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Submitted by IGW_Fobia 937d ago | opinion piece

Wishful Thinking: Nintendo on Playstation

Matt dives head first into the debate of Nintendo releasing their treasured franchises on other systems besides their own. With the WIiU's future looking not-so-great, he would hate to see some of there wonderful characters and stories that only Nintendo can tell, be forgotten about and not enjoyed by the masses. (PS4, Wii U)

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iamnsuperman  +   937d ago
I have no idea why they haven't released games like Super Mario Bros on smart phones. I mean no-one is going to by the Wii U just to play the old Super Mario Bros but by putting a game like in the mobile market for cheap, I think, would sell quite well with little to no development cost. They have some super old games a lot of people would just buy for nostalgia on their smart phone. You can have them on the Wii U as well but they will not lose anything putting it on the mobile market

On the PS4 and One is a stupid move
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Elimin8  +   937d ago
I'll tell you what.. People can H8 Nintendo all they want it would sell like crazy and i think it would be VERY successful.. It might hurt their system 'exclusively' speaking but people would buy. And I think it would look killer as well on the PS4...

My thoughts.....
GameSpawn  +   937d ago
You can already play Mario on non-Nintendo platforms - it's called emulators.

I imagine some of this comes our of the fact some people thought Nintendo was doomed to go the way Sega did because the WiiU has had less than stellar sales and that once Sony and Microsoft's consoles were out it had no chance of survival.

Well, history didn't play out that way once Microsoft revealed their console and plans. The Sega curse quickly lift from Nintendo and flew right over to Microsoft's court.

I'm not saying that either Nintendo or Microsoft will fail, but more that the market has always been big enough for two consoles, but not quite enough for three. Nintendo was able to survive with the Wii in the previous generation because they created a whole new market for themselves to thrive on separate from Sony and Microsoft, so they didn't end up the odd man out. Unfortunately with the WiiU Nintendo's Wii market just "ain't buyin' it". Nintendo just has not enticed them. Microsoft was promising competition until they almost literally threw their customers the middle finger and lost almost every iota of consumer trust.

I my opinion because of Nintendo's and Microsoft's attitudes to what they think their consumers want it is a mixed bag of how successful either of them will be.
1Victor  +   937d ago
I got a dejavu moment here in 1995 someone said we would never see sonic on playstation/nintendo and now its everywhere even cellphones
FamilyGuy  +   937d ago
The DS sells like crazy, why on earth would they even consider releasing games on Smart Phones when they've got handhelds?


Yeah I guess it wouldn't but don't they sell those old games on the virtual console or w/e it's called?
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iamnsuperman  +   937d ago
I am not talking about new/in the last decade games but those really old ones. Come on. Do you really think that would impact sales
Dj7FairyTail  +   937d ago
because Super Mario 3D Land sold over 8.5m
3DS outpacing DS and it at 32m.
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3-4-5  +   937d ago
If they release Mario games on other consoles, they have lost all their leverage.

That is one reason you buy a GC,N64, DS, Wii, Wii U, is because of the Mario games and other IP's they have that will ONLY be on Nintendo.

What a dumb idea.
LOL_WUT  +   937d ago
They should at least offer the classics IMO that'll be a really good partnership ;)
lilbroRx  +   937d ago
No it wouldn't. Having Nintendo games on anything other than Nintendo products would only be beneficial to people who don't like Nintendo and other companies.

As I've always said. If putting your first party games on another console was such a good idea, then why don't I hear Sony fans asking for Sony to bring games like Uncharted, Infamous Killzone and the Last of Us to the other consoles?

Saturating their games available will simply make people lose interest in the games overall as well as Nintendo's hardware.

Nintendo is first and foremost a hardware companies. Their games were originally created and still exist for one purpose alone. That is to give people who buy Nintendo hardware something unique to play.
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tigertron  +   937d ago
Tell that to Sega.

Me personally, I love Nintendo's franchise, but I'm not buying a Wii U and didn't buy a Wii, but I used to be an avid supporter of Nintendo in the Gamecube years and before that.

What I'm trying to say is that if Nintendo ever go down the software only route for home consoles then they'd get a thumbs up from me, because I'd love to play their games on a Playstation.

