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Ryse: Son of Rome might be the killer app that saves the Xbox | Gaming Trend

Gaming Trend: "Ryse: Son of Rome has sold me on Xbox One at launch. In the months leading up to the quagmire that Microsoft has gotten themselves into with their stance on used games, internet connection requirements, price point and my general lack of interest in their launch lineup, I was almost certain that I would not be buying an Xbox One anytime soon. Then I played Ryse: Son of Rome today at E3 and everything changed." (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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Abriael  +   717d ago | Funny
Press A with the right timing to save the Xbox!

Don't worry, it's optional!
ShugaCane  +   717d ago
Haha. lol. Seriously. From all the feedback, I'd rather say that Titanfall is shaping up to be the (prospective) killer ap.
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Kanzes  +   717d ago
I prefer KI and DR3 than Titanfall though.

I admit, Ryse doesn't good enough, the texture detail is awesome since it's using Cry3engine, but it lacks of aethestics and looks bland (not mention there's a lot of QTE's too)
Need4Game  +   717d ago
maybe a Killer App that Kill Xbox One.
ShugaCane  +   717d ago

Yep, but to be really clear, I was saying that because of the things I've read from Xbox players. They seem to have really enjoyed Titanfall overall, but Ryse received some mixed reactions. It's good looking, but nothing more indeed. Typical of Crytek's recent productions.
abzdine  +   717d ago
Titanfall is coming to PC, and discussions are going to have it released on PS4 at some point. Remember Mass Effect?
it's EA we're talking about those guys see cash everywhere.
Mr_Nuts  +   717d ago
TitanFall looks nice but it's nothing special

Take a Sci Fi setting +
COD mechanics/gameplay +
Mechs +
Wall running +

= TitanFall

It's nothing we haven't seen before, it's just what COD should of evolved into this gen. I can't believe it won those E3 awards though over WatchDogs, The Division, inFAMOUS SS and many others. It was just another typical FPS, without a single player

EDIT: Below


Just an "upgrade"....you really havent been paying attention have you
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Colzer01  +   717d ago
@nuts lol Infamous SS it's just an upgrade graphic version from before with a new MC. The Division and Destiny are the only two game deserves to win big at E3
littlezizu  +   717d ago
Titanfall is not actually much different to Starhawk on ps3. People need to try starhawk its only 10$ now its underrated ps3 exclusive.
gamertk421  +   717d ago | Well said
If Titanfall was a PS4 exclusive, y'all would be on its nuts, big time, lol.
HammadTheBeast  +   717d ago
Well.... it's on PC.... so.....
gamertk421  +   717d ago
Not the point.
starchild  +   717d ago
@hammad the beast

Which we know most PS fanboys don't own, since you guys are always in PC articles bashing it.

The fact that it is on PC is only noteworthy to PC gamers like myself. To people that only own a PS4, it doesn't really mean anything. You still won't be able to play it.

Anyway, it's shameful to see an Xbox One article filled with fanboys from the other console just bashing Xbox One games.
3-4-5  +   717d ago
Yea Titanfall looks like what COD should have evolved into about 2 games ago.

COD fans can't really hate on it either because it's from their fave IP's creator and is basically and updated version of what they have come to love.

Titanfall could very well take gamers away from COD, along with killzone, BF4, Destiny and a few others.

COD isn't going to sell as well and be as dominate as it once was.

There are too many other good/fun options for FPS and other games that will take people away from the COD scene.

It will still sell 4+ million on each console, but I just think this is the beginning of the end for them unless they adjust.

Maybe 1-2 more COD games before it really loses all it's steam.
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Autodidactdystopia  +   717d ago
Ryse is the only game that gave me that "feeling"

I got back in 05 with the 360 title gears of war.

