Watch Dogs multiplayer video - Ubisoft explains player hacking and tablet apps

OXM UK: "Contrary to earlier reports, Jonty did not in fact spend all of E3 facedown in a box of promotional Doritos. Want evidence to that effect? Here's a video of the man chatting to Ubisoft's Dominic Guay, senior producer on forthcoming open world hack 'em up Watch Dogs. The topic du jour? Multiplayer."

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HugoDrax1610d ago

Nice multiplayer aspect! can't wait to play this on next gen consoles.

redcar1211610d ago

got this on pre order cant wait to play it on my xbox one

ATi_Elite1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Nice to see someone excited about the XB1.

I grow tired of the XB1 bashing as the console is just as capable as a PS4 if not more because of it's Cloud and multiple OS operations.

virtually the same GPU and CPU with 8GB Ram (sure GDDR5 is faster than DDR3 but not really noticeable) but XB1 is designed to mutitask from day one

DeadlyFire1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

So is PS4. Multitasking and pausing things like on XB1 is also on PS4. Cloud is universal tech. It will be the same on PS4 and PC if enabled.

RAM difference won't be too much to notice for the most part it only enables some faster high res texture loading. The GPU itself will be the main difference between the two. 12 GPU CUs vs. 18 GPU CUs as well as more shaders on the PS4 GPU is where the difference will be made between the two graphically and performance wise.

starfox791609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

WiiU and xbox1 have DDR as system RAM because they have much more powerful chip RAM ie wiiu uses eDRAM not sure on xbox1 though.....remember sony said if they went with edram they could hit 1TB of bandwidth RAM instead of the 176GB they have now due to accessibility,and the amount of RAM means nothing these days when you have HAVOK NEXT GEN with compression x10 ??? ie WiiU could use 512MB for textures which could be turned into 5GB with HAVOK's compression tech ??? amount of RAM isn't a bottleneck like some ps4 devs would like to make you believe,chip RAM and cache memory in ps4 is weak and their is no way around it......

SnotyTheRocket1608d ago

Yeah, The Cloud is good for servers and matchmaking, thats about it. It can't really "Boost" the graphics....

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webeblazing1609d ago

i cant wait to play on my pc cant wait to the mods too

lgn151609d ago

switch likes and dislikes to see what would happen if he had said ps4

Aghashie1607d ago

bro, just play your games on whatever system that makes you happy. this is the internet, someone will always disagree w you. but in the end your very own choices is what relly matter.

got my copy already reserved for PS4. really looking forward to play WD.

does anyone got more info about the WD mobile app? would like to find a site w relevant info about it.

happy gaming folks.

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SpitFireAce851610d ago

Great interview great game cant wait to play it..

maniac761610d ago

Dood harshin mah buzz.shoot him

Africa-Garvey1610d ago

great multi-player, can't wait to experience it on my wii u

Theyellowflash301609d ago

Yes, an open world game on the Wii U Gamepad is a match made in heaven. I'll be playing this baby before I go to sleep with Off-TV play

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