That said I doubt they'll ever stop making handhelds, because they're very successful at that.
iamnsuperman  +   937d ago
"then why don't I hear Sony fans asking for Sony to bring games like Uncharted, Infamous Killzone and the Last of Us to the other consoles?"

Because these games are new. Games that came out 20 years ago are a perfect fit for that nostalgia crowd. As I said above no one is going to buy a Wii U or a Nintendo product just to play a 20 year old game. So there is no lost there if it went mobile. It will penetrate that audience who don't want a Wii U but wouldn't mind putting down 69p or £1 somthing for a game on an app store

Nintendo should keep its new franchises (last 10 years) exclusive but Nintendo has been going for years now. There really old games could sell very well on a smartphone and have no impact on Nintendo sales

Now I do not think other consoles because that would be odd but the mass market like the smartphone market is ideal and they could make a lot of money doing so
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just-joe  +   937d ago

So you like Nintendo but you don't want to support them? Yeah that makes sense, douche.

And no it did not work with Sega, if fact ever since they went third party they've been been a shell of their former shelf quality and sales wise.
tigertron  +   937d ago

So I'm a douche because the Wii U isn't appealing to me? Just because you like something doesn't mean you are morally obliged to support them financially.

MEsoJD  +   937d ago
I like Nintendo software, but am not fond of their sub par hardware and services. Nintendo going third party would be so convenient. Wishful thinking? Probably, but I'm not itching for a Wii-U at the moment.
Craigatorian  +   937d ago
N4G is as bad as IGN was
HammadTheBeast  +   937d ago
Jagsrock  +   937d ago
It's like we can't go a week without one of these "It probably won't ever happen but wouldn't it be cool if" articles. Give it a rest.
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jcnba28  +   937d ago
Nintendo games on Playstation?

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Brucis  +   937d ago
Not quite sure if you're insinuating Nintendo games are too kiddy/casual for Sony or if they're too good to be put on a Sony console. Either way it's childish.
LOL_WUT  +   937d ago
Just a wild guess I think it was the first one ;)
jcnba28  +   937d ago
The latter.
PigPen  +   937d ago
Right, Sony is skating on thin ice. Bankruptcy in the view. Their games should go to Microsoft. Oh, to Nintendo too.
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HammadTheBeast  +   937d ago
Lol. Sony's nowhere near bankruptcy. Unless you foresee 30 billion just disappearing. In fact, if they just sold off their TV division, they could probably make a massive profit.
Brucis  +   937d ago
This shit really needs to stop. If a 1st/2nd party exclusive you like is on a console you don't own, either shell out the dough or sit down and shut up. Nobody would expect Uncharted or LBP on the Wii U, nobody should expect Mario or Zelda on the PS4. If it's too pricey for the few games you want then wait a few years for the price to drop or, again, sit down and shut up. It's not happening.
MEsoJD  +   937d ago
Sony isn't falling behind in hardware and services like Nintendo so the comparison is invalid. Playing games is great, but I also look for long term value in the products I purchase and the Wii-U isn't making the case.
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MasterCratosKong66  +   937d ago
That doesn't make Brucis's point less valid. Though the higher specs of the PS4 are fact, the value you place on them is based on opinion. Some people value miiverse over the social services on PS4. Some people value off-tv play without having to buy a handheld more that the PSVita combo. So it remains the same that if you don't value the software enough to find value in the hardware, then it is your problem. It is a problem I don't have cuz I own them all.
MEsoJD  +   937d ago

Nintendo having subpar hardware has a hand in longevity, the gamepad is mandatory and cost $120 to replace(the price could have been much lower without it/tech and used for power), downloadable games are tied to the system rather than the account, and lastly the lack of third party support (if it continues) will aid in a premature death of the console.
Off tv play is more of a gimmick and should be optional. Nintendo was clearly hoping for another Wii fad explosion with the gamepad. Hd tvs are very avoidable and most houses will have 2 to 3. As for Miiverse, it's pretty neat, but it's not a killer app. If there was a lot of value to the Wii-U, the consumers, and devs aren't seeing it.
Dj7FairyTail  +   937d ago
PS1 and PS2 are inferior hardware wise to N64 and GC.