I knew it was gonna be big and ryse, regardless of if you like quick time events or not. this title looks great and seems fun.
Kingnichendrix  +   717d ago
@starchild I know you said most but i have a gaming pc and a ps3. If anything I see pc gamers go on wii, ps3, xbox articles and say look how outdated these outdated these look when they are many years old and compare them to their current and new gamings pc's 'Logic'
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kupomogli  +   717d ago

Or maybe Xbox One fans are praising for no other reason than it being exclusive. I have a few friends who are getting an Xbox One and I asked them why, what are you actually interested in? They listed off multiconsole games or multiconsole and Halo. None of them listed Titanfall.

You know the persons an Xbox fanboy when they list only multiconsole titles when it comes to the games they want and you still can't talk them into switching. Even though the one friend actually likes the Infamous games. So he's interested in a PS4 game, not interested in Xbox One games, but wants to waste money on an Xbox One.
overrated44  +   716d ago
Titanfall looks SUPER impressive and I'll definitely play it. But I don't need an Xbox One to do so. I'll be playing it on PC.
Gamer1982  +   716d ago
Ryse looks full of quicktime presses and will hurt it badly in reviews IMO. Titanfall looks like it could help the console better especially as Xbox is known more for its shooters. However we all know its only console exclusive and that's only timed. Saying that I don't think theres any launch game on ps4 thats a system seller either. Those kind of games come along later in the consoles cycle.
kingfetish17  +   716d ago
Not a killer app for me with a screenshot like this:


Damn, this Ryse screenshot looks like ass. Crytek has a lot of work to do. Look at that garbage looking water/foam at the front of the boat. Floating bodies, missing shadows, duplicated characters with long black hair, etc. Looks more like a 2008 current-gen title.

I'll be waiting til' around E3 2014 to purchase a next-gen console. Might get either one or both. This screenshot definitely isn't swaying me towards an Xbox One though. Hopefully Crytek polishes Ryse by the time of its release.
Enemy  +   716d ago
Ryse looks like a mess. A Kinect game from ground up, made to "look" hardcore with a controller. It's too late. The design is done, and thus the damage is done as well. Ryse is a Kinect game and that's all it'll ever be.
Syntax-Error  +   716d ago
The guy spoke the truth. I am sure MS lost a lot of followers with their policies at the beginning, but when they changed their stance on it, they righted the wrong. Just because fans decided to purchase the console after that shouldn't open them up to ridicule. Sony faboys bash anyone that chooses X1 over PS4 and it's ridiculous
Syntax-Error  +   716d ago
Gamer1982 - You sound like a trend follower. How is XBOX only known for it's shooters? What game came out on XBOX that was a shooter that didn't come out on PS? Halo and Gears? Not only did Sony make Resistance to go against Gears and KillZone to go against Halo, but those 2 franchises outsold Sony's by 3 times. You sound like a complete idiot with your comment
mewhy32  +   716d ago
Well there little doud that th ebox needs a killer ap to try and recover from what Don did to the Xbox brand. I mean the pr fiasco that was e3, really tarnished the xbox brand. many would say beyond repair. I don't think that it's beyond repair but I believe that it'll thake a while for the brand to recover. In the mean time PS4 is really pouring it on with great pr and killer exclusives. Xbone needs a killer ap or maybe a couple killer aps that will more the console after the diehard xboxers have bought up all the initial stock.
solidt12  +   716d ago
Titanfall looks nice but it won't be here for another year at least. They say 2014 spring but I doubt it. It's PC also and rumored to go on PS4 also. When respawn was asked if they would bring it to PS4 they replied they would like to have it everywhere. They also hired several PS4 developers in September 2010. I am sure they used them for something since this is there only game so far. They also said last year they had a game up and running on a PS4 dev kit and again they only have one game in existance.


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fr0sty  +   716d ago
Titanfall isn't even a full exclusive, the devs have already hinted at bringing it to other platforms eventually, so it wouldn't be XB1's killer app. As of now Dead Rising looks like the most promising exclusive, but it's likely to make it's way to other platforms eventually as well.

If Ryse weren't crap, it probably would eventually too.

Forza and KI so far are the only XB1 apps that could be guaranteed to remain exclusive, and could be counted as "Killer Apps". We all know the devs working on KI don't have a very good track record, so Forza is looking like the one at this point...

