What games do you want on the Wii Virtual Console?

The American gaming magazine Nintendo Power is running a poll in their latest issue to find out what classic games (on consoles currently supported) gamers would most like to see on the Wii Virtual Console. You can email them your five picks and they'll publish a top 100 of games with the most votes in the next issue.

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killer_trap3515d ago

Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Allstars will make me a happy camper.

RiseOfMonster3515d ago

If Mario RPG came out--I would lose it--I think my head would explode.

I'd even pay full retail for it.

smokeymicpot3515d ago

A couple of those games wouldn't happen because some of them are made by rare which is know owned by xbox

MadMax3515d ago

How about Goldeneye 007 already. Out of this World perhaps.

gungnir133515d ago

Chrono Trigger will make my Wii Complete.

BeaArthur3515d ago

Also I would love to get Final Fantasy 3 from the SNES...loved that game.

Marceles3515d ago

Yeah, someone has to get Square-Enix's classic games on VC or PSN...that would be a gold mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.