Why did they win one QUALITY GAMES especially Japanese.
N64 and GC were powerhouse in first party with Rare's 90s days and GC Sega Enhance Ports and Excluisves and Timed ones.

In the end Nintendo makes hardware to make their software standout at best.
MEsoJD  +   937d ago

Part of your response about winning is incoherent. As for quality hardware... Both of those sytems were pretty reliable at the time. I don't understand your reason for bringing it up. I was referring to power in hardware. Both make quality products though Sony has more experience in this field. You said n64 and GC were power houses, but during the time/gens for both of these systems there was no huge power gap. The gap increased dramatically when wii came out and the same will happen to the wii u when ps4 and one come out. As for your last statement, I simply can't agree. Unlike Sony and Microsoft who focus on longevity/power and bite the bullet and lose profit to make it up in the long run, Nintendo focuses on the short term and makes console profit in exchange for little power.
just-joe  +   937d ago
Amazing how people will bitch and moan about how Nintendo makes the same games over and over, yet you'd love them to be on another console.
Jagsrock  +   937d ago
Nailed it!
Killzoner99  +   937d ago
We don't want them.
gamernova  +   937d ago
I am a PC gamer but I really feel like Nintendo needs sony more than sony needs nintendo...if at all.
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PigPen  +   937d ago
How can you say that when Sony has a rating the way they do. (Wrong reply)

How can you say that when Sony has sold assets.
nunley33  +   937d ago
cause sony is in a much stronger position in the game industry than nintendo is right now.nintendo wishes wiiu had the ps4's momentum and mojo right now but it never had any to begin with.
shibster88  +   937d ago
No thanks next gen way to good for there naff games(my opinion) :)
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jcnba28  +   937d ago
Yes sony fans stop the wishful thinking lol
pedroyamato   937d ago | Spam
EXVirtual  +   937d ago
I'm a huge PlayStation and Nintendo fan, but Nintendo's exclusives belong to Nintendo. End of story.
chente0025  +   937d ago
Let's be real guys Sony financial situation isn't really good right now and Nintendo has so much money that it wouldn surprise me if PlayStation games ended up on Nintendo consoles and I know I will get Many disagrees but the truth is the truth man and I'm a PlayStation lover myself but it is what it is
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PigPen  +   937d ago
That's crazy cause it's always Nintendo should drop out or go third party. Why it's never Sony should drop out or go third party. They already almost there.
MEsoJD  +   937d ago
The reason is that while Nintendo games are good, they've been lacking in quality hardware, services, and policies. I'm having a hard time finding value in the Wii-U over the competition. I don't want another wii that's going to become paper weight after smash and wii sports have been played out (not that those were the only games played). The wii is already dead(support) and didn't have the longevity of the PS360.
PigPen  +   937d ago
I have a hard time finding value in Sony when all they do is copycat. And I don't want to hear Sony has 30 billion, they are in talks to sell part of their entertainment business now. Kaz himself is skipping company bonuses. Sold a couple of buildings so they wouldn't report another yearly loss. Sony still has a junk status rating. Nintendo falling behind on hardware, Sony its company. Lol

Sony should go the way of Sega, they almost there. They just need a little push. Lol
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   937d ago
It's very logical actually. I have owned most nintendo consoles since the NES days and own a Wii. However, I have no desire to own the Wii U.

Let's face it's, the Wii was a big success from the beginning, yet the Wii U is struggling. Sega went through this too although their problem was making way too many consoles too soon IMO.

If nintendo went down to only handheld and console software it would be fine with me BC I would still respect then as a company. I don't honestly see them supporting one console though. I do think they could sell very well on PS4 and X1 and I for one would buy their latest games.

This is all just wishful thinking at the moment, they won't even consider this an option till next year after they see how the system stands against PS4 and X1. And though it would be sad to see them stop making home console hardware, I do think the quality of their games would make them a huge success on the other platforms. And they would give EA and Activision a new powerhouse to compete with.

That's my 2 cents, from a playstation fan who loves nintendo first party games.
lilbroRx  +   937d ago
You argument is devoid of reason.