That said, PS4's launch lineup isn't much more interesting in my book. I've never been a big fan of the Killzone series. Knack looks like another repetitive beat-em-up, and Drive Club looks OK, but it's no GT or Forza.

My launch PS4 will likely be playing a lot of indies and such until the real heavy hitters start coming with the release of Second Son in Q1 2014.
Kanzes  +   717d ago
It's crytek lol. They don't really care about gameplay as long it's good looking :/
tubers  +   717d ago
It's so bad that another Sony team clearly took an inspiration from a cinematic sandbox FPS, with more organic elements and essentially the nanosuit in the form of a drone.

Another popular mobile developer's also taking inspiration from the on-the-fly gun customizations as well.

Yup. They're just graphics.
starchild  +   717d ago
Complete BS. All three of the Crysis games are good. All three of them were well received with scores between the 70s and 90s....which is well within the "good" range.

I enjoyed all three Crysis games.

I couldn't care less that there are silly hipsters like yourself that are jumping on a Crytek hate bandwagon.
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yeahokchief  +   716d ago
Gotta say if this is their attempt at a god of war style game they failed horribly.

Looks like another generic $5 bin wonder.

It's a stupid body motion control dance game people. Xbox fatties will get tired of playing it (literally) within 10 minutes.
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Freedomland  +   716d ago
Quote from a preview which doesn't seem like preview but some personal reflections on the game.

"when I first took control of the game’s protagonist Marius Titus it reminded me of the first time I took a new car for a test drive"

What is this?
MizTv  +   717d ago
Couldn't of said it better myself
JaPo  +   717d ago
Ryse's gameplay looks completely generic and unimaginative from what has been shown. It appears to recycle every tired and overused trope from WW2 FPS and add little else of merit.

Still, I have seen very few games of a comparable graphical fidelity. It looks utterly exceptional where raw visuals are concerned. CryTek must have some seriously smart dudes working on their engine technologies. Previous efforts would suggest, however, they they struggle to make an immersive or enjoyable game.
JaPo  +   716d ago
For those PS4 fanboy babies who disagreed, please provide evidence to the contrary. I even said it looks like a boring game, but it seems you've latched onto the fact I'm praising the graphics of a Xbox exclusive. Would you have done the same if I had praised the original Crysis? No, of course you wouldn't have. I've only ever owned PS3 and will not be getting an xbox one. This site is honestly embarrassing. I hope to God the majority of the most vocal posters have either learning difficulties or are under 12-years old. Otherwise there is no excuse.
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Docknoss  +   717d ago
Abrial press A to slap yourself.
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die_fiend  +   717d ago
Save xbox? It's made by Crytek...
Wizziokid  +   717d ago
If this is the 'killer app' in peoples mind i'm glad I'm not getting one.

DR3 and TitanFall outshine this.
showtimefolks  +   716d ago
Yeh funny how heavy rain was looked down on because of quick time events but this game could save the Xbox one

Oh please give me a damn break

I loved HR and if I get Xbox one I am sure I will like this game too but I am tired of hypocrisy from the fanboys

Heavy rain
Asura wrath

Both games full of quick time events and both excellent titles, if you gonna hate on a exclusive but than when your favorite console gets a similar game than all of the sudden WTE work

Give credit where credit is Due is all I am saying
TwistedMetal  +   716d ago
this game cant f*ck with god of war series lol. Why you guys trying to get ryse when you don't even have god of war 3 and ascension yet? you obviously know this game is a god of war rip off but without the better combat, awesome production values, and awesome everything else. I mean why are you hypocrits hyped for ryse yet don't have god of war 3? by the way god of war 3 a current gen game still looks and plays better then this rip off.
adorie  +   716d ago
Beta testing for Ryse
-Mika-  +   717d ago
I didn't know the xbox needed saving. The last time I check. The pre orders were selling out.
Kanzes  +   717d ago
Both consoles are gonna be awesome. Competition like this will only bring benefit to us consumers
ANIALATOR136  +   717d ago
No it doesn't. It splits up friend communities over which system to buy. The competition should be with each developer not hardware platform
lawgone  +   717d ago
@Kanzes...you get it. Too bad you are among the few here at n4g that do.
TwistedMetal  +   716d ago
history says no and the xbox exclusives actually looked worse then the xbox 360 and xbox one will be even worse.


