Mario Kart 8 first impressions: beautiful, but by the numbers | EDGE

EDGE: "The Mario Kart series’ recent return to form on 3DS raised hopes for its debut on Wii U, but going by its showing at E3, there’s little to get really excited about. It’s all perfectly serviceable, of course, but the limited demo – which kept us tethered to the slowest 50cc karts – made it difficult to judge the finer qualities of the game’s handling model. It all clips along at a healthy 60fps, though, and is as vibrant, chunky and beautiful as you’d hope from the first ever HD Mario Kart."

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fattyuk1746d ago

wow another mario kart.

PopRocks3591746d ago

Yeah, tell me about it. Looks a lot better than the previous iterations if you ask me.

LOL_WUT1746d ago

Yea but not Pixar like graphics like many of you would like to believe. ;)

ABizzel11746d ago


Well Mario Kart is one of the least milked Nintendo franchises. There's only one per console release so it's not as bad. It's just the fact that it's "Mario".

jcnba281746d ago

Wow another god of bad wrong article.

akaihana86plus1746d ago

Wow, another lame troll with lame followers, not surprised at all ;P

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AzureskyZ1746d ago

Mario Kart has always been a great family game-- i have only one game for the wii u-- so it will be a good purchase for me and the daughter to play together.

windblowsagain1746d ago


Did u really expect Pixar graphics?

I think for a Kart game it looks nextgen. tbh. Has a nice look about it.

OhMyGandhi1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

yeah, I expected something akin to a Pixar film.
or "Wreck It Ralph" at least.

We are still at the "Hoodwinked" stage right now with the Wii U. :)

windblowsagain1745d ago

I'm amazed if you really think that tbh.

The wii u is ok.

But power wise, it struggles. CPU is poor. Gpu is slightly better in places then this gen.

Drainage1746d ago

great but where is f-zero?

jcnba281746d ago

This game will be epic!

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