Vivid Gamer: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Rebecca of Vivid Gamer writes: "Animal Crossing is one of those Nintendo franchises that was, in some ways, always ahead of its time. Debuting on the Gamecube, its concept seems silly: maintain a town where you are the sole human among a hoard of animals. Running in real-time, and punishing you for trying to manipulate the system, the game focuses on planting flowers, trees, fishing, and decorating your home with furniture. Sounds stupid at best, or maybe like one of those Facebook or freemium iOS games your cousin is always trying to get you to play?"

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rrquinta1556d ago

So addicted to this game.

Stevie1001556d ago

Can't wait to give this a try

Jamesmanguyperson1556d ago

Never played a game in the series until the 3DS version came out and I honestly love this game. Perfect for newcomers and old fans as well! Great review.

theherp801556d ago

it might be time to get a 3DS

akaihana86plus1556d ago

This game took over my soul!!!, i can't stop playing it, so much to do, btw, my town is looking awesome!!! :3