please don't come in here championing the xbox one if all you had waass a x360 this gen playing 4 of the same exclusive franchises the whole gen when the ps3 is the console a gamer gets.
_LarZen_  +   717d ago
Not in the twisted reality that is the fanboys. In their bubble of reality it's DOOMED!
Mr_Nuts  +   717d ago
Yes because every perosn who hasn't liked what the Xbox One has offered us are fanboys /s

This fanboy excuse is getting out of hand on here
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theWB27  +   717d ago
There's a distinct difference between not liking a product and completely dismissing anything it does. Which there are alot of people one here who do that.

The people who take every chance they get to bash and downplay any innovation they're bringing. The people who want it to be another PS4.

There are people who offer constructive criticism of the system. Then there are the people who wish the system fails so miserably that Xbox fades away. Who pretend Microsoft is really damaging gaming as a whole.

There are alot of posters like that around. The people who claim this generation already over. You'd think, after going back and forth with these people, that the Xbox were made by monkeys being paid by bananas.

I'm not saying you are, cause seeing your past posts you've never come off that way. But there are plenty of people who are fanboys to an extreme...that's out of hand.
Colzer01  +   717d ago
@NUTS That's because the Sony fans in everywhere still keep bashing MS, even after MS already listened to consumer to remove DRM, and showed a lot of AAA exclusives. They even kicked Don Mattrick!

But guess what, even after all of that, Sony's immature fanboy keep bashing them to keep in check that they made a right decision to choose their product.

I'm not saying ALL of Sony's fanboy are immature and hateful, there's still a lot of fanboy that really can 'talk' some senses. Not just bashing MS around without searching the actual fact.
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JerkDaNerd_  +   717d ago

Why do you emphasize as if there is a shortage on the opinions of Sony girlpower on this site?!

They are EVERYWHERE, and have convinced themselves that the Xbox One is done....LMAO!

I wouldn't be surprised that this won't be the only game that will look as good as this. With the power under both consoles yet with how efficiently Microsoft's technology software will utilize that power, boy Sony fangals will be very dissapointed.
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MELMAN26  +   717d ago
@Mr. Nuts

It's out of hand because the fanboyism on this site is OUT OF HAND.

Just look at the playstation articles and look at the xbox articles and their comments. It's plain as day.

Why is there so many negative comments in a positive article for an xbox one game?


I am not a big fan of the wii, but I do not lurk in Nintendo articles and bash the good games they have. The system is not for me right now so I let it be until they give me something that I am interested in.
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PFFT  +   717d ago
Exactly! Last i heard it was the Vita that needed saving. And not the XBO. Fanboys i tell you. They are sad sad sad little creatures.
JokesOnYou  +   717d ago
Yeah I believe vita just had one of its best months since early launch but its still being dominated by the 3DS as far as sales go....not that it needs to beat 3DS but I'm sure sony were expecting better sales, they need to figure out something to push vita, price cut maybe?
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lgn15  +   717d ago
o eh gee don't yu no xbone onlyyy had 10 cunsules so it soldt owt, stuup=yd PS4 fax weekly told me tat

-Sony fan
NeoTribe  +   717d ago
Every console every gen sells out mika. Dreamcast was a bitch to get, let alone another controller or games for it. Doesnt mean anything. There preorders prove that they need saving. Plus, when you only get 9 xboxes to sonys 40 in every store its hard not to sell out.
andreasx  +   717d ago
The wii U sold out at launch too, look how that went.
JokesOnYou  +   717d ago
Well by that logic both ps4 and X1 will be sitting on store shelves a couple months after launch.

