PS4 And Xbox One – The Realistic Launch Dates

Many people in the world play video games; and a significant number of those people have pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. However, that said, apart from a very select few, no one actually knows when these two behemoths of the gaming world are going to launch.

Having had a serious look at all that we know, as well as the history of the two brands, we can actually formulate and make a few reasonable predictions about the release dates.

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n4rc1746d ago

Trying to predict a release date?

Wow.. There's a pointless

shibster881746d ago

For me the best date would be october 28th the day before bf4, on the 28th I cansort the ps4 out get it set and ready for 29th oct when bf4 comes out, but that will never happen though

Lunarassassin1746d ago

"We'll know before it happens"

shibster881746d ago

Someone hates bf4 then lol

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