The Last of Us Multiplayer Tips shares some of their The Last Of Us Multiplayer Tips that could make a huge difference in your gameplay. These tips are very easy to learn and utilize, and can really improve your gameplay without a ton of practice.

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Gridloc1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Use a mic.
Stick together.
Make every shot count.
Craft items.

Ripsta7th1709d ago

The best tip is to set up a team w mics

jon12341709d ago

heres a tip for any new people, after you get your first box, DONT RUN! you give the other team your position and they swarm you

and dont try to rambo everything, ive seen idiots run into the whole enemy team and just get wiped instantly...

its like you can spot a call of duty player when they do that... not to mention when you see them punching the air after they shoot their gun, theyre obviously trying to reload...

die_fiend1709d ago

It doesn't matter if you run to the second box, it's not about staying hidden at that point. And some people can Rambo pretty well actually

MikeyDucati11709d ago

So the community is still going strong in TLOU?

Mr-SellJack1708d ago

definately,over a million players with veteran japanese players aswell while the community grows every day especially now that blew my expectations.

Mr-SellJack1708d ago

Sadly alot of people don't even know that they can hold up a hostage and shoot at the same time in the sp or even mark other players in mp!some never knew the existence of the toolbox aswell..

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The story is too old to be commented.