Given all the negativity, seems X1 is doing just fine, once it arrives and people get their hands on it, check out how cool it is, my guess is it will do even better.
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Wizziokid  +   717d ago
We say the pre-orders are selling out but we have no idea how man consoles that means, it's a completely irrelevant statement,Best Buy or Gamestop might have only had 100 consoles for all we know. Same goes for PS4.

We won't know anything until figures get released and at that point it's completely irrelevant unless you work for either Sony or MS.
TwistedMetal  +   716d ago
nope that was the ps4 selling out 100 preorders day one from stores vs xbox one getting 10 preorder and then ms cutting the preorders down to 5 so it looked like it sold out.

no one with a brain is gonna buy a weaker system with less exclusives for a higher price.


you can see what sony brings to gaming and you can see what ms brings to gaming and ms brings nothing to the table at all.
unworldly  +   717d ago
Zoo Tycoon Will Be, That's a Launch game :)
Kanzes  +   717d ago
Halo is the true killer app that maybe saves Xbox. But unfortunately it's not coming at launch
AzureskyZ  +   717d ago
yeah no-- if any game is gonna help xbox its titanfall not ryse, but than again titan will be availble for pc as well.
ceedubya9  +   717d ago
I am interested in this game, but it isn't high on my list of One games at this point. I will keep an eye on how it develops though, as I do at least want to play it. Not sure if it is purchase worthy just yet though.
Software_Lover  +   717d ago
Not really. They need to show gameplay without the QTE's, and maybe other levels. I'm not interested as of right now.
gamertk421  +   717d ago
QTE's pop up in God of War all the time, but just like this, you don't have to use them outside of boss battles.
zebramocha  +   717d ago
Then you never played gow games,only boss battles cause qte's.
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Software_Lover  +   717d ago
The dev is getting ripped because of the QTE's. They then state that you can put the game on hard mode and there will be no QTE's. Well then show the game with no QTE's to shut the people up.
Tontus  +   717d ago
You've never played a God of War game before have you? You only HAVE to do them to finish boss fights, sex mini-games or rarely during platforming/set-piece moments. Around 95% of the games are QTE free and they aren't even annoying like the majority of other games that use them poorly.

I love how every Microsoft fan runs to God of War to use as an excuse for the excessive reliance on QTEs in Ryse: Son of Rome as if they're even remotely comparable.
solidworm  +   717d ago
Titanfall has zero chance of staying exclusive though by the time it ships on ps4 no one will care enough anymore.
BlackTar187  +   717d ago
I disagree i think titan fall has a lot of promise and if it ships on ps4 later people will buy it up unless it ships right before titan fall 2 that is.
gamertk421  +   717d ago
Titanfall 1 on PS4, day and date with Titanfall 2 on XB1, lol
solidworm  +   717d ago
Foe EA to make it relevant on ps4 they need to ship in the first 5 months at least.
deathstriker  +   717d ago
"Killer app"? Who talks like that... who calls games applications? The X1 doesn't really need saving, the mainstream didn't even know about the retarded rules to begins with, which was the main bad thing concerning the system.
BlackTar187  +   717d ago
this is not true alot of mainstream only people know about the restrictions. i would say that alot of mainstream people don't know it was reversed.

This made news on yahoo and msnbc and such.
deathstriker  +   717d ago
The average American doesn't even know what an Xbox One is yet... hell, they're still trying to figure out what a Wii U is. Also, people forget everything quickly.

Gamers were pissed at Sony for getting hacked and trying to hide it, telling us to get second jobs for their $600 console, and other stuff but that's hardly remembered now. All big companies are a-holes, having an allegiance to any of them is dumb.
BlackTar187  +   717d ago
Death did sony try and hide the hack? Serious question.

i remember sony not commenting until they knew the extent of the damage. Which did them no good people already assumed a bunch of information that was wrong and the damage was done.

All serious i played alot of xbox when the hack happen so it wasn't life changing for me at the time.
solidjun5  +   717d ago
That title....The Xbone doesn't need saving. As for Ryse, I'll need to see more. I'm not interested in it right now. That's always subject to change.

