to catch/pass xbox360. With power came great looking exclusives meaning people interest was more

Khronikos1771d ago

Rubin is just one of those dudes who sold his passion out for money and is now commenting on random bullshit. This guy barely 'works' anymore. And yes chips do matter to a huge portion of people. NO, not everyone. The Wii is a fluke people. If chips didn't matter than where the hell is the WiiU going again being massively underpowered? Yeah, straight to the toilet is where.

JamieL1771d ago

LOL, man being a close minded fanboy must suck. I mean weren’t all of you sucking this guy off when he was with ND making games. I am pretty sure most the folks on good ol' N4G dubbed all ND as gods right? He went from "God" status to a POS just because he changed companies. He wasn't even saying anything bad against Sony, but if yawl even catch a hind of positivity about the XBone then its ATTACK right? Pathetic.

Khronikos1770d ago

The point is nobody cares about Rubin anymore. He sold out LONG TIME ago bud. LONG TIME AGO. Nothing at all to do with ND's success on PS3.

showtimefolks1770d ago


shows who is the real fanboy when he had nothing to do with ND's success on ps3. He sold off long long time ago

i hate stealth fanboys like you

JamieL1770d ago

@ showtimefolks
Good, as long as you are hating on me you're leaving someone else alone. Keep using all your effort hating us "stealth fanboys" that like games no matter what hunk of plastic you put them in. So go on calling people fanboys and hating all you want, it really has no impact on the world at all, and only makes YOU upset.

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Eddie201011771d ago

The PS4 is more powerful and not by a small margin and will probably add cloud processing in the near future. Sony's first party and some third party developers have been really good at getting the very most out of Sony consoles, and the games prove it.

meplaygames1771d ago

You better pray that the games on the PS4 are 50% better than on the Xbox one in both graphics and game play because come release day I think many Sony fanboys are going to get a nasty shock when comparison vids start coming out lol....bless your cute little brain ha

Eddie201011770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


Your name describes the size of your brain, and your childish mentality. PS3 does better looking games with the wright developer and PS4 will too except with a little less effort. The game play is going to be the same for the most part but there will be a difference in graphis and physics a few devs have already said so.

Don't need to pray for anything my life does not depend on the PS4 or the Xbox One, but since you made the dumb comment maybe yours does.

May want change name to mepoopypants when Sony and P34 proves to be better than you think.

See ha meplaygames with full diaper.

Eddie201011771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Gaming for the win.

MazzingerZ1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Wii? It's about sales or what's delivered to gamers? I can easily say what Wii titles I played and got the Wii for...on the other side it' s impossible to do the same for PS3/X360 as they are countless

mwjw6961771d ago

Since the console wars began fanboy.

1. Nes vs Sega - Nes won and was less powerful.
2. SNES vs Genesis - Even with all the powerful add-ons for sega it lost.
3. Gameboy vs Gamegear - Gameboy won and did not even have a color screen.
4. PS2 vs GC vs Xbox - PS2 was the least powerful and won hands down, GC was 33% more powerful and came in second, xbox was 33% more powerful than GC and came in last.

Most of the time power gets you nuthing. It is and always will be about the games, options, and support from the company.

So since the NES is when they stoped mattering.

dantesparda1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

The GC did not outsell the Xbox and SNES was technically overall better than the Genesis, So SNES won that gen and was more powerful and Xbox beat GC and was more powerful

And PS1 was superior to Saturn

mwjw6961771d ago


Holy shit I stand corrected. I had no idea xbox original came in second place over the GC. That must have happened after I stopped keeping track when I said fuck it and starting playing PC only... WOW.

Second point. I know the Genesis was weaker over all. The point I was making it that even with all its "upgrades" like 32x, CD drive, and the like. It still could not take over the SNES.

PS1 was defiantly an exception to the rule on that one, cause it it beat the N64, and Saturn hands down.

dantesparda1771d ago

Gotcha, and I kinda thought that's what you meant with the genesis, but I wasnt sure

Ju1771d ago

Also, it's more about timing than power alone. PS2 came out way earlier than XBox and could build a solid base - and was cheaper at the time XBox launched.

If time would be the only factor, though, we'd all be playing WiiU.

But a combination of power, timing and price is quite convincing. And in all those the PS4 leads. I think PlayStation did everything right this time. We'll see.

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TwistedMetal1771d ago

ok if the power don't matter then lets look at the games from this gen of both consoles

now xbox fanboys can shut up you guys having been playing crap for the last 3 years except for multiplas and guess what ps4 does those better ps4 is where we as gamers need to gravitate towards right now

fr0sty1771d ago

"Once drove a racetrack in mom-van with a pro driver then couldn't beat his time driving a ferrari- Its the driver, not the car."

Until that pro driver steps into the Ferrari, and we all know how many pro drivers there are working under the SCEWWS umbrella.

JamieL1771d ago

That's his point genius, the driver makes the car preform, just like it's the software that makes the hardware preform. This is like the 3rd comment making this same point, when that's exactly what he was trying to say.

fr0sty1771d ago

The question was:

"Do you have any takeaways, from a developers HONEST standpoint, can you get more or less from PS4 hardware vs. X1 via specs????"

His answer stated that it's not the hardware but the developer that determines that. While that is true, it still does not change the fact that if you put 2 equally talented developers coding on XB1 and PS4 hardware, the developer working on the PS4 is going to have more hardware power to play with and therefore will do better from a technical standpoint than the equally talented developer working on the X1.

He basically deflected the question to try to put it all in the developer's lap, when the question was not about developers at all, but rather the tools those developers use to make their games. He sidestepped the question entirely.

So, my point stands. Put both the van and the ferarri on the track, with equally talented drivers, and the ferarri will be driving laps around the van.

AngelicIceDiamond1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Think about it, this gen the chips didn't matter, "the more powerful console." when it was all said and done.

It was just all talk and hype from the community.

thetruthx11771d ago

This guy is right and if anyone would know it would be a developer working with the technology. Was the ps3 more powerful than the xbox 360 of course it was on a specs sheet but multiplats performed better on the 360. Did Uncharted blow Halo 4 or Gears of War out of the water graphically it didn't because it is still debatable so that says to me that the systems were comparable. It'll be the same thing next gen. And while you say it'll be easier to develop on the ps4 it'll still be about who has the better tools to

bigfish1770d ago

they dont know what they are talking about,,, of course chips matter and if a dev uses good chips properly then nothing can compete,, this may well be the case with PS4

1770d ago
1770d ago
Utalkin2me1770d ago

Chips won't matter refers to "Doritos"

BallsEye1770d ago


Thanks mister engineer. I guess you built both ps4 and X1. Can you please share more details on how exactly one is more powerful than the other (and I dont mean paper specs)? I wan't to learn more about architecture, exactly how it works in ps4 besides having the most simple pc architecture. I also wanna know why in your opinion having plenty of move engines esram and faster ram is worse. Thanks mr engineer. I'm glad sony has such great engineers like yourself.

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iamnsuperman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

He is right in theory that its up to the developers to make the games and the business model that sell the systems (which is why the chips won't matter) however having a better chip/specs makes things easier for one of the parties to do so. I think Sony's track record has been quite good in the last 4-5 years when it comes to first party

Also this seems like a sneaky twitter interview

k2d1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Jason Runin no longer has any affiliation with Sony or Naughty dog. He's probably paid by Microsoft to throw FUD around about the PS4. There's a lot you can do with 1 billion dollars.