F1 2013 Creative Director Bashes Gran Turismo, Mentions Improved AI, Denies Vita and Wii U Versions

With the info blowout about Codemasters’ upcoming F1 simulator F1 2013 the development team has become a tad more vocal as well, including Creative Director Steve Hood, that took to Twitter to give a few additional pieces of information and engage in a tad of “friendly” banter.

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mattdillahunty1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

when i saw the title, i was like, "ok, bashing is a strong word. they're probably overstating what he said."

but when i saw what the creative director said, yeah...that's pretty much bashing it. lol.

Abriael1774d ago

Funny thing is that he's probably basing it on the fake staged video with GT5 compared to forza 3's AI, in which GT5's AI was basically put in a condition in which it could not fail, while Forza's was on a nice straight piece of track.

It was since debunked but a ton of media outlets like Kotaku and Ars technica gave it visibility.

Yi-Long1774d ago

Codemasters should just focus on their own products...

... considering their Rally-games haven't been about proper rally-racing for ages, considering their last GRID game didn't live up to expectations, and considering their DLC-milking crap.

Larry L1774d ago

Exactly. They should spend time critiquing their own efforts and maybe their products would be better.

And you know, badmouthing GT's AI sems to be becoming very popular with internets lately. I suppose there's really nothing else to bash it with, so.....let's go with that, eh? But the dirty little secret of this issue is that ALL racing games have pretty craptastic AI as well. They all have their own AI issues. Either thay ar slow or won't put up any fight at all like GT, or they are slow and will wreck you like Forza, or they are complete idiots like in Shift, or they are homicidal maniacs with a tight rubber band like Motorstorm..........the list could go on to basically rip apart almost every racing game's AI.

Project Cars is pretty much the very first realistic racing game I've ever seen with what I'd call really good AI. And go watch all the videos of PCars AI and you will see why devs don't put truly good, hardcore AI in their racing game. It's because contrary to racing game fan's beliefs, they do not have the ability to hang with race car drivers. If racing games released with AI like that, the vast majority (whiich I'm not part of) wouldn't be able to play and would demand it be tuned down know......boycott or some such nonsense. It happened with Motorstorm, and will happen to PCars too if racing that rediculously good AI is required in any way.

That said, a happy medium needs to be found, especially in GT which could really use some kind of hardcore AI option for people that want it. The truth is though, even that would become predictable and easy unless it's actually homicidal which is not good for sims. The only way to race against truly good and unpredictable opponents that are just as good at the game as you are, is against other real people online or next to you. Simple as that.

That's why even though all games have shit AI, I don't hold it against the devs or franchise. If you're racing fan enough to want hardcore AI, you should be online non stop racing against the best AI there is; no AI....other racers.

Maddens Raiders1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

"The truth is though, even that would become predictable and easy unless it's actually homicidal which is not good for sims. The only way to race against truly good and unpredictable opponents that are just as good at the game as you are, is against other real people online or next to you. Simple as that."

--bingo, end of thread. GT is not built for hours of repeating the single player campaign over and over like a good platformer or strategy game. It's meant for finishing and moving on to the real competition: human drivers. Online competition in GT nearly surpasses life can become overwhelmingly addictive.

Gran Touring1774d ago

Tehee :)

GT games do need improvement in the A.I department, no doubt about that. We'll see if PD's overhaul of the engine improves upon this in GT6. Meanwhile, I hope the new F1 game supports 60 frames this time around..

Maddens Raiders1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I disagree a bit and I'll explain.

He [Hood] said it to make waves and grab attention. That's what the smaller entity does to a larger entity when trying to garner attention for his/her project/position, especially in competing genres like this. News reporters and sports reporters alike do this kind of stuff all the time. They'll say something a little more outrageous or pronounced so that their story will stand out and make national & world headlines. Not too long ago a Boston sports writer voted Carmello Anthony MVP of NBA instead of LeBron James and it worked swimmingly for what he wanted to achieve. He achieved more notoriety for his paper and fifteen minutes of fame because everyone wanted to know, "who was that guy up in Boston that went against the consensus grain..?"

In reality, most people will not even finish the license tests nor will they finish the mandatory "40 hours" of work necessary to bust through to the Professional and Extreme categories of the Gran Turismo single player campaign, where they will notice much more competitive AI.

Once one is done with achieving all Golds in all events though, the real challenge comes from playing fellow motoring enthusiasts /online/ and against other's times in GT Academy which is all uber competitve, so this is more of a niggling complaint that's turned into a purely strawman argument at this point. Good read.

dc11774d ago

Not really a bash on GT.
I do appreciate their fan engagement on twitter. Pretty impressive that he didn't run from the 'hard' questions regarding the Vita or WiiU.

Abriael1774d ago

He just said that GT has terrible AI. That's quite the bash,especially considering that GT5 has a much better AI than F1 2011/2012, for which the term "artificial stupidity" really fits.

pwnsause_returns1774d ago

it has classic cars? it better have the mp4-5 or the mp4-6. Senna better be included in the mix...

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