I really like what I see from Titanfall thus far.
#9 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BlackTar187  +   717d ago
I think ryse looks awfully generic besides graphics. I like the time era and that part but the game play and movement look rather disappointing for something being touted as System seller.
lawgone  +   717d ago
Agree with everything you said solidjun5.
Cmk0121  +   717d ago
it looks great, and it did remind me of batman gameplay with free flow only no gadgets limit its ceiling there. I also am afraid it will be eye can and constant repetitive gameplay of combat. as opposed to a god of war with boss battles, magic, flying added in through powers it will be a button masher in linear world is my concern. Batman escaped this with puzzles.bosses , gadgets to not have you feel so stuck to the ground and repeat one thing after another. again we only saw small portion of a demo though so time will tell. but gamers like freedom to say the least
4logpc  +   717d ago
Hmm saving?? Selling out its allotment of preorder tells me it doesnt need saving in any way.
devwan  +   717d ago
Does it also tell you how many units that actually is? Without that info, it's meaningless.
4logpc  +   717d ago
So that would mean the Playstation would need saving as well.
SlavisH2  +   717d ago
I don't understand all the trolling. I am not interested in Wii u so I don't even post on those articles because I have nothing to offer but people with zero interest in x1 post in every article more then people with some interest. Do we even have modders?

I am looking forward to this. I hope it turns out to be good. Reminds me of kingdom under fire 1 ➕ 300
lawgone  +   717d ago
Ha, I've said this same thing before. If the XB1 is so bad and they're not going to get, why bother with commenting on it on every article? It would be like if you owned an Aston Martin and went to Kia forums to rag on it. The only thing that makes sense is they don't actually believe it's as bad as they claim. Both consoles look pretty cool but they can't say that.
McScroggz  +   717d ago
Forget about Ryse, Zumba Fitness World Party will be the Xbox One's killer app.
devwan  +   717d ago
Not convinced. Although, if this too let's you sit on the couch and do nothing in order to complete the game and become super fit in the process, you might be right.
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Thomper  +   717d ago
It's all about KI for me
Belking  +   717d ago
Another great game i'm looking forward to on the one.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   717d ago
Ryse looks great.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   717d ago
Didn't know the X1 was on the brink of failure meanwhile Deadrising 3. http://www.gameranx.com/upd...
Eldyraen  +   717d ago
I plan on getting Ryse at some point when I pick up a One but severely doubt its going to save anything. It is, for most I believe, just something extra to enjoy and to be honest many may have reservations about it. I do myself but am hopefully optimistic about it at least.

DR3 looks "better" to me although a little saddened by some of the changes. I can overlook it though as looks good if different. DR3 is most likely to see a port though between the two.

Titanfall though is likely going to be what "saves" the Xbox One as yes it comes to PC too but so does every CoD and it can't compete sales wise and doubt Titanfall will differ too much in that regard. I think TF will probably sell better than CoD on PC though in part as new IP and less of the same old routine. Its likely to be one of the biggest sellers anyways.

I still think PS has the lead and although Xbox doesn't necessarily need to be saved it might not be as successful as the 360. As long as both are enjoyable though I could personally care less which wins. I would prefer neither needing to be saved though as if it gets weak means less money to put back into new games.

Both look to be going strong for so early in the game though so kind of early for anyone to call saving even a necessity. Still, don't think its a completely even playing field either--but what is.
#18 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
colt-of-tipton  +   717d ago
Looks amazing , definite launch title for me proves the x1 is no slouch in the graphics department either.
objdadon  +   717d ago
I have my ps4 on preorder and probably will get xbox one down the road since I already have all three consoles and both handhelds. But for those who say titanfall is just cod with mechs, that's the reason it has a chance to be a killer app! Cod sells because of it's accessibility and fast paced addictive gameplay no matter what your opinion of it is. Titanfall is my only reason I'm even considering getting the xbox down the road.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   717d ago



These screen shots are in game released by Crytek. The graphics and shadow detail approaching hi end pc quality.
The xbox one dont need saving consumera and hardcore gamers are taking notice.
InTheLab  +   717d ago
I'd bet on Titanfall. If it's as fast and addictive without the blatant trolling like quick scoping and lag comp....then I can see it doing well along with the Xbone.

