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This summer High Moon have returned to the realm of famous franchises that have yet to be done justice in gaming, this time with Marvel’s highly polarizing Deadpool character, who has as many admirers of his sarcastic and crude fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans as he does detractors. Breaking the fourth wall is a concept that High Moon really embrace here, and whilst fans will be glad to see the developer stay true to the character in this sense, unfortunately it comes at a cost.

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TrendyGamers1772d ago

I feel like the site name and the actual score don't match up.

beastlyD1772d ago

Haha, The article is of high scoring quality. The game not so much!

NVIDIAGeek1772d ago

The game's fun. And as most of the hack-and-slash, it's kinda repetitive. I'd give 7.5/10.

famoussasjohn1772d ago

Exactly, it's a game to just sit back and listen to the commentary and not take serious. I found it to be pretty fun and entertaining.

MrTrololo1772d ago

There no way this game would get a 4/10. A 7/10 is much better.

CrossingEden1772d ago

yes, because we all know that no game can be given a score below 7 if it has a large following -_-