Kingdom Hearts 3: Brace for Heartbreak

Gi - Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been set in motion to once and for all crush our hearts in the final installment of the “Xenanhort Saga”, but not necessarily the Kingdom Hearts series. The popular mash-up between Disney and Square Enix sported a very brief teaser video at this year’s E3 much to the delight of fans of the series. While only rumors have been spoken of in hushed tones so far, the games creator Tetsuya Nomura has let slip a couple possibilities for the new installment, but as usual with the early stages of a game, nothing is set in stone.

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Need4Game1707d ago

there's no more heart to break.
The Question is, can broken Hearts be piece together.

it could,
no expectation given, but there's still hope.

VitaOwner1706d ago

The only heartbreak is not knowing when this game will come out :(

Murad1698d ago

You know what's heartbreaking? This game is coming out for both systems. Before anyone believe I'm starting a console flame-war, it's quite the opposite actually. I just hope if they release it for both systems that they DONT TRY TO PLEASE BOTH FANS. Just stick with pleasing the Kingdom Heart fans, just the ones who bothered to buy your product, and please don't pull a stunt like FF13.

AceBlazer131697d ago

tackled a 1000 heartless in kh2 so that mob should be nothing