Simply saying someone is struggling does no intel why they are struggling, because Sony lost more money this gen than any other company and are in much worse shape then Nintendo has ever been in.

Nintendo hasn't had to sell buildings just to post positive profits.

The Wii U simply needs games as has been said since the consoles was first released. The sells of hardware are directly related to the software available for the hardware. Releasing Nintendo products on other hardware would just give people even less reason to buy it.
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PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   937d ago
You really have zero clue. The playstation brand is very profitable, playstation has kept Sony afloat. Sony is hurting in the electronics department (playstation consoles being the exception) but their entertainment division is doing very well. Sony sold assets yes but not BC of it's biggest profit maker. If not for playstation Sony would have sunk years ago. And PS4 is going to make them tons of money. If anything they may want to drop some of their electronics that aren't pulling their weight and invest more into their largest money maker, the playstation brand.
PopRocks359  +   937d ago
Seems you're the one without a clue if you can't take into account Sony's 6 billion dollar loss around the same time Nintendo lost half a billion. Your reasoning for Nintendo have to put their games on other companies' consoles is ludicrous and is overall a bad business strategy.

Their console is not selling very much to begin with right now; why the hell would they give you access to those VC games on other hardware and give you LESS incentive to buy their most recent console. It's a stupid idea.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   937d ago
I like many others have no interest in their latest over priced toy. There are many like me which is why they just aren't selling.
PopRocks359  +   937d ago
Then you, like those many others simply won't be able to buy those games legally. It's your loss as far as I'm concerned.
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byeGollum  +   937d ago
Isn't nintendo older than both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming business? I find it funny anti-nintendo folks want to play nintendo games. You want them out of the hardware business, which is never gonna happen. It's just as absurd as asking Sony to drop out the hardware business, and begin to develop for phones and tablets.

When a new console releases, it takes time to find their feet. The same folks capitalising on nintendos rough patch are the ones who'll jump on the bandwagon when things turn around, just like sonys PS3.
Moncole  +   937d ago
If you want to play Nintendo games than buy Nintendo systems.
TheEvilWithin  +   937d ago
You know I made the switch from Xbox to Playstation in hopes of joining a better community and all I have seen is how greedy they are and how much they just want to see everything FAIL except for Playstation.

I might just drop my PS4 Pre order and three games and just support Nintendo this gen until the Sony camp can start to be a little more level headed about gaming.

I bought the Wii U and I LOVE the system. The touch screen Controller ALONE makes playing games so much more fun then just using the basic controller. I wish Sony fans would stop bashing on Nintendo cause that's the new FUN thing to do. STOP for a second go try out the Wii U and tell me you don't see yourself having fun.

Sony fans need to also STOP thinking Nintendo should just give up on making systems because its not some super powerful do it all in one machine. POWER is not EVERYTHING! You can still have an AMAZING experience on a less powerful machine. It all depends on the games and let me tell you Nintendo ALWAYS makes GREAT games.
thomasmiller  +   937d ago
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killerips   937d ago | Spam
Trago1337  +   937d ago
We need competition to stay around regardless of who you like or not. You need Nintendo Consoles to play Nintendo games, just like you need a Playstation to play their exclusives, END OF STORY.
thebudgetgamer  +   937d ago
Would not be the first time Nintendo games were on a non Nintendo console.

Still would rather that not happen.
Dj7FairyTail  +   937d ago
I gotta say this just bullshit dreaming from a child who can't get what they want.

You might want to we read what Iwata said about going third party in the past and Miyamoto quote on making the right hardware for their software.

Pokemon wouldnt work on Vita, Mario wouldn't work PlayStatio neither world The Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3.

Just to lazy and limited to own more consoles.
#27 (Edited 937d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dj7FairyTail  +   937d ago
damn I must up that comment lol
duducus  +   937d ago
That would create a monopoly of video games in Japan at least... Which might not be a good thing
_QQ_  +   937d ago
As a gamer i wish all my games could just be on my PC,along with a wiimote/gamepad support. really though.As a consumer that's what you should want, everything to be on one platform.

But then again i also want AAA games to be 5 cents.
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SonyPS4  +   937d ago
The PS4 is an amazing console.
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