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PlayStation Store PLAY 2013 puts Summer of Arcade 2013 to shame

From the article, "Wow. Microsoft better send up the white flag this summer, because Sony has got them beat. The PlayStation Store's PLAY 2013 sales promotion has just been announced and... yeah. Microsoft doesn't stand a chance. It's quite a wallop, which further showcases how Sony keeps scrambling to stay on consumers' good side, while Microsoft doesn't really seem to care.

Let's start with the games, because that's what proves the PlayStation Store is the place to go this summer." (PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

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uncharted56  +   378d ago
Steam Summer Sale actually is the one that puts them both to shame.
Soldierone  +   378d ago
Was going to say, both of them seem to suck compared to Steam.

(And no I'm not a PC gamer, its just obvious)
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uncharted56  +   378d ago
Yup picked L4D2 for 4, Hitman Absolution for 6, Just Cause 2 for 3, Sleeping Dogs for 8 dollars and soon Deus Ex Human Revolution for less then five when it goes on sale. Might also pick up both biosocks for 10 bucks lol. Also forgot battlefield 3 for five bucks around e3. I never realized pc gaming was so good until I got my pc this year and started playing on it lol. Sad though I can't take it with me to university. Ps4 will have to do :D
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TRGMatt  +   378d ago
@Uncharted56 below: Got 3 of those games for FREE on PS+ already :p
vigilante_man  +   378d ago
Already got the following of your list from PS+:
* Hitman Absolution
* Just Cause 2
* Sleeping Dogs
* Deus Ex. Human Revolution
* Battlefield 3
* Saints Row Third
* Demon Souls
* ICO/Shadow of The Colossus HD
* Many More...

& Vita Games:
* Rayman Origins
* Uncharted - Golden Abyss
* Wipeout 2048
* Gravity Rush
* MGS HD Collection
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
* Unit 13
* etc.

Sorry, got carried away. Seriously - if you have a PS3 you NEED to get PS+. For value it beats all sales!
Corpser  +   377d ago

It's not the same at all, the ps3 version of these games look like the pc version in only 720p and low-mid settings

But dont worry you'll get to see what these games are meant to look like when you buy the full HD edition again on ps4
Transporter47  +   378d ago
To be Fair PC games have always been cheaper then console games at the end of the day. I don't want to buy any of those for my PC i rather have then on my console i like my PC but to play League of Legends sometimes WoW, or like high end games like Crysis or Bioshock Infinite at times.
uncharted56  +   378d ago
And thats cool. I buy most games now for my pc but games that I know I will play with my friend's, I will get on my console as those guys don't have a gaming pc. But it seems these game devs want to move away from the local mp aspect that was so popular in ps2 gen and really push online. Why cant they do both I mean I still remember playing timesplitters and wwf here comes the pain with my friends and it was tons of fun. This is the reason why I have primarly moved to pc gaming because devs have stopped treating consoles as consoles.
black0o  +   378d ago
PS+ puts steam to shame .. discounts every month
uncharted56  +   378d ago
I like psn plus but nope Steam Sale everything is on sale including the new AAA titles.

Edit: I will sort of go back on my statement. With psn plus you get free games so its quite awesome but you don't necessarily get the AAA games on huge discounts which is the purpose of steam sale plus we are comparing which platform has better sales psn plus is a paying service for demos, free games and betas.
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TwistingWords  +   378d ago
But you have to pay for said discount...
towelie1288  +   378d ago
lol ur joking right?? calm down
Oschino1907  +   378d ago
Almost every game you named from Steam that is cheap or on sale have at some point been included in the PS+ Instant Game Collection, some as far back as a year ago or more.

Not saying Steam is bad or not as good or better but PS has been getting better and better with digital downloads especially compared to other consoles. PS+ just takes it up a notch.

Also don't forget game sharing on PS, up to 2 consoles can have the game at a time and any account can play them. Great for anyone with 2 PS3s or a good friend to share with. I have 2 PS3s in one room so often if its a co-op or mainly multiplayer game I will be sure to get the digital download.
AceBlazer13  +   378d ago
ps sad to say will never be on steam's level im not even a pc gamer.steam basically has an instant game collection with those free-to-play games they hav.think i'll build a gaming pc after i buy my ps4
uncharted56  +   378d ago
First of all PS+ is a subscription service not a summer sale event which lead to this discussion. Steam has the best sales hands down. Me and my 3 friends can get a bundle paying each other for a game and we all will have access to it. Steam is a lot more easy to use to buy games, interact with friends and play games then psn or live.
kupomogli  +   378d ago

Coincidentally all those games except for Hitman Absolution, L4D2(not on PS3,) and Bioshock 1 were only a few of the free games on PS+. You paid or will potentially pay $41. Paid $50 for PS+ and got so much more.

