FMN Plays: Spartacus Legends 720p HD

Chris, Alex, and Isaiah from sit down for the free-to-play Spartacus Legends because lols.. It did not disappoint. Check out for more videos/content!!

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Jamaicangmr1589d ago

The game looks like crap. The end there was hella funny though. "Its thinking, its thinking" lol! "Server not available, see this is the problem with and always online console" LMFAO.

FullMetalNerdcast1588d ago

Glad you liked it man! Thank you for watching! :]

Jamaicangmr1588d ago

You're welcome man keep making em worth watching and you got a viewer in me.

"That is the worst decision i've ever made in a videogame, trying to change my helmet"

Comedy gold right there.

1587d ago