Phantasy Star Online 2 getting Second Episode on July 17th

As Phantasy Star Online 2 reaches it's first birthday, Sega have announced a whole new episode - including new classes, a new planet and new story arc - will release in two days time.

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DaveyB1770d ago

Where the hell is the western release of Episode 1 for PC and Vita?! I'm so sick of waiting now... :(

Lord_Sloth1770d ago

I know. I've been waiting forever!

dark-kyon1770d ago

under floor because of poor selling of yakuza dead soul,binari domain,yakuza 4,valkyrie chronicle 2.etc.
Sega dont know when his games have potential to gain a good fanbase in the west or bring the game to late what when is out suffer of graphic outdated,example yakuza 3 and 4.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1770d ago

VC2 was their own fault, should've stayed a ps3 title.

Trellgoth1770d ago

So, the game seems like to be a success, since they are bringing in new classes and such... but where is the western release?
Ever since this game was announced, I was hoping to get news on a European release-window...


AzureskyZ1770d ago

Sega is dropping the ball on this one... i guess they being bias towards westerners might not be so far fetch.

MrTrololo1770d ago

Sega seem to hate westerners. Where is our Valkyria Chronicle 3 & Yakuza 5 & Most of the shining game localized ?

knifefight1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It definitely sucks that there is no English language Valkyria 3 or Yakuza 5, but I can understand it.

If the games don't sell, then the company can't very well just bring over every sequel. Valkyria 2 sold horribly in North America. For Sega to spend the time and money localizing part 3 and releasing it...would be a money-losing venture. It's easy for me and you to sit here and wish for it, but really, *we're* not the ones losing thousands of dollars (and possibly losing our jobs) if it doesn't sell well. And judging by the North American market, there is reason to believe it would probably sell poorly. =/ Sucks, I know.

dark-kyon1770d ago

sega dont know how sell his games in west,look a hatsune miku project diva f,the fans have to plead for years what sega bring this game to west,meanwhile sega bring yakuza dead soul knowing what in the west the shooter genre is oversaturated,then boombed.

Pillsbury11770d ago

Is pso2 vita still coming to North America?

sherimae24131770d ago

its coming to asian countries and translated in few languages maybe there is english but its in r3 region......

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The story is too old to be commented.