As for Ryse....gtfo. This game was universally panned at E3. Instead of completely retooling the game, they left it completely obvious that it was once a Kinect title with all of those QTE's. Add that to the fact that it's just another Crytek game....pretty and boring.
joefrost00  +   717d ago
I know this for a fact if ryse was a ps4 exclusive they its.looked at would be totally different
PFFT  +   717d ago
Yep, it be the best damn game since GOW(<-even though this game sucks). The Sony Fanboys would be praising it even if the game was nothing but QTE.
Tontus  +   717d ago
lol, if God of War sucks then 99.9% of video games ever released are total dog shit.

Just because you're upset that some people aren't impressed by Ryse doesn't mean you have to slag off a legendary, hugely popular, beloved and critically acclaimed franchise. Just ignore people who love to hate on a certain platforms exclusive titles.
PFFT  +   717d ago
Legendary......really....? LMFAO!! Sure it is.
Supermax  +   717d ago
Put ryse on hardcore level and the qte is gone need memory to complete the combos.
JBSleek  +   717d ago
Ryse get's criticized for having buttons you press in succession but other games such as GOW or Batman aren't? Okay.
tubers  +   717d ago

N4G just rats on it mostly because it's a CryTek game.
Grimhammer00  +   717d ago
show of hands....how many here would right now copy all their email and social stuff and send it to the US Gov? Anyone? No?

Because it don't matter which system is game focused or has perceived better launch line up....only two of the three won't send your info to servers that share without warrants to the US gov.

You can disagree....but your doing so because your immature. Your playing the fanboy war....that's pointless.

I'd rather gamers unite and focus on what rights they feel should be protected.
#26 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
lgn15  +   717d ago
I disagree with this shit because you fools think the government can't get your information if you get a PS4.
ART_AstroRepnsTeam   717d ago | Spam
LackaJaKane  +   717d ago
this article could hold some weight. If you go to xbox's youtube page and look at the E3 uploads, ryse is the only one that is close to a million views(about 5,000 views short of a million) seems as if it's getting the most attention out of all the x1's games for some reason.


Edit: well halo is a little close too (700,000 views)
#27 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
killerips   717d ago | Spam
EXVirtual  +   717d ago
Ryse? Really? Now, listen the graphics are know where near bad, but they aren't amazing. It also looks so linear. And the quick time events are the main part of the gameplay. In other words, you have no control over your combat choices. Maybe they have different levels without as many QTE's but if they don't, Xbox fans are in for a very repetitive game. Might as well call it Ryse of the QTE's.
Fireseed  +   717d ago
I love coming into articles on occasion and seeing a Sony fan commenting on a guy he clearly hasn't heard anything about except for what buzz articles titles have told him, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)
EXVirtual  +   717d ago
Fireseed  +   717d ago
You do know how the combat system and combat choices work right? Alright well basically combat wise it feels almost exactly like Batman: Arkham Asylum except when you wear down enemies to the point of death you can either quick execute them with X which just chops off their head or something without breaking combat flow, or you have the option to hit B and it will execute everyone in the surrounding area who's worn down enough. It was actually pretty awesome at E3 to wear down a group of 5 guys and press B and watch as you dance through them all.

And as for the linearity, it expands throughout the game as you go from foot soldier to general. I was given the example that in the level I played at E3 you could command a small battalion (I.e with the phalanx) and eventually you would be commanding whole armies. I was given the example of "Imagine if you were to control a single soldier in Rome: Total War, but keep the army commanding abilities"

Then again I know this because I attended E3 and have been following the interviews. Give me a bit more insight than someone who just reads N4G titles like "Hurr DURR Ryse Is QTE: The Game Hurr"
a_adji  +   717d ago
Considering that no one had anything good to say at E3 about this game how can this tit even go there?
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