Exclusive PayDay 2 gameplay preview shows a vastly improved sequel, semi-successful heist

As part of our exclusive PayDay 2 coverage, here is Pixel Enemy's gameplay preview for the upcoming cooperative heist title.

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ATi_Elite1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I think they heard me complaining cause so far Payday 2 looks way better than the first one

The Missions are WAY better and the way you complete them now has an ACTUAL effect on the next mission.

teezy1776d ago

I agree with the post above.
The first one was okay...just okay but this looks like a vast improvement. Different ways to play the game, the planning, the skills etc.

fattyuk1776d ago

whilst I'm looking forward to this,

I'm still more psyched for organising my own heists in GTA!

AzureskyZ1776d ago

Very nice--i liked the first one so this is a must buy for me.

nick3091776d ago

Hopes it'll be better than the first payday game.... The game also needs story imo.

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