You get to keep the games you purchase on Steam, but the same could be said of PS+ if you have no plans of unsubscribing. You continue to keep access to all your games and you continue getting five free games per month.

Steam deals are good though. Torchlight 2 for $3.75. The Humble Bundle deals. GOG has better deals than Steam.

If you go by price and how many games you get? It goes Humble Bundle > PS+ > GOG > Steam > XBL > Nintendo eshop.
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Chrisgamerguy  +   378d ago
Both sales are good...
Whitefeather  +   378d ago
Anyone know when the Summer of Arcade games will release on PS3?
starchild  +   378d ago
And Steam puts them both to shame.

See, we can all act like fanboys.
mrmancs  +   378d ago
But he said he wasn't a PC gamer ....
Ps3 has the best graphics ever and the ps4 will be even better.. And I'm not even a PlayStation gamer....
Smell a rat? Lol.
supraking951  +   378d ago
well PS+ deals are every week
sashimi  +   378d ago
Not to mention all the AAA games we've been getting and I noticed RE6 was actually cheaper on the psn+ spring sale than it is during the steam summer sale lol.
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killerips   378d ago | Spam
KwietStorm  +   378d ago
Yet another article tearing apart the gaming community from within.
Mounce  +   378d ago
PSN ftw :L
lawgone  +   378d ago
It's a good deal. But, the inflammatory language used in just the first paragraph of the "article" is childish. Of course, they do it to get hits but it's annoying to read.
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mixelon  +   378d ago
Didnt know what Flashback is? Hand in your gamer card! ;)

Not really.. I do wish that people learnt more gaming history before writing about it, or at least made the tiniest effort to research before discounting things. Flashback was a big deal in its day, so if the remake lives up to that reputation its not too different to the duck-tales remake in terms of merit.
ColeMacGrath  +   378d ago
Meanwhile in Nintendo eShop.....
(Cricket sound)
ColeMacGrath  +   378d ago
Oh you get $30 back if you buy Shin Megami Tensei 4 & Fire Emblem Awakening, they're together $90..
madpuppy  +   378d ago
that's because Nintendo thinks of themselves like Apple or Bose, that they don't need to have sales or discounts.
biglittlesps  +   378d ago
Steam might be giving crazy discounts but they are doing some bad which is making people(addiction) to not to buy games at full price mostly and wait for discounts. But, this is not good for developers and right now only Consoles(sony pays developers for their games even after two years by keeping those in ps+) are saving them with good prices if consoles also do that then Game developers are not gonna get any good profits unless after year or two of game release.
No_Pantaloons  +   378d ago
WTH ducktales $12 AFTER 20% off, that's still pretty pricy for an NES game. I'm all for remastering, but come on, I could be playing the original on an emulator in less time than it took me to write this paragraph... for free. I like the idea but that seems like a gouge.
Zechs34  +   378d ago
Comparing the original game on NES to the brand new remake/remaster that everyone has been asking for is not fair. I personally think that's a great price for the game after PS+ discount.
Belking  +   378d ago
Not with those games they won't....lol Summer of arcade games are better and will most likely sell more.
dcj0524  +   378d ago
Steam destroys all of em but playstation sale is nice too.
vigilante_man  +   378d ago
Sorry for the double post but look what I have got from PS+ in just the past few months alone:

* Hitman Absolution
* Just Cause 2
* Sleeping Dogs
* Deus Ex. Human Revolution
* Battlefield 3
* Saints Row Third
* Demon Souls
* ICO/Shadow of The Colossus HD
* Many More...

& Vita Games:

* Rayman Origins
* Uncharted - Golden Abyss
* Wipeout 2048
* Gravity Rush
* MGS HD Collection
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
* Unit 13
* etc.

Now that beats any steam sale - just saying.. Steam do a god job with their sales so credit due to them. You just can't beat PS+ if you have a PS3. It's insanely good value.
No_Limit  +   378d ago
Stealth Inc., Cloudberry Kingdom and Ibb and Obb. WTF, never heard of these games before.
UnHoly_One  +   378d ago
I'm sorry, but if you know all about a remastered DuckTales game but have "never heard" of Flashback, I can't take anything you say about games seriously.

That's embarrassing.

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