Brand New Screenshots: inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Killzone: Mercenary, and Knack

Sony has released new screenshots of its PlayStation 4 lineup (and one new screenshot of Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita) as part of its holiday 2013 showcase.

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Prcko1777d ago

can't w8 to see stuff from comic con this week.

Need4Game1777d ago

can't wait for more Gameplay.

Tony-A1777d ago

I think we can all agree that Gamescom is officially taking too long to get here...

Come on, August 21st!

abzdine1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

inFamous is definitelt gonna be BIG!

Dee_911776d ago

very seattle like
Im lovin it

Andreas-Sword1776d ago

I think InFamous: Second Son has very nice graphics, and very nice effects.

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Enemy1777d ago

Those Shadow Fall shots of the Helghast Marshall Echo are freaking amazing.

Phene1777d ago

Yeh GOT DAMN, kz is looking ridiculously good ..but then again Kilzone 2! still looks good ...these guys are amazing

Sketchy_Galore1777d ago

Are those what they call bullshots or is that what we can expect only in cutscenes? because if that's an actual character model we will see in gameplay that's just..... that is truly insane.

sobekflakmonkey1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Yeah, it's pretty crazy what they're already able to achieve, I was looking at screenshots of Crysis 3 I took on my PC and these are pretty much just as good if not better in some area's, quite impressive, considering I can run Crysis 3 maxed out.

They're most likely in-engine, running in their software and all, so kind of a bullshot, and it's not the quality of the textures, its the fact that there are no jaggies, I'm sure in the final product there will be jaggies, but still, I'm assuming that since its 1080p that they'll probably have some type of AA which will get you extremely close to the clarity you see in these screenshots, but I can't imagine it looking worse, if not only by a little, probably won't even be noticeable while playing.

webeblazing1777d ago

why most of the pic res are higher than 1080p

karl1777d ago


killzone looks insane..

that helghan character model
makes me thing this time we will actually know a more human side of the helghan..

i really hope for a more dramatic story and character focused game...

that pic did hyped me more than the trailers. =P

CYCLEGAMER1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

[email protected] these screen shots, I wanna see more gameplay.

I've been falling for the same tricks since the ps1 and sega saturns were announced, awesome commercials and screenshots but in game is not nearly as good.

AndrewLB1776d ago

Flakemonkey- You must have been playing the PC version of Crysis 3 on medium or low settings if you think these graphics are better. The infamous screens have horrible environment textures, muddy details, and inaccurate shadows with hard edges.The only thing that looks decent is the textures on the guy running throwing the fireball.

You really think inFamous looks better than this? Blinded by fanboyism?

Pintheshadows1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

AndrewLB can't read properly it seems. Then again, I guess he is still in school with his attitude.

If you could read you'd you'd see sobekflakmonkey was talking about KZ Shadowfall, not Infamous Second Son. And I agree with him. Shadowfall rivals Crysis 3 maxed.

And hey, you have proved your stupidity yet again by getting so wound up, you attempt to downplay and compare an open world game which isn't out until next year, to a linear 5 hour long shooter which has nothing going for it apart from gorgeous enviromental and character visuals on the PC.

I'm so sick of a small group of PC gamers throwing Crysis 3 around as an amazing game when all it is a tech demo for their overpriced rigs that they didn't even build themselves. The game itself is even worse than Crysis 2.

There are far better examples of why PC gaming is great.

wampdog291776d ago

@webeblazing only the non-game images are higher than 1080p HD. Every single PS4 game image is 1920x1080.... which is 1080p...

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nosferatuzodd1776d ago

wow i think im in love with that woman she can shot at me allday lol

Kevin ButIer1776d ago


holy... after seeing that image my interest in KZ SF went over 9000

solidt121776d ago

Man these screenshots look awesome. I been wanting to see a high quality screenshot of Knack in motion. Knack is one of those games where it is hard to tell just how good the graphics look unless you get a high quality picture in-screen, in person or a high quality video. They all look great!

OhMyGandhi1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )



RedHawkX1776d ago

yep this game is gonna be sick. i been playing infamous 2 lately and its just so awesome. i cant imagine how many enemeies and such they will have in the new game and the new powers and such. hope it has all the bad guys from previous games in it plus new bad guys for extra epicness. also the create your own side mission is epic. i put down a bunch of enemies and the giant ice monsters and the the giant beatle bugs type things.

1776d ago
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mrmancs1777d ago

You big teasers Sony.....

EXVirtual1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I saw the gameplay for Infamous Second Son... confirmed pre-order. Just wondering, since the PS4 devkits AT E3 were incomplete, do you think this game will run better than it did at E3?

GribbleGrunger1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Yes. At least another 6 months of development time. That's if what we saw was the newest build (which is unlikely)

Read up on the Cerny Method and you'll see why Sony nearly always have a demo level. From page 16:

Once the two demo levels are created, then they decide whether to cancel or continue.

EXVirtual1777d ago

Sweet. So basically at E3, the PS4 was incomplete and the game is still in a sort of pre alpha form? If that's the case, we'll probably see games like Infamous SS and Watch Dogs run at 60fps on PS4!

GribbleGrunger1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

1080p/60fps games are not guaranteed out of the gate but Sony's directive is to target that quality, so you can be sure eventually every 1st party game will meet that criteria.

Kleptic1777d ago

Most info i've seen states that the PS4 moving to 8GB of ram literally happened in 2013...I know a bump in memory doesn't necessarily mean everything...but it hurts nothing...

with that said...developers unimously stated that the memory increase was as much news to them as it was to us...Killzone: Shadow Fall's Feb 2013 demo was confirmed to be on a dev kit utilizing 3GB of ram for the game, the extra gig being blocked for future OS/background purposes...

6 months and a big bump to are going to look pretty incredible imo...yes, we're all aware of PC...i have a PC too...just excited to see this kind of stuff out of a console...

starchild1776d ago

Most next gen games will be 1080p/30fps. Unless you want all of your games to look half as good. It takes literally twice as much GPU performance to go from 30fps to 60fps.

When games at 30fps look essentially twice as good, the competition to match the graphics in those games will push other developers to stay at 30fps too.

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Gamesgbkiller1777d ago

What I saw from E3's demo sold me.

webeblazing1777d ago

the gameplay of Second Son was kind of boring to me i wish somebody else was playing it the guy the had the controller was playing it like it was a shooter it was pissing me off

tubers1777d ago

The game looked barren to me.

Guess it doesn't tickle any fancy if you weren't a fan of the first two games.

I have a pet peeve with the stance as well. It's like he's constipated or ready to take a dump anytime soon.

webeblazing1777d ago

i love the first two infamous its boring if you play it like that dude i wanted somebody to snatch the remote from him

ssj271777d ago

That the beauty of inFAMOUS.. The freedom of playing the game as a shooter or close combat or just mix the two.

Obviously this game will not please everyone but inFSS looks like it will be the best one so far, Sucker P. keep making it better and more fun each time.

andibandit1776d ago

Maybe it was just the gameplay i saw, but it wasn't very exciting...

Guy shooting fire from his hands and dropping bombs, vs guy with gun......????

Was like watching Superman stepping on ants.

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