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Stick Skills: "Logitech’s G700s gaming mouse is a beast. Covered in a variety of buttons, wheels and doodads, the mouse is definitely an odd looking creature. The most striking feature, however, is the $99.99 price tag. Many of you may be thinking, can a mouse really be worth that much money? To a select few, the answer is a definite yes. Just be sure to take a long look at the extra functionality it provides, and decide if you’ll actually take advantage of all the slick features."

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Scatpants1530d ago

I have the older version of this mouse and I love it. Highly recommended

Pro Racer1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Agreed, the G700 is perfect - I especially love the locking/frictionless mouse wheel. This is a good time pick up the older version since it's on sale at most places.

Jyndal1530d ago

Thanks, but I'll continue to rely on my trusty Razer Naga.

joe901530d ago

Roccat Kone+ here, great mouse with amazing drivers for custom lighting and buttons.

Bolts1530d ago

Nice mouse but the Naga is way better for custom binds. It's the MMO Mouse that does everything.