Rockstar reveals more information on GTA V's animals

GR - "Exclusive information comes from Famitsu."

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US8F1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Man can this game get any better!? I want a horse to ride on the street damn it! But the information on 15 different types of animals in the game is awesome.

Spinal1770d ago

As long as I can roll with a Rottweiler I'm good to go lol.

SolidStoner1770d ago

the first thing that comes to my mind is take some american old school rear wheel drive car, drive it to some lonesome roads, deserts or woods and hunt some animals with it... its a GTA game after all :) fun. fun. fun, never stops :D I bet everyone will figure out some ways to have fun with those digital creatures... (dont forget they must have good physics like humans.. interactive and stuff..) cant wait!!!

1770d ago
Anthotis1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I keep jizzing my pants thinking about this game.

I know that doesn't sound great when the topic concerns animals, but i can't help it.

webeblazing1770d ago

what this is gta more than likely it will be a crazy pet. you can keep ur rottweiler.

The_Devil_Hunter1770d ago

I still think I will get bored in less than a month of playing. These open-world games are a blast but they get very boring really fast. I remember playing Red Dead and it was fantastic but in less than 3 weeks I was bored out of my mind. I didnt even explore more than 60% of the game.

thezeldadoth1770d ago

watch out for the hype machine. two days after release all the complaints will flood in

Kryptix1770d ago

If you're not playing an open world game online with a friend and a couple beers at your side...then you're most likely doing it wrong.

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just_looken1770d ago


Ok will there be k9 units for the cops to chase you down? or even police on horses? damit just release the game :(

Mounce1770d ago

I think Rockstar should show more information about the Shed, people rather learn about what's in a shed than the animals or the AI in the animals!

yess1769d ago

It should be obvius as the shed is on the top of the mountain, that it contains a parashut. Or maybe a surprice like a hang glider o__0

ATi_Elite1770d ago

Ummm can animals buy HOOKERS too?

I hope there are more than 15 different type of Hookers in GTAV.

How come no info on GTAV Hookers? We need Hooker info ASAP.

Hookers are important in GTAV, they always have been and always will be.

JessiePinkmanYo1770d ago

ATI-Elite, the hookers will be able to perform bestiality on your pet dog in the game

3-4-51770d ago

Red Dead redemption + GTA = !

SolidStoner1770d ago

More precise -

RDR + GTA4 = GTA5 ;)

showtimefolks1770d ago

GTA5 is a day one buy ad nothing else can be said

Doctor_Freeman1769d ago


Or in other words, "real life".

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calvincrack1770d ago

Id rather not kill animals in video games. People, fine. Kill or be killed. But some virtual deer just chilling? Youd have to be a sociopath

Hellsvacancy1770d ago

Its really dumb but I felt really bad when I had to hunt the Sasquatch in Red Dead:Undead Nightmares, I left the last one alive

famoussasjohn1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

What if it's part of a mission?

Or perhaps to level up your character to improve his aim or something. Remember, there were statistics in the trailer showing who has better accuracy and such.

Drekken1770d ago

Just another tree hugging, animal over human leftist. Nothing to see here.

killagram1770d ago Show
PurpHerbison1770d ago

killagram, tell me more about how two wrongs make a right.

SolidStoner1770d ago

lol, that joke about personal attack was a bomb :D so mean and funny at the same time!!!

calvincrack1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Dont worry, you and bill o reilly can still exercise your constitutional right to play Cabelas and Golden Tee arcade cabinets from 1996. Get er done pal

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SonyWarrior1770d ago

you think killing people is fine, but killing animals is sociopath behavior.... LOL idiots these days...

Shane Kim1769d ago

I would also rather kill humans than animals. Humans are just parasites on this world, and an eradication of humanity would only benefit all other creatures on this planet.

matrixman921770d ago

I agree...I cringed at a certain moment in the last of us, but I was completely fine with the rest of it

MidnytRain1769d ago

Yeah, actually laughed at that, ha.

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HaleKaden1770d ago

Do the dogs get in your car for rides and stick out the heads and bite people on command that would be even cooler? :)

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